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Covid: We Have the Receipts .. It is Time to Call the Perpetrators to Account .. While Assisting the Victims .. An Investor Funding Model


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Subject: Covid: We Have the Receipts .. It is Time to Call the Perpetrators to Account .. While Assisting the Victims .. An Investor Funding Model

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Today I wish to bring to your attention a project I have been assisting to advance which you and those within your further networks may be very interested in getting involved in.

We all know now that the Covid era takes on the appearance of one massive set-up and crime against humanity.

What about those crimes then?

Has anyone lifted a finger yet to go after those responsible .. the ‘perps’ .. those complicit in the planning and execution of the most monstrous betrayal of humankind?

By now many of you are familiar with lawyers Julian Gillespie, Katie Ashby-Koppens, and Peter Fam who have in recent years been battling the TGA and the Australian Secretary of Health, Brendan Murphy, seeking to show the approvals of the C19 products of Pfizer and Moderna were always illegal. At nearly every step they encountered a judiciary seemingly under orders to close rank and protect Murphy at all costs, despite the fact he had acted illegally, and despite the fact his illegal acts had and continue to maim and kill hundreds of thousands of Australians – men, women and children.

The team recently launched new proceedings this time directly at Pfizer and Moderna, to show their C19 products always met Australian legal definitions for being properly deemed GMOs, (genetically modified organisms – both the modRNA and the synthetic DNA contamination, therefore both companies should have applied for GMO licenses from the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR).

If (and that is a big IF) the OGTR had issued GMO licenses to both companies then, and only then, could they have sought approval from the TGA. As GMO licenses needed to be issued first, this factor further invalidated the approvals by the TGA.

Neither company did any of that (like AstraZeneca) mean they have been dealing with GMOs in Australia without GMO licenses, which happens to be a serious criminal offense.

Pfizer of course is no stranger to being criminally prosecuted. These Australian court proceedings are ongoing in the Federal Court of Australia, with a lot at stake for the King and the country (liability).

This legal team has proven to be tireless in seeking to protect Australians from the C19 transfection drugs that have killed untold numbers, in a population that never needed these products in the first place, let alone products we now learn are excessively contaminated with DNA.

Concurrently, the team has also been working up how best to bring a National Class Action lawsuit, for representing the vast numbers of injured and deceased, where they have created a new funding model that makes this inspiring endeavor possible.

I have had the privilege of reviewing all of their documentation, and it is comprehensively detailed and well-thought-through.

Critically, this case cannot be messed with by either the courts or politicians – common law actions in tort for personal injuries are treated very seriously when a judge has severely injured and dying people, and the families of those already deceased, before them.

This is the grim reality of the criminal reality we have all been forced to live through since 2020. But when you’re policing and prosecution authorities won’t step in, then The People’s fallback is civil law.

The thumbnail sketch of what this legal has been working on since April 2022 is this:

They expect to enroll >>100,000 (to 150,000) Plaintiffs/Members/Victims, inclusive of families of those deceased, after reliably identifying over 255,000 severely injured Australians from the C19 products, and approximately 30,000 deceased.

Raising class action grounds against approximately 35 central Defendants:

All relevant (2021/2022) Commonwealth, State, and Territory Health Ministers, Chief Medical Officers, Prime Ministers, and Premiers/Chief Ministers;

The heads of AHPRA, the Medical Board of Australia, the Pharmacy Board of Australia, and the TGA;

Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca (of course);

Plus, approximately >>50,000 Health Practitioners (Doctors, Nurses, and Pharmacists) administered the C19 drugs without providing proper and lawfully required information for Informed Consent to occur – like that these products are GMOs, contain excessive DNA contamination, and have resulted in the highest number of reports of injury and death since Australia has been keeping records – while Health Practitioners are significant Defendants, the legal team propose to deal with them as minor Defendants, who the team will show how they can counter-sue the 35 central Defendants (above) to cover their liability because Australian Health Practitioners were also intentionally misled by the 35 central Defendants and their health departments: they too were gas lit and kept in the dark about how utterly dangerous these products are.

