For Those That Want To Know What’s Coming….

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For Those That Want To Know What’s Coming….

By Jamie McIntyre

For those that want to know what’s coming.

Stage 5 military lockdowns Australia wide then Globally. That’s martial law – locked in your house, lockdowns become permanent.
Forcible vaccinations or put in Quarantine camps ( prison ) or starve.

Put in quarantine camps if suspected of having a case or to far from home from QR code’s etc .
Banned from supermarkets to you get vaccinated.

When you get sick from the vaccines, banned from posting or speaking out.
Massive deaths and injuries of the vaccinated ( 6-12 months after vaccinated the adverse reactions will hit hard ) which will be blamed on Covid or bs variants ( cover for vaccine killing people ).

Continued attempts to cover up the vaccine deaths and injuries. 50 million injured ( half serious already – soon be 1 million dead from vaccines and most don’t even know – it’s up to 100 times what’s recorded but based on less then ten times it’s over 500,000 already )
Martial law imposed.


Civil uprising on the streets
Suicide rates and bankruptcy through the roof.

There will be blood on the streets ( surprised there hasn’t been already )
Cities will not be a safe place to be.

Cyber attacks by the criminal elite to disrupt food supplies, prevent you getting cash from ATMs
And before Xmas there won’t be enough body bags to bury the dead from vaccines
I don’t need to tell you what to do nor will I on here
But you must start preparing for the urgent safety of your family .

The Government and mainstream media are your enemy.
Many think they are doing the right thing
To stupid to know we are under a Globalist coup and now operating under foreign powers.

Things are not ok and stop living in denial.
Things are going to get ugly before they get better .

Australian National Review

Here’s what others had to say:

Neil Frederick
Why would there be so many grammatical errors if this was a real message?

Krystal Mclean
Had to share, bloody disgusting. What the fuck is happening to Australia!

Deborah Singer
Never thought we would see nazis’ in this country

Amy Rox
What kind of ‘protect and serve the community’ is kicking someone in the head?

Elsa McEwan
Australia has fallen…this is disgraceful beyond words.

Sharon Deviney Matthews
This is a few years old and the driver was on a drug fuelled rampage in SE suburbs of Melb – not Covid related

Jason Anderson
Freedom is always paid for in blood. A sacrifice I’m prepared to make so my kids a future. We have been at War for 18 months and half the clowns still don’t know. God Help us.

Davis Bagot
No we don’t believe that things will be getting Better but they will be getting Uglier.

Bill Mclean
Please note guys and gal’s, this is worse case scenario but we get closer every day to it becoming reality. And know that there are people in place to prevent this.

Wrex Ola
Seems completely unnecessaryand over the top but curious what the cops were attacking him for?? WTF!! Anyone know?

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