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Sasha Latypova Recommends this Article by CHARLES WRIGHT “Treason & Criminal Conspiracy Against the USA. Diamond Princess Proves the “Wuhan Lab Leak” Was a Cover Story for Hospital Protocols and Who


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Sasha Latypova Recommends this Article by CHARLES WRIGHT “Treason & Criminal Conspiracy Against the USA. Diamond Princess Proves the “Wuhan Lab Leak” Was a Cover Story for Hospital Protocols and Who


Was involved. Red Dawn, you say?” “Is Robert Malone too stupid today to realize that the “COVID” deaths were initially driven by hospital protocols before the “vaccines” came along? Absolutely not”.

‘‘In the Winter of 2020, a group of quarantined passengers on the Diamond Princess became “COVID positive but asymptomatic” as hospitalized patients in Wuhan were being murdered by the same man who would soon join them on the Diamond Princess.

Our story begins January 5, 2020, when Professor Zhang Yongzhen of Fudan University and the CDC of China uploaded the “Wuhan seafood market pneumonia virus” virus sequence to GenBank, a sequence allegedly acquired from a few hospitalized patients in Wuhan.

Yongzhen was an expert on sequencing viruses. His team at China’s CDC had previously announced the “discovery” (and more likely the creation) of 1,445 new RNA “virus” sequences in late 2016.

The United States made no effort to confirm this alleged genetic sequence from blood samples, and began using faulty and rigged “COVID” tests to hype the spread of an invisible and asymptomatic virus that only killed people in hospitals (sarcasm).

Michael Callahan called Robert Malone from somewhere in China on either January 2 (1) or January 4, 2020, (2), according to Malone. Initially, Malone said that Callahan called him on January 4 from just across the Yellow River beside Wuhan. Lately, as in the August 2023 interview to be referenced, Malone’s story has wandered. Malone now says that he recalls that Callahan called him on January 2 and that he didn’t really know where Callahan was. The January 2 or January 4 phone call from from Callahan to Malone instructed Malone to begin to identify “medical countermeasures” (vaccines or treatments) to the alleged SARS2 virus sequence in China.

Callahan had been in China since at least November 2019 to attend to an influenza collaboration between scientists at Harvard and China, according to Brenden Borrell. (3) To no small degree, the story of “COVID-19” is the story of influenza rebranded to a “Novel Coronavirus” in order to trigger the deadly “COVID” protocols that would be used against hospitalized “COVID” patients. These patients would have survived if they were given the same treatments as hospitalized influenza patients.

Although Malone said he began his research on the Wuhan Seafood Market virus sequence after it was made public on January 10 or 11, I believe that Congress should subpoena the transcripts of all of Robert Malone’s conversations with Michael Callahan from the NSA just to make sure. All international phone are automatically recorded by the NSA and are not subject to search warrant requirements, as are domestic phone calls.

Although Malone frequently identifies Callahan as a “CIA agent,” potentially interfering with a DOJ investigation due to unconstitutional Executive Orders that effectively place CIA operatives above the Law within the DOJ, Congress, the ultimate goverment of the United States, has no obligation to shield CIA agents from criminal prosecutions. Congress can dissolve the CIA, the Supreme Court, or the Executive Branch at any time they choose. They only need a 2/3 majority in both Houses to do so. The individual states of the United States can do the same thing with a 2/3 majority of states in a Consitutional Convention.

Robert Malone reported that he used the DTRA “DOMANE” system to search a large database of “countermeasures” to the alleged SARS2 sequence. According to Darnell Gardner of DTRAthe “DOMANE” system identified Remdesivir, Famotidine, Celecoxib, and Ivermectin. As in the United States, it appears that China began using Remdesivir and Famotidine, but not Ivermectin.