The enrollment of Australian Victims (Class Action Members) will involve a massive 6-month National Information Campaign (NIC), across all forms of media to inform and alert injured Australians to the likelihood the C19 drugs they received were responsible, and to empower Victims to invest in and take charge of obtaining the recognition and justice and the complete compensation they deserve.

The critical problem the team solved was working out how to ensure Victims receive >99% of the compensation awarded to them, when typically class actions see successful Victims only receive about 60% of the compensation awarded to them after legal costs are deducted, and Litigation Funders are paid out.

For this national class action, they have developed extensive resources ready to go.

The team has been speaking with Seed Fund investors who wish to aid in launching the ACVVCA (the Australian Covid-19 vaccine Victims Class Action), demonstrating invested capital is at relatively low risk, for a very respectable 100% ROI within 10 months, irrespective of the outcome of the main proceedings – this means no litigation risk for investors, where such risk is usually the norm, and quite a considerable risk.

Of the $2.5MM Seed Funding required, they have raised ~ $1.6MM after a few months.

After the Seed Funding has been raised and the ACVVCA is properly launched with all Victims enrolled, the team will have begun Australia’s largest Class Action lawsuit ever, being funded to run for up to 4 years, for returning true compensation awards to up to a quarter of a million Australians, while having the above corporate and government Defendants appear in court and before cameras for years, answering lots of questions about what they knew but did not inform the public about, namely the non-safety and non-efficacy of the shots.

Quite simply, Australian government ministers and managers knew the C19 products were exponentially injuring and killing Australians – because they had first access to injury and death reports within days after they were being lodged, and they were being lodged continuously from early 2021 – yet they continued to tell everyone the shots were safe. Truly atrocious conduct of public servants .. an iatrogenic disaster verging on democide.

Friends and colleagues, this class action is what the Victims need, and what the nation needs to truly begin the healing – not just the many devastating physical injuries, but also importantly, the psychological injuries to millions of Australians, including our children.

The team believes much of the population is suffering sub-clinical post-traumatic stress from what occurred throughout 2020 through early 2023, and I cannot help but agree with them:

The nation’s people suffered and are still suffering from massive dis-empowerment at the hands of their ‘leaders’, and under the boots of law enforcement officers directed at us by our ‘leaders’.
The social contract was torn up with contempt, and an utter disregard for our Human Rights became the new modus operandi of public servants.
We were locked down and imprisoned.

Citizens were then coerced to take unneeded and untested shots that have subsequently killed or maimed so many, where our dead and injured remain ignored by our public servants and our Prime Minister.
Our shock is still ongoing as the effects of these shots are still unfolding throughout our country and communities.

This massive lawsuit will by its nature operate as a de facto Nuremberg Trial, but will be run using very legitimate and established Civil Law grounds, with liabilities resulting in financial compensation to those who needed it yesterday, the Victims, with the government Defendants and companies responsible being properly and publicly disgraced.

Because no government is going to do the right thing, right?

Recently the Australian Prime Minister, Albanese, announced his shameful inquiry into COVID-19 which will see scrutiny of the States and Territories excluded. This is from a man who made an election promise of a full Royal Commission into Covid .. instead, he wanted to flee in the opposite direction. The country is, to use a familiar Aussie term, pissed off with him and his announcement.

Albanese has been advised that a true inquiry or royal commission will only reveal the legal liability of the Commonwealth, State, and Territory governments for amongst other matters, the injuries and deaths caused by their ‘safe & effective’ drugs.

So we know now that this Class Action lawsuit stands to not only bring justice and compensation to the Victims but also, importantly, it will become the national Covid inquiry the rest of the country wants to see and needs.

– a Civil Law form of the Nuremberg Trial the rest of the World will watch not only attentively, but will seek to replicate .. thereby calling governments everywhere to account.

