From a Falsified Pandemic, the Globalists Have Manufactured a Real One, by Getting People Injected With the Deadly Spike Proteins in the Jab

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From a Falsified Pandemic, the Globalists Have Manufactured a Real One, by Getting People Injected With the Deadly Spike Proteins in the Jab

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

From a falsified pandemic , the globalists have manufactured a real one, by getting people injected with the deadly spike proteins in the jab( and an array of viruses)

Anyone that has taken the jab, will need to be placed into quarantine urgently, to stop spreading spike proteins to their family, friends and colleagues. Dying yourself from the jab in agonising pain, is one thing , but to know you have injured,or killed your loved ones, by not researching what’s in the deadly drugs, or the agenda behind, it will be dying in a life of regret.

All decisions carry consequences and not doing a risk assessment, before taking the jab, will cost so many their lives and that of their loved ones – how many warnings have to go unheeded – how many have died, and been ignored already ? – yet the sheep are still lining up for it,putting our entire country, and world in perile.

Why reward the Bs 19 fraudsters -why throw your life away on some experimental drug?

Of course this will go ignored by the Governments, under the spell of the Globalists propaganda and loads of cash, and half the population is under the same spell, same mass psychosis , like in a trance, spruiked daily on the idiot box,by idiot box presenters and idiot Health Ministers.

This isn’t me saying this, but rather Scientist’s and Professors,
Those with large ego’s disputing such things, won’t save you.

The arrogant are always the ones to fall the hardest and fastest.

Humans are at the start of the greatest genocide ever witnessed ( all to support the Globalist planned agenda – I mean you still think this a National thing ? – that it’s about some flu that’s no worse then many seasonal flu’s ?)

You can volunteer to become fertiliser for daffodils if you choose , however myself, and many others choose to live, and experimental drug free.
Warning .

If the vaccinations aren’t immediately stopped,and those foolish enough to have volunteered to take one , aren’t urgently placed into quarantine, and urgently treated.
Sadly you will see what I’m warning about before this Xmas.

In large cities the chances of avoiding the vaccinated is much less. And the martial law and police totalitarian tactics will be much worse.

Almost every country town though they’ll jab to and spread it everywhere killing so many innocent people and then lying that it’s Covid and push more bs 19 jabs and booster shots etc. Making billions for exterminating you.

They’ll use the Greek alphabet of names as a cover for the bs 19 adverse reactions,and injury ( that’s right they already are )
It’s very clever.




Hype a flu into a falsified pandemic,with the globalists media outlets.

Pay politicians large bonus’s to lockdown, and issue mask mandates, and to show just how easy it is to get 🐑 to comply, as to many fail to ask a single question l, or demand evidence of the actual virus, or evidence their is a test kit that can detect the so called virus , or the deaths claimed are actually from the said virus.

Mmm basic questioning by a 5 year old would see it’s a fraud on every level
Rush out a unnecessary,unproven, untested,ineffective, insane , ludicrous,dangerous and deadly experimental drug disguised as a v….

Bully , peer pressure, manipulate, co erce,bribe the gullible and naive to take it,without researching what’s in it,or the agenda behind it.

So it’s actually a good idea, that people are posting who has taken it. ( I warned them they would become modern day leper’s – a public display of the innocent, vulnerable , niave , gullible , weaker minded , easily manipulated in society )

Sadly this will tear friends and family apart, as for your own safety and survival you can not be around those who have been jabbed. They will die, or become horribly sick and infect those around them.

How can so called intelligent people,take such deadly experimental drugs, that killed alll the animals they tested them on, and think it doesn’t carry consequences, or so easily have faith in the extremism being pushed, and in corrupted governments following such planned orders.

Or people won’t trust their family and friends trying to warn them because they care. but happily trust a stranger on the idiot box that’s knowingly paid to lie to you.
( 30% Jabbed once got a placebo luckily -but they wouldn’t know)

Anyhow Jabbed twice is infected with the virus’s and spike proteins and 70% of those jabbed once.

That’s bad news for many, and now with the sheep lining upfor the jab,because they think somehow they can cross state borders, or fly again,or things will go back to normal – why,why, why, do so called intelligent people fall for these lies ,sold to them by known liars.

Many politicians and news outlets, are drunk on the large bonus’s they are being paid.

The other Politicians just believe in the bs 19 fraud and are dangerous as they will continue to jab even teenagers and now children thinking they are saving them.
The life expectancy of taking a jab is 6-36-48 months.

Australia is now the worlds test case.

It’s coming to every global city- once northern hemisphere hits winter – the Globalists will impose martial law every where.
The body bags have been ordered but there will not be enough.

Some of sick and dying will turn on politicians and media tv presenters , knowing they are going to die , but will take out them for manipulating them into taking a deadly jab.
Hospitals will mot cope from the speadkmt spike proteins.

Chaos will reign and a high probability socket will collapse as planned to then usher in the Great Reset.
Foreign troops can already come here, and are immune to whatever they do to us, including forcibly jabbing you.

Check your laws if you doubt anything I’m saying.
A horrible agonising death it is from these experimental jabs.