I have not found any public records for the contracts or arrangements under which Robert Malone used the DTRA/DOMANE computer system. The DOMANE system is another thing that Congress should investigate and report to the public. Why should a system that governed the “countermeasure” response of the United States, a response which created massive amounts of deaths to a virus that never existed in the public in any meaningful way, be shrouded in such secrecy?

On the parallel plot- away from Wuhan- the chronology of the Diamond Princess was a subject of email exchanges of Robert Kadlec’s “Wolverine” team. Borrell described the Wolverine team in The First Shots, page 32.

What he (Robert Kadlec) was was a spymaster. In the early days of the outbreak, he listened in on the conversations of a group of biosecurity experts who had gotten to know one another during the George W. Bush years. Kadlec had dubbed them the Wolverines, a term ripped from the 1984 movie Red Dawn, about insurgent farmers defending the United States from a Russian invasion. The Wolverines were all close friends with Michael Callahan, and each member had his own special expertise. For instance Richard Hatchett, the head of CEPI in Norway, and Carter Mecher, and adviser to the Department of Veterans Affairs, had conducted research in the 2000s that demonstrated the potential value of low-tech measures to fight disease outbreaks in the absence of any drugs or vaccines.

Kadlec’s Wolverine team’s emails are titled “Red Dawn Rising” after the title of an email chain from Kadlec’s “Wolverine” traitors. They first use “Red Dawn Breaking Bad: Start Feb 24.” Then they use “Red Dawn Rising Start Feb 29.” Then “Red Dawn Raging Start March 4.”

It’s a shame that a group of traitors associated with Robert Kadlec have commandeered the Patriotic symbolism of the American classic “Red Dawn.” At least now we know who our enemy is: The US “BioDefense” Industry, willing to kill their own countrymen for money.

Carter Mecher, of Kadlec’s “Wolverines,” emailed the chronlogy of the Diamond Princess to Eva K. Lee of February 10, 2020. An 80 year-old passenger boarded the Diamond Princess in Japan on January 20 and traveled to Hong Kong, where he disembarked and tested positive for “COVID” on February 1. This positive test triggered COVID testing on the Diamond Princess, which in turn generated the false positives that the BioDefense industry needed to fake the spread of COVID from Asia to the United States. Note that Callahan had made some friends in Hong Kong in the 2002-2003 SARS1 outbreak, and that he was supposed to meet these same friends in China. From Borrell: “The American doctor was looking forward to seeing his Chinese pals, a couple of veteran disease fighters he had met in Hong Kong during the 2002–2003 SARS outbreak.”

The 80 year-old passenger was not even symptomatic, but someone in Hong Kong tested him anyway.

The “asymptomatic” COVID numbers grew, and grew, and grew! They grew so fast, that the rate of spread of this new asymptomatic virus eclipsed the rate of spread of H1N1, which had apparently been some sort of record holder until then. Recall again that Michael Callahan was in China on a mysterious and secretive “longstanding avian flu collaboration” between Harvard and China- if Brenden Borrell is to be believed. H1N1 is a “bird flu.” I can find no open-source reporting on this avian flu collaboration between Harvard and China.

“We are so far behind the curve.” No, they are the curve. It only proves that they know how to fake the spread of a virus with false tests.

There is a huge problem with their fake spread. One huge, undeniable problem that proves that whatever was going on in Wuhan wasn’t going on on the Diamond Princess. People weren’t dying on the Diamond Princess. They were just walking around “asymptomatic” while under quarantine.

Kadlec’s Wolverine team emails show the testing results on the Diamond Princess.

In the midst of this “asymptomatic but positive” spread, Michael Callahan and James Lawler arrived on the Diamond Princess on February 14, 2020. By February 17, 19 passengers on the Diamond Princess had become “seriously ill.” Callahan and Lawler “evacuated” passengers to the United States on February 17. Two patients died on February 19 after the evacuation, apparently in US medical facilities.

