If Victoria doesn’t want to report record cases. How about stop testing a record amount?

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If Victoria doesn’t want to report record cases. How about stop testing a record amount?

By Jamie McIntyre

It’s deliberate deceptive marketing of a falsified pandemic with no basis in science.

You can’t say there is 475 new cases without stating.
1. How many you have tested.

As that stat means nothing to you disclose how many were tested to achieve that many positive tests.

If 1000 are tested, and 475 cases means a very different thing to if 76,000 were tested.
It almost 1 in 2 positive verse .6%
So why isn’t the media disclosing the .6%
(we know why as that shows even with a highly inaccurate test that it’s almost non-existent – not to mention 99.76% of even that tiny amount won’t actually get sick).

Like .6% showed positive

Then you have to state the margin of error in the testing

If it was .06% then the data could be considered scientific.
If it’s above .3% then it’s hardly scientific as the margin of error is to high to be valid.

The tests being used are alledged to be 50-80% inaccurate. Not .3% not 3% not even 30%
It’s means the data isn’t useful to determine much at all.

It’s a joke

A true scientist can quickly look at these figures and see.

It’s very low re case numbers from such massively increased testing.
Why so much testing when for a fraction of the testing clearly shows there isn’t any serious spread ,or issue considering the high potential error rate could show more then 475 false positives and be within a small margin of error zone.

So low it’s almost like they are desperate to test so many to try and get a high figure yet still fail miserably.

In fact, it’s so low it shouldn’t even make the news unless the news has an agenda.

Mmmm something to think about.

Plus then

Many of these aren’t even tested

1 person at a party in Melb

Tested positive

They then count the other 19 that were there even though they weren’t tested.

They then count you every day as a new case for 10-14 days they continue to test you.

Plus reports coming in from Melbourne, Australia (just like they have been doing in America) that people go to a clinic and register to be tested but have to then wait for ages. Many end up leaving before being tested but then get a message, so they tested positive) yet never got tested (being done to boost the so-called positive tests. (Hillary would be ensuring Dan Andrews knows this trick)
We know in America in democrat states particularly they inflated cases by 90%

Florida 90,000 cases
Turned out it was falsified
Only 11,000 cases

Then why do we care so much about cases
People that get sick should be a concern and actual deaths not the deliberately inflated deceptive death rates pushed by the media

99.76% of the cases show little to no symptoms
Ie don’t get sick

So find me a scientist that isn’t paid off that would put their name to the deliberate deception of the public that Victoria had a record day

Apart from Monday’s is always high as they count some from the weekend
But simply stop trying to test record numbers to inflate cases unless someone has an agenda to push fear and deception of the poor trusting hapless public who are so exhausted from the struggle of material survival in a Coronavirus world and looking after the kids, to put their scientist hat on and check they aren’t being lied to by the media.
And of course we haven’t touched on the false positives amongst the 475

Not to mention every other flu season we didn’t count who got the flu
Who passed it on to someone

As there wasn’t an agenda big enough to deceive on such a scale

I mean we already know if we knew what we know now the initial lockdowns would never have occurred

Yet we still accept this fraud

And the deliberately inflated deaths

In Australia if the deaths were assessed
We would be lucky to have 30 people if any that have soley died of the Coronavirus

They died with it

And by the way to be clinical diagnosed as having Covid 19
You don’t have to be even tested
You just have to have a cough or sore throat
Or get this
Maybe come into contact with someone who has

That pretty much means 7.4 billion people
And also
The if you have had the common cold it can show as the “ Coronavirus “ which as a family of flu’s isn’t novel or new

Those weapons of mass destruction in Iraq

That was one lie
This Coronavirus will set new records for the most lies that can be told and still half the population goes yep must be true and any one that doesn’t put on a mask is a idiot

Just maybe the “ fake alien invasion plan if this scam doesn’t stop Trump being re elected could actually work as so many people will never question what’s on the news. That’s what decades of programming does and especially subliminal programming

I mean some will believe every ludicrous conspiracy theory pushed on tv and only question everything else.

In summary

It could have been reported

1 person may end up be hospitalised from today’s flu testing ( .24% of 475 may suffer symptoms ) and unless they are elderly and already sick and dying will be out in no time .

We don’t normally care who catches a flu or who even passes it on but this year is different because there is an election in the US and thus there is an agenda to take over America by a bunch of socialists (Democrats) in bed with Communist China and the deep state who (collectively influencers wint media) so that’s why we create alarmist headlines over a pretty much nothing out of the ordinary of a bad flu (that we this year call it a “virus“)

And we this year keep track of flu deaths and report them and despite flu deaths way down on last year, we have pushed for economic lockdowns that have killed way more from suicide already in Australia alone, and others from indirect deaths not to mention the estimated 7500 extra suicide deaths over the next 5 years from lockdowns.

Even if the virus was super deadly like we first throught destroying our economies only helps the socialist new world agenda not a strategy to defeat a virus, where quarantining the vulnerable always was and always is the answer.


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