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Exposing the LIES of Israel’s BIGGEST TOOL- Ben Shapiro


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Exposing the LIES of Israel’s BIGGEST TOOL- Ben Shapiro

By OnePath Network

Muslim Academic, Dr Uthman Badar, responds to a series of claims made by The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro, following his address to the Oxford Union last week regarding Israel vs Hamas.

Here’s what others had to say:

Yes, “claiming victimhood, and depicting others as monsters”. Isn’t that the psychology of the schoolyard bully? Throwing the stone then hiding one’s hand and claiming to be the victim is the action of someone without any maturity, heart, or humanity. The politics of the school playground, of the ghettoes controlled by gangs, are being played out now on the world stage between the politicians holding power. The people who are protesting on the streets against such murderous imbecility are more human than our Western political leaders. All power to the people who support Palestinians in their desperate hour of need.

Ben is so good at debating with students who are unskilled because he knows he can bully them. But he will not debate with more qualified debaters and has been called out many times.

It of course always requires a liar to expose the actual truth tellers. Compounded lies on top of other lies –
And generally speaking, the liars always talk about people rather than talking about truths.
Their actual topic for such people is to despise the person who they disagree with, rather than despising any existing lies.

The best thing to do to Ben Shapiro is not talk about him. The audience that he caters for is a limited crowd with a limited understanding and intelligence.

Is disgusting and insulting to hear all those lies and manipulation with such a cold blood.

Ben shapiro just knows how to speak as fast as possible to get his point accross.

This video needs to be blasted everywhere and shared …this guys easy to understand and clear points to what Shapiro is saying is important.

The very concept of moral is to be independent of external factors. Yet Ben is not only independent but is being used as an instrument to spread lies.

They attacked owners of the land and treated them like rebels. As you know, it’s all right to treat animals barbarically by their standards and beliefs(zionism). So it’s the desire to be barbaric that makes governments call their “enemies” animals.
So what more you expect from a nation that honors a barbarian. As they became more technologically advanced, their barbarity became even more evident.
“Yes, whoever earns evil and his sin has encompassed him – those are the companions of the Fire; they will abide therein eternally.”(Quran 2:81)

You know, here in the UK our police sharpshooters killed one man in our underground network in London some years ago. They thought he was a terrorist and it turned out that he was just an innocent tourist, Tragic. Absolutely tragic.
The book was thrown at the police although the appalling woman in charge bore no blame and was later promoted. However, the police did not blow up hundreds of people at that underground station attempting to get their man. And nor would they ever do that.
However in Ben Shapiro’s LaLa Land, he would think it perfectly acceptable. And of course, if a member of his family was caught up as collateral damage at some railway station, he would be satisfied that the police were, quite rightly, getting on with their anti-terrorist activities.
Shapiro is clearly insane. As is Netanyahu and all his comrades in charge of the current Israeli leadership. Insane.

The world is seeing the reality right now, Stay strong and we will see the world change in the coming year. Finally the only class of people above all moral and legal obligations will be audited and made to consider the humanity they have always trampled.

Ben Shapiro was shaking when he reacted to Mohammed Hijabs video, he’s not going to debate anyone not even Bassem Youseef.

We should all go to that video and list the points that were mentioned by Dr Uthman in the comment section, so that more people will be enlightened. That Ben dude is so manipulative, it’s sickening to see even the possibility of a single person being brainwashed by his straw man arguments.

The classic Shapiro argument of ‘legitimization’ has grown to be so expectable that it might well be called a trope. ‘Trope’ is actually one of the terms used to deflect your point. ‘Trope’ is presented as an accusation. When you use a ‘trope’ you stand accused of using something like a stereotype ; a piece of classic antisemitic slander. If you are accused of uttering a ‘trope’ you are being accused of being a Jew-hater. This is an innocuous-sounding bait word that Shapiro uses to put opponents on their back foot.
The normal Shapiroism involves what in in hacking is called a buffer overflow. Shapiro uses this effectively and consistently. This tactic involves answering a statement with a whole bunch of metaphors , conflations , and bafflegab until his opponents have so much to process that they are unsure of what to address first. Included in this confounding high-energy verbiash is usually a litany of tangential moral questions that challenge the credibility or even the decency of his opponents. And all the above is delivered usually in what might be termed an harpooning form of dialectic. He does not trade terms ; he impales with accusatory vocal inflection.
Benny’s whole program is a classic religionist setup like what you see when evangelical pastors are playing bible trivia. The elementary question is often swept into the tall grass as bible ‘experts’ hone their edge on one another. They get to be pretty sharp with practice. The chapter and verse that one quotes in defense of his point is obviated by the counter-quote of another chapter and verse. Soon the whole discussion is nothing more than a game of trivia between trivia experts. The question that was supposed to be under examination usually gets left in the dust raised by clashing egos.
Shapiro’s arguments are just a Jewish version of the evangelical swordplay. He has his quotation references , his foils and his feints. He thrusts his bulldozer personality into the argument as if it was actually about fact rather than force.
At the bottom of it all , Benny Shapiro is just another apologist for a brutal impossibility ; a justifier of cruelty and oppression on the basis of skillfully served quasi-religious bullshit. Let’s just call him a tropeze artist.

Palestinians are always peaceful and would never commit so called “Genocide” Ben Shapiro claims. They’re so peaceful that even Egypt and Jordan are welcoming them in with open arms as soon as Israel began this unjustified attack. Thanks Dr. Badar, for opening my eyes.

The Occupier cannot be in War against the Occupied, the Occupied under international law is entitled to fight the Occupier,
WAR is fought between 2 independant sovereign states, not between Israel a Neuclear SuperPower and Occupier of Palestine for 75 years.

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