To Prepare for What’s Coming

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To Prepare for What’s Coming

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

To prepare for what’s coming. Focus on what we know for sure, and what we can control.

We know with certainty the rushed to market, unnecessary, ineffective, unproven, untested, dangerous and experimental drug disguised as vazzine is deadly, and killing and injuring way more then being disclosed, and they are hiding the real deaths.

And despite this they aren’t stopping it, but pushing it harder.

This shows it’s not inadvertent, but a deliberate agenda.

The fact it’s been planned so well and the uptake of the offered solution, that is an experimental drug,with the side effect of death,is somehow the pathway back to normal, for a “ flu “ that is remarkably non lethal,and not particularly contagious, and not a serious health threat, ( 2-10 according to the Global Health Organisation,” the same as other common colds or Coronavirus’s – if you don’t fear the common flu you shouldn’t fear Covid “,It says,”as it’s bordering on irrational thinking and paranoia to do so”- )

We know they intend being aggressive towards innocent protesters and already are as we predicted a year ago.

We know they are counting vazzine deaths, already as Covid deaths and variants – 6 from 7 in Australia Claimed to have died yesterday in Australia of Covid, were all vaccinated.

We know they are pushing medical malpractice ,to kill patients deliberately, from instructions given from WHO,and financial incentives to hospitals ,to kill patients to blame it on Covid.

We know PCR test kits for Covid can’t detect Covid.

And healthy people with no symptoms counted as cases is a fraud.

Covid, we know as a pandemic has been de bunked so many times, and only vaccine sponsored media continues suggesting otherwise.

But we also know half the population is under a trance – mass hypnosis and mass pyschosis.

Like a vazzine religion, vazzine extremism is alive and well,as many think ,what’s on the idiot box and idiot box presenters, and idiot Health Ministers, is fact,and not the paid for industry propaganda it is.

So we know already many have taken the jab.

60 million plus per day Globally.

Over half the population will soon be double dosed,some 3 doses, on there way to 6 per year.

Many won’t make 6 before they suffer serious adverse reactions or death.

We don’t know how many will die,but 10-100 million, inside 36 months ,and 250-1 billion injured according to the GHO in the same period, the GHO has suggested it is now looking to conservative, considering it’s up to 1 million (10 times estimated recorded deaths, to be accurate, many Government Officials have admitted,are already dead from the jabs,and 100 million injured already.

We know the vaccinated are spreading, and killing and injuring the unvaccinated ,from the spike proteins.
And if the vaccinated are not quarantined over northern hemisphere winter, then all hell will break lose.
It’s hard to see lockdowns ending permanently ,as the vaccinated have virus loads 250% greater in the latest studies, and will spread it to every nook and cranny in the world .

So we know also that when the public find out they were lied to and are dying from the vazzine ,and they had their kids injected, and effectively gave their children a death sentence.

They will turn with rage upon media presenters and idiot Health Ministers and the Globalists and Politicians, and may hang them in the streets.

The elite will let the politicians be the escape goats.

They’ll sit back and watch for the chaos to finish ,after several years of massive death and injury, around March 2025 is planned for it to end , and try and push their Great Reset Agenda ie new one world Government upon the world.

As much as it’s human nature to dismiss such scenarios, we must not allow ourselves to fall into denial, that everything is ok, when it clearly isn’t.

People have been injected with experimental drugs, on mass, and the side effect is death or serious injury.

Much of it it is irreversible.

Governments, and our way of life could collapse, as will economies.

And we haven’t, despite so many deaths, convinced Governments to stop the roll out, so they’ll keep injecting and making the situation much worse.

They’ll keep locking down.

Variants will be blamed for vazzine death and injury as they already are,to usher in even more deadly experimental drugs disguised as a vazzine and more boosters. Already in production for the pre planned roll out , even more deadlier ones.

More will die.

Cities will fall.

Mass panic.

Food shortages.

All engineered by the elite,hiding away in their luxury bunkers.

Sounds like a science fiction movie, but we are living this right now.

So what are we going to do about it ?

We have a plan.

Australian National Review

Here’s what others had to say:

Bonzenka Steff
Fair work commission orders.

Don Chávez
Haven’t read so many facts in a long time. Legend.

Gem Crothers
Looking forward to hearing the plan

Greg Tayler
please watch jamie

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