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The Fall | The Russians Destroyed the Officers of the 128th Brigade. Military Summary For 2023.11.05


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The Fall | The Russians Destroyed the Officers of the 128th Brigade. Military Summary For 2023.11.05

By Military Summary

This video describes the military situation in Ukraine on the 5th of November 2023.

Here’s what others had to say:

Russia must secure its nuclear facilities within reach of western supplied weapons. If there is a change of strategy by the Ukrainians, this could lead to such a provocation.

This amazes me.
How can the Russians locate cell phones with shovels ???
Remember when I west claimed their forces had been reduced to using only shovels ???

Excellent observation of yours towards the end about Zelensky bragging he is going to do “something big against Russia”. Experts have been warning about his lashing out towards the end, as Ukraine falls to the ground. The same applies to the Mideast.

General of the Ukrainian Army Valari Zalusni said that Ukraine is losing the war and won’t win against the Russian Federation.

May god protect and guide russian troops and soldiers on the Frontline.

As a former officer in the Canadian military, I’m baffled every day by the Ukrainian thinking. I still have no idea of what their ‘realistic’ end game is. We hear rhetoric but no realism. The real world is not a wish list. Perhaps it was to drag NATO Forces into the conflict but that is as far fetched a fantasy as ever.

Good that gaps appear after so much redeployed , this is the idea with attritional warfare suck as many inas you can, the goal is nit necessarily to take a town etc but to thin the enemy and watch for gaps forming; the Germans tried in Verdun but lost focus and sent in more and more of their own men to take the place instead of feinting that and using artillery to do the work. Here, Russia like at Bakhmut leaves a nice gap for equipment to be fed in and destroyed, all the while under fire, order to stay and hold, more reinforcements etc, like sucking up a McDonalds milkshake through a straw… thick, slow but pays off in the end.. the Banderite regime plays right into Russian hands, I can see military officers all over the world, lecturers at staff colleges thinking “what the hell are they doing, committing suicide”?

In the ‘Zaporizhzhia’ region in the village of ‘Dimitrov’, located 200 km from the line of hostilities on November 4th, the Russian military published footage of this missile attack. it is also reported that among the casualties were several high-ranking NATO officers who oversaw the actions of Ukrainian commanders in the ‘Zaporizhzhia’ direction.
But what is important is the latest cruise missile ‘KH-59MK2’, which was specially adapted for the 5th generation fighter jet Su-57 was used.

The 128th mountain brigade was first in action on the Kherson front in 2022 where they were almost wiped out for the first time. This must already be the 3rd or 4th iteration of the 128th.

Emperor Alexander III SSBN is getting ready to join the fleet. It is the seventh in Borei-class strategic missile submarines and the fouth of Borei-A (pr. 955A) SSBNs. Five more of these stat-of-the-art subs to go. As Nikolai Patrushev stressed:
Russia has secured an edge over its rivals in the realm of nuclear weapons, Nikolay Patrushev, secretary of the country’s Security Council, has said. He warned earlier this year that while Moscow had never used its military advantage to intimidate other countries, it could annihilate any foe if its very existence was at stake. Speaking at the ‘Znanie’ (Knowledge) education marathon in Moscow, Patrushev stated that “for the first time in the history of the existence of nuclear missile weapons, our country is ahead of its competitors in this domain.” He added that Russia now has “unique strategic weapons, including hypersonic ones” in its arsenal. According to Patrushev, these strategic systems “will guarantee Russia’s security for many decades.”
The US lunched its own Ballistic Missile last week it was aborted and failed.

Thank you, Dima!! I admit, I had the patience to watch SSel*enski’s interview on NBC. First thought, drug addict! Then other comparable behaviors crossed my eyes. The person in a trance at a drug rehab facility. Then I added the vocal timbre and I got, I think, an image close to reality. The image of an animal that knows it will be hunted. You can’t say so much nonsense, make promises on the money of those who listen to you, threaten their children with war if they don’t do what he says and much, much more, unless his brain is paralyzed by fear. And this is SSel*ensky now, a giant moving fear that performs a sinister circus to stay afloat. Remember, ancient Rome … You too, Brutus ?!? While Brutus was twisting the dagger in the Roman emperor’s body. I assume that something similar will happen in this case as well. Why? Yeap .. a long discussion is needed here and I have no intention of doing such a thing now. So let’s wait for tomorrow’s good or bad news…

Non-stop: T-80 crews talk about working near Krasny Liman
Russian troops attacked two airfields of the Ukrainian Armed Forces – Dnepr and Mirgorod. The Russian Ministry of Defense reports that enemy aircraft and an ammunition depot have been destroyed. Our units successfully repelled militant attacks in all areas, including near Krasny Liman. The crews of T-80 tanks actively participated.
…..face-purple-wide-eyesface-purple-wide-eyesface-purple-wide-eyesface-purple-wide-eyes……..The shrill whistle of the T-80 gas turbine engine cannot be confused with anything else. Tankers of the Central Military District are sent to firing positions in the Krasno-Limansky direction. The line of contact is only a few kilometers away, the coordinates of the targets are known, the task is to quickly work on them and avoid return fire. From closed firing positions, tankers hit target targets, that is, enemy targets identified in advance by reconnaissance. This time the tank crews operate three combat vehicles, each with its own purpose: a mortar crew, a loading point and an ammunition depot. The electronic warfare service gives the “green” light, that is, there are no enemy drones in the sky, which means it is almost impossible to determine from which firing position our tanks are operating; the enemy attacks at random.
“We go out almost every day and actively and effectively conduct military operations. They fly cassettes, no, no, and drones fly in, bringing all sorts of nasty things with them,” said the commander of a tank platoon with the call sign “Quiet.”
After each departure, the crews replenish the ammunition so that the tank is always ready to carry out any task, which here in the area of ​​​​the Tor salient comes to the tank crews non-stop. Sandy soil is not a problem for the T-80; the vehicle performs equally well both in the steppe and in wooded areas. Drivers have long adapted to the terrain.
“The car is super, like a foreign car. This car has no problems at all,” shared the driver mechanic with the call sign “Revda.”
Our tankers have enough closed firing positions. Each crew has at its disposal from 15 to 25 points, which are prepared not only depending on the distance to the targets but also taking into account the capabilities of enemy artillery.

The main problem with convincing NAFO that Russia is winning is that Russia hasn’t done anything spectacular since seizing nearly 20% of Ukraine. That’s the (short term) problem with pragmatism, you often have to be patient before anything amazing happens.

It’s amazing that Ukraine can create so many Brigades with fancy logos seems like fantasy army.

A little birdy told me that Zelensky asked his Special Forces to take out Putin. Apparently some have refused & Zelensky has replaced them!

300 soldiers may be enough to hold that area for a while but its aint much of an offensive force. Even if they take some land, it wont be much and the forces would just be spread out more by doing so and risk additional casualties. On the other hand its more difficult to supply and rotate troops across the river, meaning the attriction rate should increase without anything really to show for it…

Once Putin finishes in Ukraine and defeated EE.UU there ,Putin will move to Syria to help Iran and Arab

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