My Message to People Like Kate a Former Melbourne Girl Who Is Under Mass Hypnosis Like Half the World Is Over the Cov Conspiracy

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My Message to People Like Kate a Former Melbourne Girl Who Is Under Mass Hypnosis Like Half the World Is Over the Cov Conspiracy

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

My message to people like Kate,a former Melbourne girl, who is under mass hypnosis, like half the world is,over the Covid conspiracy,and are full on Covid fraud deniers.

( note I have no issues with Kate as a person, as she’s a good person – just misled and sadly taking experimental drugs she doesn’t need ,that have the side effect of death sadly )

Happy to bet you $1 million your wrong kate

The most vaccinated countries have the highest outbreaks such as Israel,where triple vaxxers are about to become anti vaxxers.

Which would make you an anti vaxxer to,if you were there .

The non Existent pandemic, only becomes one,after people are vaccinated ,and injected with virus’s.

250% increase viral load,and 1300% increase chance of dying the latest studies highlight.

I think it’s smart to not believe in conspiracy theories pushed on mainstream media – a rebranded flu,is deadly pandemic, that requires a rushed to market, unproven, unnecessary, ineffective, dangerous and deadly experimental drug disguised as a quackzinne.

Most won’t be standing after their first 3 shots,let alone the 6 planned for the first year.
Not everyone wants to be a pin cushion.

And be a lab rat for an unnecessary experimental drug ,that has the side effect of death, that doesn’t even stop a “ flu” rebranded as bs 19.

6 out of 7 deaths last week in one day in Australia.

How many were vaccinated do you think Kate ?
6 out of 7 .

Dead from the vaccine.
Sure is effective at stopping Covid.

Kill the patients before covid can maybe, must be how it works.
145 in hospital in Victoria.

How many vaccinated ?

Mmm strange how it’s the vaccinated in hospital sick and dying.

Covid wards were empty before the vaccines,and the same can be shown around the world .

I’m still waiting for someone to drop down dying in the streets from big bad covid.

We should see them dying everywhere by now.

So deadly allegedly , yet that they need a false test kit to see if anyone has it .

And 90% who they claim do ,show no symptoms. Isn’t that strange for a deadly pandemic.

And 10% show mild, guess what ?
Flu symptoms.

But in your former hometown.
There is people falling down in the streets.

From being shot in the face, and head, by police for daring to protest against the Globalist Communist take over of Melbourne.

Maybe the police where shooting the deadly virus off their face ,and it’s for their own good.

Let’s chat kate after your 3rd, and 4th and 5th ,and 6th shot.

Pls keep us all updated of your progress as your so confident in these medical breakthroughs to stop a flu.

We used to just need some warm soup to treat a flu – now we need hundreds of billions of profits by Pfizer and co and Global communism to stop it .

But re your jab addiction , we can predict the outcome if you continue down the path of being an unpaid pin cushion.

And let’s see how America goes this winter.

You’ll soon realise the so called conspiracies aren’t theories.

But you should have been able to see that already ,if you bothered to know what’s been happening in Melb.

A once great city, reduced to millions ready to flee, as soon as they can,without being shot in the head.

Many already committed suicide as they have lost everything. And the occupation by the Globalists has only just become.

Most won’t panic until it’s to late.

Australian National Review 


Here’s what others had to say:

Regina Knowles
Thanks Jamie for the truth and update, can’t help most of the sheep, I’ve been abused every time I go to the shops by people I don’t know saying I’m spreading this virus, God give me strength, I’m only at shops to buy a few groceries takes me 20 mins, everytime I get attacked FFS I’m in my 70’s leave me be I’m not having any type of experimental chemical concoction injection ever, I know I’m not well, but I’d sooner die naturally than be poisoned.

Nat Ireland
That hurt to read. The ignorance is strong in that one…(Kate, that is!)

Nicole Read
Where can I find the proof ? It will be like a treasure Hunt. Adventure Just want to live again lol. Programming is strong but we need the force

John Harris
Same as climate change conspiracy theorists all from the hard left and brainwashed, Alan Jones did a interview tonight regarding this issue and they virtually said it’s all an out right lie and designed to redistribute wealth.

Ed Anderson
Here’s some pesky facts for her. A whistleblower from Moderna made a screenshot of an internal company notice labelled
“Confidential – For internal distribution only”, showing there were 300,000 adverse events reported in
only three months:
‘This enabled the team to effectively manage approximately 300,000 adverse event reports and
30,000 medical information requests in a three month span to support the global launch of
their COVID-19 vaccine.’

Ed Anderson
300 children shot and killed in Chicago so far this year. More than ALL child deaths from the bS-19 in America. Have a great day lemmings…

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