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The world is under a Globalist Coup – what more will it take to prove this has nothing to do with a not very deadly “Man Flu” but a Global takeover


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The world is under a Globalist Coup – what more will it take to prove this has nothing to do with a not very deadly “Man Flu” but a Global takeover.

By Jamie McIntyre

Of course, it’s no coincidence Bs 19 cases are invented with a fraudulent PCR test kit, every time the emergency powers need to be extended. Australians have clearly said they “don’t want a Bs 19 vaxx” as hardly anyone is showing up for the BS shots, yet watch what they try next to coerce, bully, intimidate, and soon use military force on Australians and Global citizens to participate in a deadly and dangerous Global Medical Experiment – Ask whose orders are they following? And some still haven’t figured out the world is under a Globalist Coup – what more will it take to prove this has nothing to do with a not very deadly “Man Flu” but a Global takeover. We outnumber them. Prepare for to defend you and your family against these violent Globalists and sell out politicians.


Here’s what others had to say:

elsie_valentine (Elise Valentine-Barter)

All the Australians paying tribute to Anzac day not even realising the so-called freedom they fought for doesn’t exist 🤦‍♀️

strangesuzan (Susan L’Estrange)

As this one ends another will be instated. Just extend this “state of emergency“ long enough to enforce “vaccination “. And then bring in another strain.

namasteinmylane (Lauren Rogers)

I’m seeing this a lot, and while I agree this is all BS, I must be missing something (?). I’m in WA and the SoE is extended every 2 weeks and has been since March 2020. Case or no case, it would’ve been extended. The govt gives a lot of BS reasons as to why they have kept it, most relating to quarantine.


Wonder if China’s under lockdown or just partying it up.

nourishyourself (Nᴏᴜʀɪsʜ Yᴏᴜʀsᴇʟғ)

How do we put an end to this?

belindaclayton (Belinda Clayton)

What’s happening in India.. is this a response to mass V shedding? Does shedding actually cause cases..if anyone can point me to credible sources re shedding..thankyou

framedimage (FramedImage)

Without a state of emergency they can’t continue to push the vaccine. It’s as transparent as knowing petrol prices will rise in the holiday seasons.

artemisvictrix (Ana Artemis Victrix)

They have to perpetuate the “state of emergency” and the lockdowns to keep pushing the vaccine agenda. Remember, this vaccine has only been granted authorized use while there is an emergency state put in place. If they lift the emergency measure they will no longer be able to push the vaccine. This is all part of their strategy.


Aussies need to stop paying taxes. It’s the only way to starve these lying politicians from continuing to steal your hard earned dollars and keep this lie going.


I’m so sad to see your country just like Canada, Germany and others behave just like CCP.

mickstardust (Mick stardust)

those whi take the stab will get extremely sick next flu season and they say new deadly virus is worse and its the immunity that is worse..


You Aussies have to stop wearing the masks, refuse the experimental jabs & stand up the government bullshit!

sammiedegen (Samantha Degen)

I was reading a post today saying that they want us to rise up with a revolution so they have the excuse then to show us their full force. Was very scary 😟

insta_dan_ (Dan Rve)

The same coincidence came when Qlds Emergency was set to expire. Need this Nuremberg 2.0 to get across the line so the majority of the sleepy people stop putting their money into the machine, the game is over. They’re flogging a dead horse now and the world is lapping it up. Strap in it’s going to go crazy as soon as these injections kick in.


Opinion pieces don’t necessarily reflect the position of our news site but of our Opinion writers.

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