Callahan had just been re-assigned from Wuhan to the Diamond Princess by his “spymaster” Robert Kadlec. In Wuhan, according to Robert Malone, Michael Callahan had supervised the treatments of 6,212 hospitalized patients. Callahan’s supervision of COVID treatments resulted in a staggering death toll. According to Brenden Borrell, “Hospitalized COVID-19 patients on famotidine appeared to be dying at a rate of about 14% compared with 27% for those not on the drug.” As a rough estimate, let’s say that 20% of the 6,212 “COVID” patients supervised by Michael Callahan died- that’s around 1,200 deaths.

And guess what, that accounts for pretty much all of them, it looks like.

I have yet to find one good source for daily “COVID” death tolls in China, but a summary of several sources shows the tremendous rate of change of deaths in this period.

Other items of note in this period are below (4).

Robert Malone reported that Michael Callahan had supervised the treatments of “over 6,000 cases of COVID19” in a reply to Dr. Erin Smith on April 1, 2020. Malone seemed to have his feelings hurt that he and his “BioDefense” colleagues were not included in a list of COVID-19 “experts.” Robert Malone neglected to report to Dr. Erin Smith the staggering death toll resulting from the treatments of his “expert” BioDefense colleague Michael Callahan.

From here, after the Diamond Princess, the COVID-19 timeline can be picked up in the Remdesivir and Famotidine trials in the United States. The first patient enrolled in the Remdesivir trials came from the Diamond Princess cruise ship. (5). Remdesivir was used along with ventilators, opioids, and other substances and methods to commit homicide of hospitalized patients in an effort to spread the cover story of a rapidly-spreading, deadly engineered virus. The Remdesivir trials began the murderous campaign of “COVID-19” in the United States. The first attack to kill Americans in mass occured in New York hospitals around March, 2020.

Robert Malone reported to Veronika Kyrylenko of New America magazine that he was in frequent contact with Michael Callahan during his Wuhan and Diamond Princess travels.

“So I got this call, and I had a series of conversations with Michael over the next few months. Among those was me calling him in early February as I recall, and you know I had downloaded this Wuhan Seafood Market Virus sequence from the NIH sequence database as soon as it was released, which I think was January 10 or January 11. And started working on X-ray crystallography based on that sequence etc so we could work on computational drug discoveries. And I had a series of conversations with Michael on and off. And he shared with me what he was doing at various points in time.

Like for instance, he was on point for the Diamond Princess outbreak. At the time, I was directly interacting with passengers on the Diamond Princess, and learning from them what was going on. He was on point for the design and deployment of the tent hospitals in New York City. And he was on point for the development of the protocols and management of the elder care facilities thoughout the United States beginning with the West Coast. So those are three kind of key things in the timeline of COVID.

And in February I challenged him- Michael, this seems like it was a engineered virus. It came from the laboratory.”

That Malone was interacting with passengers on the Diamond Princess is news to me. That, along with his mysterious role in managing the DTRA/DOMANE system, makes me wonder where Malone ranks in the heirarchy of the US response.

Was Robert Malone too stupid to realize in February 2020 that “COVID” deaths were created by hospital protocols of Michael Callahan in China, despite running the “DOMANE” model at Callahan’s request (if that’s really how the conversations went), the system that returned the deadly Remdesivir as a result? This, despite the publicly available reports of the terribly high death rates in the 2018-2019 Ebola trials? Possibly.

Is Robert Malone too stupid today to realize that the “COVID” deaths were initially driven by hospital protocols before the “vaccines” came along? Absolutely not. Malone continues to promote a false narrative of a “Lab Leak” to protect himself and his BioDefense colleagues.

Malone even retweeted an article of Michael Senger in April 2023 titled: Michael Callahan, DARPA’s Ventilator Guy in Wuhan, implying that Malone knew that Callahan’s ventilator protocols were part of the faked “COVID” deaths. Senger’s article conveniently does not mention anything about Remdesivir, Famotidine, or the DOMANE system, however.

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