December 11, 2023 7:47 pm

How Russia Plans to CRUSH Ukraine This Winter


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How Russia Plans to CRUSH Ukraine This Winter

By HistoryLegends

Russia is preparing multiple offensives in three main locations. Russian assault squads are currently besieging Avdiivka. There are renewed attacks near Bakhmut, and Ukrainian Generals are steadily reinforcing Kupyansk. Due to battle attrition, the Russian Armed Forces have increased their manpower strength by hundreds of thousands afford entire units to be eroded. Ukraine is currently hiding most of its reserves while they wait for the main enemy push.

Here’s what others had to say:

The prison population decreased not only because of recruitment from prisons, but also because volunteering in the army is a relatively lucrative alternative to being criminal.

I just finished my mandatory service in november 2022 and out of 320 guys from my battalion, about 45 guys signed contracts, but most of them were not sent to Ukraine as they are too young, most of mandatory soldiers are 18 – 21 y.o
To the front line the usualy send grown men. There’s no official restrictions but unless a young man asks about it by himself, commanders prefer to send more experianced men to the front line, if they have ones, ofcourse.

How many cancers and heart attacks has Putin beat already? He’s gotta be some kind of super human by now.

They make fun of Russia, but when you think about it: almost 50 counties can’t supply enough weapons and ammunition to Ukraine

Still sad that all these people have died on this war.. no matter what side you’re on it’s still a large loss of life

Suddenly, everyone in mainstream media forgets about ukraine offensive.

So much for US “eternal support” for Ukraine and “no matter what is takes and how long it takes”. Reminds me of old saying that it is dangerous to be US enemy but lethal to be its friend!

Yet again an ironclad situational report of the Russo Ukro war front! Keep up the good work!

A force, pushing against a Russian frontline from the west heading east, becoming Paralysed in Winter…I feel like I’ve heard this story twice

One of the greatest benefits of your channel is information like you gave in the first half of the vid. As a born and raised American, we typically learn NOTHING about modern Russian society and civilian life. I’ve learned a great deal about both this year just from watching you as NO MEDIA OUTLET IN THE US HAS EVER OR WILL EVER run “close ups” about Russian citizen soldiers and patriotism. All we are (still) told about Russian army is “they are drunk, poorly-trained, poorly-led conscripts”. I am 100% sure our ignorance (at the highest levels including the Oval Office) about Russia contributes to our policy relative to them.

Remember western experts telling us 6 months ago Russia has no capabilities for an offensive?

The volunteer battalion named after Bohdan Khmelnytsky, formed from former military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), entered service in the Russian operational combat tactical formation (OCTF) “Cascade”. Battalion commander Andrei Tishchenko announced this on October 27

This war, at first, was completely unpopular in Russia ,However, America and the West intervened, imposed very harsh sanctions, spread hatred of Russians around the world, repeated successive statements and insults against Russia, threatened to tear it apart ; this war has become now very popular in Russia… Putin has to thank the West for this great transformation.

Russia was always going to win in a atritional war. That’s why Ukraine put everything it had into their counter-offensive. It was a matter of winning then and there or losing the war.

If ever there was unfairness it is the demonetizing of this channel when the creator of it goes out of his way to reflect the realities on both sides. We all need to support him.

“Imagine waging an attrional warfare against Russia, couldn’t be me” – Germany, France, Sweden.
As the history told, if you want to win and deal a crushing blow against Russia, you need to beat them in the term of first year of the war and you don’t give them time to evaluate their failure or reorganize and relocate their production, if you failed you’ll be facing different army. This also the case with winter war agaisnt Finland, why do you think the Finns sued for peace when they actually managed to inflict such losses to the Russian? The Russian reorganized their offensive and adopted different tactic and managed to thrust Karelian Isthmus.

Not all the mobilized or active duty are for fronts in Ukraine. While Russia will clearly go on some bigger offensive at some point (unless the diplomatic landscape changes), I don’t think it’s all for the anti-NATO war effort. They clearly know a bigger war can and likely will break out in the next years.
They also stated around 2025 (when they expect the SMO to end) they will be beginning a large scale re-armament and modernization of their military capabilities. They will not slow down the military build up unless they see the US/NATO finally tap out and not be a threat to their (and BRICS’) interests.

The Russian army’s ‘learning curve’ is historic. They start the wars badly, losing and drinking a lot of vodka and they end these wars with a renewed and efficient army, still drinking vodka.

Thank you for the insightful analysis. I have argued (as an African who studied at Moscow State University in the late 1980’s) that Russia should tap into the massive manpower reserve of the Central Asian former Republics and indeed take a leaf from the British colonialists, who formed white-led ethnic regiments in India and Africa that acquitted themselves in both World Wars (King’s African Rifles, Dogra/Sikh/Punjab/Rajput/Gurkha). There are thousands of Russian/former Soviet officers immersed in the cultures of Central Asia that could lead these regiments (or at least train the new Ru officer leadership cadre in the different C. Asian cultures)

It says a lot when the Russia army can raise so many recruits, during a protracted active war, (where risk of fatalities is high) and yet the U.S. army is struggling to attract recruits, in peace time (where risk is many times lower)!

Of all the other channels, military summary, web union, DPA… Yours is by far my favorite. I hate that I have to wait a week or sometimes two weeks, but I understand that quality takes longer to produce.

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