September 24, 2023 3:50 am

Warning to Queensland Businesses


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Warning to Queensland Businesses

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Warning to Queensland Businesses

If you dare ban the unvaccinated, it will have serious consequences, that your sell-out Premier can’t protect you from (or is she the State Sales Manager for Pfizer).

Banning the unvaccinated is ethically and morally wrong, not to mention illegal, not to mention half the population that’s not vaccinated, (yes vax rates are well overstated) plus you’ll lose others who don’t agree with such corrupt policies, and have a spine.

Mandates are not laws. They are an attempt by corrupt Governments, to deceive and mislead business owners, into supporting medical apartheid ,and segregation, and to help them support what is nothing but mass genocide, ( deaths  and serious injury from the jab, aren’t invented  and inflated like the deaths from Bs19, but very few are being recorded, with an aggressive attempt to cover them up, or list them as Bs 19 deaths which is also scientific fraud enacted by political fraud.)

Decide whose side you are on. Good or evil.

Simple choice really.

Make that choice, like we all have to.

We all have had to make sacrifices.

I’ve lost over a dozen companies and tens of millions fighting against the corruption of the government and this fraudulent industry since 2013, when I founded the Australian National Review and 21st Century Australia. I too could have just kept my head down to try and protect my patch. But that’s not leadership. It’s selling out and complying.

But it hasn’t stopped me. Why?

Because you do what’s right not what feathers your own nest.

Business owners need to let go of the old and focus on the new.

The new parallel societies being built that support human freedoms, and civil liberties, and the opportunities they will provide.

Support the Globalists Great Reset Agenda, the Government’s planning the introduction of, which is Global Communism, and you don’t need me to tell you what’s going to happen to your business in the future.

You won’t have one.

If you don’t take a stand for the people, then the people won’t stand by you.

The Australian National Review is working with lawyers, and we will consider suing any business promoting they are banning the unvaccinated in class actions, and report you for investigation, and add you to a boycott list to black list your business.

Check the laws and know your rights, and you can simply use that to say no.

Make the Government bodies put it in writing their threats.

If you don’t take a stand, we will ensure the fines the corrupt Governments threaten your business with, which can’t be enforced in court, will pale in comparison. You either support the people, or if you comply to the corrupted Governments, and their Globalists, masters you will be considered an enemy of the people.. Remember to report any business or politician to the Covid Fraud Bureau of Investigation or see home page banner to report them.

Just say no.

Be a good human.

Here’s what others had to say:

Victoria Jennings
You don’t need to take them to court – you put in a complaint under the Acts they are breaking – easy

Connie Costa
Pretty simple. Most business owners are busy enough serving their clients and doing their job. Pretty sure they are not on the government’s payroll for enforcing gov ‘directives’ too.

Bek Sier
This mandate is not law, once again scare mongering

Marko Sladakovic
We need to make parallel community, including business and all services.

Troy Kubecek
Hit them in their customer review sections, i see this happening heaps lately, and it’s hilarious

Clem Wheatley
Businesses are not the enemy here, threatening them is NOT the way to deal with this, they have already lost a lot and have been threatened by government, it is the government that are making these communist type dictatorial rules, let’s target the problem, not other victims.

Di Press
I’m sorry. But if a supreme court can’t help our health care workers bring BrD Hazzard to justice in NSW what hope has QLD got. Can’t believe the news that a judge ruled against one of the plaintiffs.

Wayne Maynard
Personally I think you’re a bit of a tosser. People have more important things to do than worry about crack pot loonies.

Zoe Birrell
It’s gunna get into their businesses anyways. How do you think the new strain got into Australia. They were all vaccinated. You just don’t get it as bad when vaccinated so may as well just live like we were before the pandemic. It’s just population control. They want people to die.

Laurene Lewis
I asked my local RSL that I am a member of, to give me the refusal of entry in writing. They sent me a link to NSW public health orders telling me this was not a club issue, and they are following the health orders ! Disgusting!

Warren Meynell
We need to create an accessible, business-boycott -public database for all Qld and Australian businesses asking for vac verification. We fight back by non-compliance and with our pockets.

Lee Strack
The business that kicks me out will never see I read a Cent of my money ever again

NoCovi Here
we need to start looking at getting rid of EVERY politician – and only elect people willing to, actually represent US

Auke Schade
The ‘science’ behind this vaccine is extremely weak. Whoever promotes this vaccine, they could not even predict how many jabs you need. It changed from definitively two to maybe four. How can anyone believe that the promoters know the long-term side effects without having long-term data? No Data = No science. What applies to you? (1) Knowledge is a valid and reliable description of reality. (2) Wisdom is the productive application of knowledge. (3) Ignorance is a lack of knowledge. (4) Stupidity is the justification of ignorance. Dr Auke Schade (Psychology PhD, Economy MO, Engineering UTS)

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