If You Take the Jab??

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If You Take the Jab??

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

If you take the jab you will die, or worse, wish you were dead, from the agonising injuries, says Australian National Review Founder.

What about that statement, do people not understand.

You’re being exterminated off the f …. Planet, and you want to post that it’s trendy to take a rushed to market, unproven, unnecessary, ineffective, untested, insane, and deadly experimental drug, disguised as a quackzine.

Let your ego take over, and you arrogantly, and ignorantly will take a death shot.

You won’t be going back to normal, you won’t be flying again, you won’t be escaping lockdowns, you won’t be having children, you won’t keep your job, you won’t see your family again, you’re going 6 ft under.

We are at war.
The shots may be silent, but extremely deadly.

If you’re a dumb schmuck that trots out false stats that, “ adverse reactions are rare “ then stick to your junk science, and take a death shot and prove me right.

If you refuse to give up the idiot box and its idiot box presenters, and idiot Health Ministers advice, and continue to fall for the ludicrous conspiracy theories, pushed by mainstream media, that we have a Covid pandemic,that requires everyone to partake in a Global Medical Experiment, then start preparing for you and your families funeral costs, and full-time medical care until you die, (3-year life expectancy from the Bs19 jabs if you bothered to look into them).

Listen to the charlatans, and liars, and the Covid fraudsters minions, and you’ll die.

Anyone wants to bet against me – don’t waste your money, like so many are wasting their lives.

By the way, when you speak out like this young Australian beauty pageant girl, that was peer pressured into taking the jab, she’ll be censored, and banned off social media before she knows it, and called and anti vaxxer.
Sadly if she dies from the jab, which is highly probable, her family will be gagged with suppression orders to not speak out, and the media will lie to you, and count her as dying as Covid, to scare more hapless gullible suckers to take a jab, they don’t need or want, and join the death cult.

There are more pleasant ways to commit suicide, and do your bit for the planet and become fertiliser for daffodils.

Decide now to say no, to the little pricks, desperate to kill you.

Australian National Review

News that doesn’t cover up bs 19 quackzinne death and injury.


Here’s what others had to say:

Paula Leslie
Jamie McIntyre This story pretty much sums up what happened to a very good friend of mine GC based-(just last week) sent me a pic like this all hooked up….she Felt terrible after her 2nd Pfizer jab. Next day collapsed, same troubles w ambo officers trying to hook her up to drip, on way to hospital very low heart rate.
Of course hospital tried to say prob not V related & she was expecting her DR to say the same thing.
I caught up w her just after her 1st shot & tried to give her info on the negatives and gently encourage her to not go back. I felt terrible I didn’t push her more, she mentioned to me after her incident that she actually was hesitant to go for the 2nd, so perhaps some stuff had sunk in, but went anyway.
Next time I won’t be so nice & gentle about it…I’ll use Jamie’s approach;
➡️Repeat after me “if I take the covid vaccine I am a f’n loser”

Adam Colless
these stories are all too common. its scary how many have not yet opened their eyes. once you are awaken to whats really going on in the world, there is no going back. Its like seperate reality.

Tom Smausey
This plan was actioned in 2016/2017 by the WHO.
It involves all state premiers in Australia being told that the Public Health Dept will be planning to vaccinate 95% of the Australian population, gather up all our DNA and hook us all up to a Biometric Digital ID Pass System. With all that personal data to be handed over to the WHO.
It was signed off in 2018. Its set for completion in 2023.
Which means none of us will be allowed out of our homes until every single one of us has been poisoned. It’s part of the IHR agreement that was signed in 2005 that activated the “pan-corona” measures. The IHR is a Public Private Partnership deal with 196 nations that agrees to ensure that International Trade and Commerce traffic is not disrupted during a WHO declared emergency.
This is why we are locked in our homes. Its to keep us out of Mr Globalists way.
Its looks like the IHR has been hijacked and corrupted by the Globalists and is why we are being driven into the ground by unlawful activity and stealth. It’s being used as a WMD using a pen.
All the people need to demand the PM ScoMo immediately withdraw from the IHR agreement and corona will cease to exist for Australia.
The Corona pandemic was declared to facilitate the nations to implement their NAPHS plan, that’s all. There is no real pandemic. It is simple treason.

Jules Brush
Ha Ro Carol Chris Klint Lee-Anne Les Sindy pretty spot on I must say!

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