The team is aiming to secure the final ~$900K by around the end of October, or early November, so they may finalize IT systems needed to commence enrollment of Victims on 1 December, while simultaneously and very publicly launching their 6-month National Information Campaign (run during the 6 month enrolment period) leading into the Christmas and New Years holidays, a period when they will be able to secure the attention and talk of the nation through heavy media saturation .. to get Australians talking about nothing else but the absolute need for the Class Action – for the needs of the Victims, and for providing answers to the rest of Australia.

When able to finally make very public announcements of the Class Action going ahead across Australian media, they will also be suggesting the public ignore the shallow undertakings of Albanese, and instead place their support and attention towards this Class Action where the truth will emerge for all to see.

.. in other words, this team wants to go head-to-head with the Prime Minister and his feeble messaging.

Before some point out Senator Malcolm Roberts has managed to finally raise a Royal Commission into Covid, (and we thank the Senator for his tireless efforts), that Commission will likely do next to nothing for the Victims any time soon.

The process of composing the Royal Commission still has formidable obstacles to overcome, not least of which will be the haggling between politicians about what powers the Commission will have. Historically they never get given the powers of a full-blown court, and often are given narrow Terms of Reference, meaning we still may see a Royal Commission that does not have powers to examine the States, let alone the government players in those States and their repeatedly misleading their citizens about how safe and effective the drugs were that they were in truth, pushing for big pharma, and on behalf of the Commonwealth. Quite simply the dirty laundry is still flying around us, where no Royal Commission will be properly tasked with collecting it all and holding it up for all the public to see.

And yes, there is already another Class Action already underway here in Australia, but with the greatest respect to Dr Melissa McCann who has been pivotal in bringing those proceedings, they simply do not go far enough, nor are they capable of representing the 100s of thousands of Australian Victims, dead and alive.

Those proceedings are only suing the TGA heads of the Commonwealth Department of Health, and former Health Minister Greg Hunt. Yet there are at least another 30 State and Territory Ministers and health officials who were even more responsible for leading their citizens to get injected based on misleading and patently false scripts they were reading every day .. that goddam ‘safe & effective’ mantra.

So it really is about going big or going home – and this National Class Action taking aim at all the bad actors is the only proper and best way to do it.

And, by this Class Action running all political parties will be called to account for their participation and complicity.

Once this national class action lawsuit is underway and the evidence pours out into the public, the pressure will be on all political parties to set clear new legislation preventing ministers and government managers from co-opting or ignoring the real science, where proposed legislative reforms (which the same legal team drafted) to the governing legislation of the TGA and AHPRA, should gain much favor for stopping and preventing unelected bureaucrats from ever again being capable of making decisions that result in unnecessary and preventable deaths and injuries.

Folks, this team has vast support throughout the medical and science communities which I can personally attest to, and have raised ~ $1.6MM to date from some serious and sophisticated investors, but they and the other Seed Fund investors need just a few more investors to reach the funding target, at which point I ask…

Do you want to get involved and become a Seed Fund investor in a pretty historic national case?

.. heck, a pretty historic global case?

Minimum investments start around $75K+.

Julian Gillespie, Katie Ashby-Koppens, and Peter Fam have meticulously documented the way forward and would welcome an opportunity to discuss this most needed national initiative for restoring lives, hope, and sovereignty to the people of Australia.

If you are interested in getting involved, please drop Katie Ashby-Koppens an email with ‘EOI’ in the Subject line at: .. presentation slides can be viewed HERE.

I believe I fairly speak for all readers when I say, this is just the form of justice we all want to see.

Yours sincerely,

Opinion pieces don’t necessarily reflect the position of our news site but of our Opinion writers.

Original Source: Covid: We Have the Receipts .. It is Time to Call the Perpetrators to Account .. While Assisting the Victims .. An Investor Funding Model

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