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Is BS19 Jab Poisoning the Community in Large Numbers With Radiation Exposure??


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Is BS19 Jab Poisoning the Community in Large Numbers With Radiation Exposure??

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

The below is from a post on the Australian National Review Telegram thread.

I also believe most who think they got Bs19, actually suffered EMF poisoning from their phones or smart meters.

I suffered for 3 weeks flu like symptoms, several months ago, making me quite ill, until I realised it was my iPhone causing it.

I took EMF preventive measures, turned my phone aeroplane mode on often now, and the symptoms disappeared.

These simple products below you can add to your devices. (Only need 1 but I wanted extra protection)

Worked instantly for me.

As does not living in big cities close to constant towers and 5 G and constant radiation.

Thanks Pauline…..We need you now more than ever.

Can you look into these smart meters on everyone’s homes, and the high radiation levels making lots if us sick that come from those meters. And tell me why our safety limits for radiation exposure on these meters sits at 100 times higher than Europe’s safety limit.

Why the govt body EPA won’t check or monitor but deny everything. l Energy companies co firm our safety levels and that of Europe but won’t answer anything more on that. Won’t attend and measure the radiation levels, I guessed due to liability. And why so many people have suddenly developed ringing in their ears, it’s incredible how common that now is!

A pandemic of tinnitus and extreme vertigo in the last 12 have developed in myself and 3 others.

Why doctors are not trained in radiation exposure. Sickness or disease. And why the govts all round the world insisted and I stoked these meters at great cost while they were very controversial, considered to not give accurate readings and to operate without anybody or govt dept overseeing the many complaints that came almost instantly after installation. And continue to work without any monitoring. Any safety levels any protection what so ever!

I’ve been sick all year. And funny enough so have 3 of my Facebook friends, one very very sick.

We all slept in rooms that had a meter attached to the outside wall of that room. Even my dog got sick.

Could this be a leading cause of the many neurological conditions, cancers and disease and mental illness, depression, and related suicide that is on the rise, That these meters   are known to cause.

Please explain why our previous govt sought to make our homes a toxic radiation field. Without giving us all the info on how dangerous they can be. And now with another invisible new technology to add to this electric magnetic frequencies in smart meters that bounce from one smart meter to another, all the way to the data storing energy company. The meters measure our electricity which is directly linked to our circuit board that runs round and through our house,  and us with the power we need.. And with an internet and now the 5g coverage all around us, cast like a net. I don’t feel, with my limited knowledge but I do have common sense,   that this setup is at all safe. Rather I feel it’s poisoning the community in large numbers with radiation exposure.

Unmonitored and no safe levels to measure it against.

And a medical system that doesn’t teach or include radiation exposure sickness and disease in their curriculum. So doctors don’t know how to diagnose or recognise the cause that is more than likely responsible for a massive amount of illness in the community. And in the workplace.

And with lockdowns it’s making it’s insidious symptoms more common more prevalent and we all get sicker.

We have no safety levels to speak of…And the official narrative is unconvincing! Just look at independent data it’s obvious.

This type of radiation causes a multitude of serious conditions depending on one’s individual iodine levels and immune system health. Because these EMRs are also emitting radiation found in smart phones smart TVs and smart meters. Are they taunting us?

It depletes your magnesium your iron and your vitamin D levels to almost zero and so much more.

Your immune system cannot function and you are weakened because of it.

What the he..ll is going on with these meters in our homes?

Australian National Review

News Media not trying to inject its readers with lethal injections – just common sense.

Here’s what others had to say:

Eve Goonan
I had an EMF specialist come to my home in January to measure everything. He said none of these little devices work from his experience, the best is to use proper EMF shielding products, and simply avoid using your mobile phone as much as possible, keep it on flight mode, and hard-wire everything in your home. There are fantastic EMF shielding clothes you can buy, as well as router guards, and you can also by shielding fabric. I invested in a whole lot since my neighbour’s Wi-Fi modem is one of those terrible telstra ones that is like being next to a mobile phone tower, so I have put up shielding fabric to block it coming into my side as much as possible. It costs a lot, but if you can’t hardwire everything and get rid of your smart meter, then the next best option is shielding materials. I have a landline phone I use for all phone calls, it’s bundled with my internet, so I only use mobile for text messaging. If you have to use it when out and about, have it on loudspeaker and keep the phone at least 1 meter away from you if you can, or just limit your use, for long conversations try to use your landline phone. It’s not as convenient, but if you are serious about reducing exposure, there’s no ‘quick fix’. I also bought an EMF reader it’s the one the specialist recommended it comes from Germany it’s called Safe n Sound Pro 2, it’s very accurate, whereas some of the cheaper ones he has found much less accurate. It’s a great way to test levels and know which rooms in your house have higher or lower levels, and then you can use the products accordingly to shield when needed.

Sandra Casson
So what are the simple products you can add to your devices? And where can you get them?

Maria Anthousa
Very good post. Now it all makes sense. Thanks for your work and caring for fellow Australians. Could you please elaborate on the EMF protective measures? Is there any device we can buy to protect ourselves?

Holly Walton
The hippies told me about the smart metres years ago.

Ian Van Roden
Jamie McIntyre I have researched trends for every day of the year, and those born October 20th are especially sensitive to toxins (in this case radiation). But for October 20th this can include dairy, preservatives and additives. So it would be worth monitoring horrible sinus feelings, big dips in energy or nausea after eating certain processed foods, then experiment by taking away any suspect foods for a little while. But I agree with radiation theory. I’ve been getting dizzy spells after holding the phone lately.

Deb Benstead
Killing us slowly so we are not aware.

Houda Ghabach
Do you need that many stickers on your phone to be priotected.

Pete Irvine
Yep, phone on airplane mode with Wi-Fi and bluetooth turned off too. Also, Wi-Fi Routers and cordless phones too…get a wired internet connection and ditch the cordless phone. My EMF meter gives readings higher than living under a cell tower when a cordless phone is in the room.

Nikki Bowman
We are currently wiring a new house we are building, and I’ve asked my hubby to check what will be installed. What are the alternatives, and will it limit us in any way? Don’t care about 5G.

Steve Kons
You know why? Because we’re expendable!

Opinion pieces don’t necessarily reflect the position of our news site but of our Opinion writers.

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