September 27, 2023 1:52 am

How Ukraine Plans to DESTROY the Russian Fleet in Crimea?


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How Ukraine Plans to DESTROY the Russian Fleet in Crimea?

By HistoryLegends

Crimea is Under Siege. Ukraine has been ramping up strikes against the Russian Black Sea fleet deployed there. The latest attack involved 10 Storm Shadow cruise missiles with hit the “Minsk” landing ship as well as the “Rostov-on-Don” submarine, followed by the destruction of a S-300 missile launcher. Ukrainian operatives also captured the Boyko Towers oil rig, whose location is strategic. From Odessa, Ukraine has been on the offensive all throughout the summer using a combination of UAVs, unmanned naval drones, amphibious raids to bring Russian air defense to a breaking point, in order to open a path for Ukrainian cruise missiles.

Here’s what others had to say:

Correction: Russia didn’t withdraw from the Grain deal. It expired, and Russia, having none of its requirements from the EU and US met from the start, decided not to renew.

I remember once the us did a wargame for an invasion of iran, and in the first few days, the iran player used small suicide boats to sink a US carrier. The US player was caught completely off guard. It seems like the “meta” for naval warfare is changing with the rise of suicide drones.

Interesting historical parallel. The allies in WW2 added massive amounts of small calibre weapons on ships to stop kamikaze attacks. Wonder if we will see that coming back in some form. Also have to wonder why the Russians haven’t put up some sort of barrier around the bridge’s supports?

As someone who is married to a Chilean, learning Chilean history and planning on making a life in Chile, I’m thoroughly surprised and impressed that you know of the War of the Pacific and how Chile accomplished it’s goals, as well as the aftermath of the conflict. Well done.

Man you are so informative and love how you break down everything. The stuff you show on your videos for sure you will not see or hear on any mainstream networks. Makes you realize that they have an agenda and just dont care about true journalism. Keep up the great work.

Its funny that almost no footage of effective strikes on Ukranian military bases is shown. Oh, i forgot. Its illegal to film that in Ukraine. But every mosquito bite against Russia is a grandiose victory.

A small note: Russian military base in Crimea has been there for 300 years, even when Ukraine stole Crimea from Russia, the Navy remained. It will always be there. Crimea is not a ‘peninsula’ its a REPUBLIC part of the Russian Federation. Not a single legal document gives Kiev control of The Republic of Crimea.

this is like a modern version of the doolittle raid, it is really boosting morale of ukraine and western supporters, i have seen a lot of people getting very excited and say that this is a huge strategic victory. so far it is really distributing the russian, dealing some damage at relatively low cost, so lets see how things develop. i am more interested in the russia and north korea deal, i am sure that north korea has tons of artillery shells 122mm 155mm 152mm etc and rocket artillery, eg BM21 122mm rockets available in their inventory, and these stocks could be moving from north korea to russia as putin and kim meets. russia could easily pay for them with oil gas grain and other resources or techonoloy. and north korea would have a lot of capacity to produce these ammunition. i would like to see whether russia actually prochase any new weapons from north korea, like the 136 drones from iran that is cheap and effective….north korea has a large selection of rocket artillery systems that look quite interesting.

I have a hard time that a single Storm shadow could destroy a garage filled with A hundred vehicles. the blast radius on a one of those cruise missiles is designed to destroy a localized area of a bunker. It has 2 charges that get detonated, One on the outside when it collides and one on the inside when it penetrates. But they are at the same location of the building, Logically i bet 70/100 vehicles still function. 30 vehicles destroyed is the largest i can imagine being the damage and only if they collapse the roof of that area of the structure. the payload is the equivalent of 2 M31 warheads from a HIMARS GMLRS. Sure it’ll destroy a house thoroughly – few double vehicle attached garages perhaps. But not a structure that is laid out to hold a hundred vehicles. SO I have serious doubts unless they managed to get a salvo of 4-5 missiles through.

The irony of routinely attacking crimea, which at this stage is just a symbolic target, more than a strategic one, only demonstrates how disorganized the overall planning within the Ukrainian military is. They’re not taking crimea without boots on the ground, and thats where they’re currently performing abysmally. Worse yet, since these attacks aren’t effecting the frontlines, they’re essentially wasted assets that could’ve been better served on those fronts.
Once again, Ukraine’s obsessions with Crimea and land in general, is only assuring Crimea remains out of their hands forever, and that more land will inevitably end up lost. They can only play pretend and fake success for so long lol one need only look at their failed offensive to understand that this isn’t the first time a disaster has been downplayed until the very end, and it won’t be the last either. Yet that can only continue to happen for so long before a really big disaster unfolds because of it, and if the women getting drafted is any indicator of this, as well as 16 year old males, we’re about to reach just such a scenario.

These attacks were obviously the second half of the offensive planned. However, the Ukrainian ground forces are getting annihilated so these nautical attacks to cut off Crimea have almost no real impact strategically.

How drones have changed naval warfare and the war at see in this conflict is a fascinating yet underreported aspect of this war.

You should talk more about the War of the Pacific. My great great grandfather is Juan Jose Perez, who was one the main top generals and even has a Wikipedia page. He has monuments in Bolivia and we even had a painting of him in our house lol.

Thanks for mentioning the Chilean victory against Bolivia (and Peru) in the War of the Pacific 1879. It was a brilliant combined arms operation involving Navy and Marine Infantry followed up by Army Infantry (I am a Canadian living in Chile, and I have access to military historical documents)

The reality of this war is if NATO didnt give intelligence and arms to Ukriane the war would have ended long ago and Russia may have won the war in just 3 to 6 months , so this is not a Ukraine vs Russia war instead it is NATO vs Russia war.

I think what UKR is doing is trying to weaken or derail RU plans of taking Odessa eventually. By doing so, they are pushing RU into making that objective even more urgent. RU is not ready yet to take hold of bigger chunk of UKR though because they need resources and logistics to confront possible involvement of NATO. Regarding naval drones, if succesful, RU will develop their own order of magnitude bigger drone fleet even though there are no viable targets on UKR side to deal with.

By constantly attacking Russian naval assets in the Black Sea, the Ukrainians are preparing Odessa and its environs for a major and most devastating Russian counterstrike. The Russians will most likely address the local population, giving them ample time to evacuate Odessa prior to the attack. Furthermore, the taking of Odessa, no matter the cost to the Russians, now seems inevitable.

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