It’s the vaccinated friends you need to keep at bay

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It’s the vaccinated friends you need to keep at bay.

By Jamie McIntyre

They have joined the vaccine death cult by being able to be bought for “2 Krispy Kreme Donuts” (yes intelligent people can do dumb things not to mention what unintelligent people are capable of – but I just want to travel so I’ll take it – what so you can be laying on Mykonos beach like a dying zombie )but can seriously injure those they come into contact with from shedding and spike proteins in the Bs 19 vaxx. So many women in particular are bleeding blot clots from coming into contact with the a vaccinated person – the Australian National Review gets messages continually of on the ground evidence of this globally).

Of course they are trying to divide us.

That’s the lock step plan – so don’t be a loser and take the bs 19 vaxx just so you can’t feel like you are part of the herd – have some courage and take a f .. stand for once – and don’t sell humanity down the drain from pure ignorance or selfishness – you’re smarter then that and surely your life is worth more then that to take deadly untested drugs designed to offer no public health benifit.

It’s time to call the Govt bullshit out louder and wake the rest of society up before it’s to late.

We are at war and some still think life will go back to normal if they take a deadly bs 19 drug – as if these insane psychos are going to ever let you live life normal again – it will take a revolution or live as we know it is over – so the sooner you accept your new reality and get ready to fight against it the better off we all will be. This isn’t and never was about some Common cold re branded as a falsified pandemic.


Here’s what others had to say: 

Theresa Shirley

Consider me dumped don’t want to be around them and I’ll never have a blood transfusion. It’s sad how they are all following evil. Then project it on us.

Craig Anderson

Why don’t they just tell people to get good immune system‘s eat healthy and there’s no problems I have some vitamin C to

Jody Kelly

Funny thing is a lot of people got vaccinated so they could travel. As they now pose a blood clot probability airlines are now hesitant to let them fly😜🤣

Christine Waraich

Time ditch anyone who would ditch someone based on receiving or not receiving a vaccine.

Sue Stott

the great divide, have no fear, it’s exactly what they want.

Elise Frances

Um, I think its actually the other way around due to spike protein shedding!

Donna Luxford

Unless your “friends” tell you they got or will be getting vaccinated then that is difficult. Its a privacy thing for lots. I unfortuneately have to go to hospital for tests and will be getting poked and prodded by the medical staff so its worrying, but what can you do?? I will never ever be getting this, but I also wont go around asking people, have you had it? Im also in NZ but picking lots in hospitals etc have prob had the dam thing.

Luke Williams

All these comments are hilarious. Shedding vaccines only applies to vaccines that use the live and weakened version of the virus as the basis of the vaccine like Rotavirus (why they tell you to wash you hands after your kids have had that vaccine). Not a single Covid 19 vaccine anywhere in the world contains the live virus so poses literally zero risk of virus shedding. But let’s not let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Dems Ma

My god was that on TV? My kindergarten children behave better than that. What a childish and uneducated comment. Inciting hatred and war.

Lizzie Michaelis

If I was to get co vi d then I want hydroxychloroquine , just like doctors here are taking ! thank you.

Vas Bes

Spot on Jamie thank you. Merzuka Shomshe please read this.

Lizzie Michaelis

the media , ALL of it, all over the world is paid to to pass on message from their Zionist masters, message to brainwash people into believing all kind of crap. Agenda 21. Please don’t believe everything you see and ear. Do some research first.

Rod Grinter

Luc Montagnier, French virologist did NOT say: “All vaccinated people will die within two years.”
What he actually said, in an interview posted online in mid-May, was that the “COVaids” vaccines have produced the new virus variants and that “the curve of vaccination is followed by the curve of deaths” thanks to “antibody dependent enhancement,” which creates more severe disease.
The Nobel laureate has called mass vaccination against “COVaids” during the pandemic “unthinkable” and a historic blunder that is “creating the variants” and leading to deaths from the disease.

Mark Stewart

The new super variant in Melbourne, evades masks and infects vaxed people as it spreads by people brushing up against one another. This was just on the news. I SHIT you not…
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