December 3, 2023 2:47 am

Israel-Hamas War: Piers Morgan vs Rahma Zein On Palestine’s Suffering


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Israel-Hamas War: Piers Morgan Vs Rahma Zein On Palestine’s Suffering

By Piers Morgan Uncensored

Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by Egyptian podcaster Rahma Zein for an open debate and discussion on what she says is the historic mistreatment of Palestinians at the hands of Israel, her viral video calling out CNN international reporter, the ‘mistreatment’ Palestine faces in the media, whether Rahma condemns the Hamas attacks on October 7th, and how to come to a peaceful resolution in this conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Rahma suggests that it’s a worrying sight that her video confronting CNN international correspondent Clarissa Ward went viral because more important issues and videos from Gaza should be discussed. However she adds that the reason it went viral is because people understand an agree with what she said about the way Palestinian mistreatment is reported.

Piers then suggests that both sides need to understand their wrongdoings to progress and agrees with Rahma that the killing of innocent civilians is wrong from Israel. He however does question if she condemns the October 7th attacks. Rahma explains that if she simply condemns that attacks, it sets a dangerous precedent for the Israeli government to justify killing more Palestinians.

She accuses Israel of being “a spoiled brat, you’re unable to say no to” which has grown up to be “a sociopath”, also accusing the United States of giving Israel permission to carry out genocide.

“The United States has given permission for Israel to have genocide.”

Here’s what others had to say:

I visit Piers Morgans channel everynight just to make sure he asked the guest if they condemn hamas.
He never disappoints.

“Do you condemn Hamas?” “Does Israel have a right to defend itself” = Piers Morgans script for every single interview on this topic.

Piers Morgan giving a Father of the Bride speech at his daughter’s wedding: “Please raise your glasses if you condemn Hamas for October 7th”

Peirs: “How can we solve this issue?”
Rahma: “Respect international law”
Piers: “That’s just your opinion”
Rahma: “Not my opionion, it’s mandated by UN, Israel should obey UN resolutions”
Piers: “Neah, Israel can do whatever they want because we don’t know what is proportionate response”

Israel has a right to defend itself says Piers Morgan but when Palestine tries to defend itself “it should be condemned”
-Piers Morgan 2023

We can see right through you piers . Anyone educated, with the right mind can see exactly how your questions can be misleading.

Piers keeps stressing the point that because he brings people from both sides of the conflict it makes him “unbiased” and “objective”. When in reality all it proves is that he’s smart enough to know that doing so will get him more views, from more audiences, and consequently more

Piers is a genius. He invites people who have received many views for their post so that his channel can get the views. Never in history has he become so popular.

There’s no hiding this young lady’s passion. She’s very articulate in her, presumably, second language. She puts forward a pretty convincing case. Credit to Piers for not shutting her down. It’s a very complex situation that did not start on Oct 7th. I agree with her in that the UN must play a big part for there to be any chance of this ever being resolved.
The question I ask myself and people I discuss this with is “What would you do if you were thrown out of your home and off your land?” I haven’t found anyone who says they would just let it slide.
I haven’t found anyone that can justify the constant land-grabbing. I cannot understand why the international community allows this to happen. I suspect this is deliberate. The question is, to what end?
If Israel continues to ignore the UN it is going to find itself increasingly isolated.

Piers seems to have mastered the fine art of selective empathy. When chatting with pro-Israeli folks, he whips out his sympathy card, asking them about their emotional feelings on oct 7 But when it’s time to interview pro-Palestinians, it’s like he’s auditioning for a role in a horror movie. Suddenly, civilians are collateral damage, human shields, their death is an inevitable necessary evil, and he’s not even bothering to ask his host about their family wellbeing and .
It’s almost as if Piers is an alien with a “How to Interview Humans” manual, and he skipped the chapter about equal empathy for all. It’s high time he realized that both sides are made up of actual humans with stories, feelings,dreams and hopes that are being shredded by this bloody conflict. Piers Before being a reports, perhaps you should try being a “basic human being” and acknowledge that everyone deserves basic human rights, Empathy and safety regardless of their nationality and ethnicity.

Malcom X said it best: “If you aren’t careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

Rhama is brilliant. She doesn’t get distracted by Piers trying to frame her responses. She gets her message across and speaking so passionately for Palestine. “You need to empower the UN”. “If you occupy a people, you breed Hamas.” Sorry Piers, but it was a sensational interview. Thank you.

If it wasn’t “anti-Semitic” to end apartheid in South Africa, it’s definitely not “anti-Semitic” to end the genocide, apartheid and holocaust in israhell.
If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people.

Legend says that Piers Morgan still prepares many interviews to obtain a satisfactory answer condemning Hamas.

When piers is 95 years old, surrounded by family, and about to pass, his grand children will ask him for his final words of wisdom. And Piers will say:
“Do you condemn Hamas for October 7th?”

both did a great job. Thanks Piers for giving Pro-Peace-Palestine a voice on your show (even if the “October 7th” question is always in the air). People get to say and share the truth which was always censored intentionally.

Piers opening question made me so mad! Why should Rehma be sorry for her actions, for calling our Cressida Ward FOR LYING. Speak your truth Rehma

I never was pro-Israeli or pro- Palestinian; but after I heard this lady RAHMA ZAIN speaking about the situation; I can understand why the Israel is an occupational force that’s practicing Apartheid and genocide against Palestinians !!! That’s what I see in the History of Israel taking over a land that’s NOT THEIRS!!!! Thank you RAHMA. I have been debating with this dilemma for years and you cleared it to me!!

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