The death tally is already close to 1 million, and soon 100 million injured from the bs 19 jabs.
Foolishly believe the lying Government numbers and you’ll be deceived.

This is nothing to what you will see, starting October onwards.

Thus the desperate push by the Globalist via the WHO down to all chief medical officers in each country that’s a member
According to a European motion put through parliament in 2010, the drug companies have dangerous levels of influence over the WHO, and got caught out trying to hype a normal sth American flu into a global pandemic,

Gates and Fauci and co then had the WHO definitions changed to count cases of healthy people in order to pull the scam off next time ( late 2019 )
It doesn’t matter if your smart enough to believe what I and others are desperately warning about, or the fact I’m willing to publicly anyone $1 million that what I’m saying is trie and can be verified.

Those who think I’m wrong or lost the plot
( personally I think anyone that believes in the bs 19 fraud or has taken a jab ha almost all ability to think rationally, logically and any ability to weigh up risk
– I would love to see a risk assessment analysis or any country or person )
Ask yourself.

Who are the insane ones?

Those pushing a rushed to market,Global Medical Experiment, to the whole world, at once ,over a flu that’s been hyped to death,and not expect major issues.
You don’t push a global medical Experiment unless you wanted to risk major death and injury
Do you really think this is about public health ?

Or maybe boosting the worlds population

Then when so many are getting injured or dropping dead , you wouldn’t try so hard to cover it up or push it even harder
The swine flu falsified pandemic in 1976 ( go onto you tube now 60 minutes expose and verify for yourself ) they stopped after just 1000 injuries and 25 deaths
This time they haven’t stopped but pushing it harder

I don’t care if you love jabs

Have you ever seen a jab with such high pressure tactics to take it
They’ll be coming for the non jabbed soon

Once the quarantine camps are finished being built
You’ll be issued notices and imprisoned until you take the jab.

I wish I was wrong

Go research yourself

Ego and arrogance combined with ignorance will lead to an untimely death

Did they or did they not hype a flu into a pandemic
Inflate deaths

Count flu deaths as Bs19 deaths

Are they still counting cases of healthy people as there is no sick people
90% show no symptoms
10% show only flu like symptoms
I wonder why

Paying families who lost love ones to other causes $9000 UsD to let them change their death certificate to died of Covid to inflate figures more

In Australia
You have less then a week to escape major cities and population areas or be locked down to 2025.
Got help how many will be lost be then

Australia’s population has been predicted to decline to only 15 million by then from 26 million today
Any women that takes a jab

If you don’t die , you’ll never have a healthy child.

Spike proteins can spread not just through sec but aerosol
If you’ve taken the jab, do the right thing

Quarantine yourself now from your loved ones or you will kill them
Think this isn’t true

We have unlimited cases globally being reported to our news networks of the. Non jabbed being infected by their loved ones that went and took part in this inane global medical Experiment
Our your ego aside and go and research and find out the truth

And listening to paid for propaganda by the Globalists isnt research nor is sourcing hour news via the idiot box or idiot newspapers nor is continuing to follow the dangerous conspiracy theories without evidence that we have a Bs19 pandemic and urgently must take an experimental drug not even tested ( apart from on limited amount of animals – and how did they go)
Or just sit back and watch what is already happening.

It’s likely to be far worse then what I’ve mentioned.
Just because you don’t know what’s going on , doesn’t mean it isn’t
Ones ignorance will lead to their sad demise.

I’m not going to give many mor warnings
You’ve been warned.
You decide what your future will be

I choose not to let fraudsters kill my family and friends without a fight .
The time most figure this out , it will likely be to late.
Save your family and friends now.

The rest will sadly be collateral damage in this silent war raging around the globe with 4 billion shots fired already ( and many foolishly think just because the shots are silent they aren’t deadly )

I’ve been right on my Predictions so far
Go check my Facebook posts if you don’t think so for last year or so.
Or even when I told people Bitcoin would go to $10,000 then $100,000 when it wasn’t even $1.

But in this case
I’m not even predicting
I just know what the plan is
As anyone could if they bothered to put their ego aside and go research.
Should you panic

Yes .
Panic before titanic hits the ice berg and get the life rafts lowered
As the time everyone figures it out the ship is going down, it’s to late and they and Governments will become very dangerous
If you can’t see the icebergs ahead it’s because you’d rather live in denial of the world you are now in.

Australian National Review

Here’s what others had to say:

Holly Smith
ok how about solutions and inspiration to raise the vibe. You are manifesting what you don’t want by saying that it WILL HAPPEN

Heather Scott
How can we save ourselves

Candice Bourne
Whats the answer then, just run?

Amanda Autumn-Rain
In Aust you can still give blood if your jabbed. This has to stop

Joe Jakubowski
The Patriot Military Alliance is our only way to stop the NWO Cabal.

Carol Thompson
And then they use BS treatments in the hospitals. Designed to let you die. Ventilators kill….
Listen to this girls story, she saved her husband by insisting on doing the opposite of the CDC protocols. You may need to know this.

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