We warned about quarantining the healthy and neglecting the elderly would lead to this

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We warned about quarantining the healthy and neglecting the elderly would lead to this

By Jamie McIntyre

Of course Melbourne “Aged care homes are now overrun with the Coronavirus”.
Common sense was to quarantine the vulnerable and not quarantine the healthy.
But we had to quarantine the healthy and neglect the elderly and sick and vulnerable.
Leave them scared and in fear and ban their relatives from visiting.
Then sadly many die alone then we bury them and family can’t even attend.
Then to ensure they die quicker they forcibly vaccinate them with a deadly flu vaxx which Doctors in Italy warned killed so many of the elderly in Italy that were falsely reported as Coronavirus deaths.
Despite US defense studies showing the flu vaccine increases Coronavirus susceptibility by 36%.
And even the Govt has to admit doesn’t protect against the Coronavirus, but hey their sponsors i.e. vaccine companies had to shift their lucrative stock piles of flu vaccines. Plus they know it will boost deaths that can be blamed on the Coronavirus (then again anything can be blamed on the Coronavirus and is).
All they need is to boost deaths somehow and boost cases. Lying is effective especially with 60% the population still on autopilot to believe anything mainstream media programs then instead of “let me just check what they are saying is true“.
This corrupt sick industry will go to any lengths to boost its profits.
And this is one of their biggest pay days ever.
They stand to profit by over a hundred billion from a Coronavirus vaccine that will kill and injure, but they’ll blame that on the coronavirus to sell more of the product that kills and injures.
Then we copy the guess WHO guidelines that worked so well in the US.
Take the dying that get Coronavirus and put them next to the poor elderly sick and dying of cancer etc. to increase more deaths we can blame on COVID-19.
This is murder by deliberate actions not inadvertently.
Now we will increase death by legionnaires which wearing masks incorrectly cause.
I wonder what else they’ll come up with to boost deaths.
That’s right put them on ventilators when it’s the worst medical advice according to Doctors even in Australia without the $39,000 USD incentive in the US hospitals to kill someone by ventilator and say they had COVID-19.
It’s a very profitable business and useless incompetent politicians have no idea.
Those behind this scam will pay dearly as they can’t contain this lie forever.
Some may be slow and scared to look for the truth but history shows the truth eventually comes out.
Remember those who caused these unnecessary deaths and hold them accountable.
Yes, the flu is deadly.
The Coronavirus flu appears to be as well.
But so are the flu vaccine and the Coronavirus vaccines coming.
But hey we are only allowed to believe the conspiracy theories on mainstream nutcase media pushed by those behind this scam (can’t imagine why they lie to us – wow surprise).
Any other narrative
Can’t consider that can be.
Dictator Dan is friends with Crooked Hilary and her dodgy democrats behind this scam to destroy America to destroy Trump.
Socialist which are communists thus why they and Dictator Dan are in bed with the communist Chinese regime as is the NZ Prime Minister (now might be the perfect time to dump State Governments and eliminate them as My political party 21st Century Australia proposed back in 2013, we don’t need them – 3 levels of Govt for 25 million people is a joke as its most of our State Premiers especially the communist one’s sorry socialist).
So they are getting the exact playbook used so well to kill and boost deaths in Us hospitals.
Incompetence combined with deadly deliberate deception.
If you kill someone inadvertently or deliberately.
Guess what.
They are still dead either way.
You still killed them.
Ignorance kills.
Australians and anyone globally that continue to believe what mainstream media are stating will cause so much misery.
Wake the F.. up and become an adult that can critically think.
Get over the need to have others like you.
Say it how it is.
Grow a heart and show so courage.
Speak up.
Demand the truth be told or accept your life is nothing but one lie upon another and to scared to discover the truth.
Walk the planet like a sugar overdosed zombie a slave to a corrupt system or be a spiritual soul that remembers you were sent here for a f.. reason and do something about it
Now is the time collectively we can eradicate the real virus in our society.
Shine the light of truth on their dodgy corruption and falsified pandemic.
Stop thinking they do this inadvertently.
This is well planned and a scripted narrative being pushed.
How many f.. lies do they have to tell before one goes“Mmm, I think they are lying to us?“
If your friends can’t handle you speaking up Get new friends.
They aren’t really your friends.
Grow some balls.
Stop supporting the criminals and traitors behind this scam before your grandkids one day disown you for your cowardice gutless behaviour during this time of an attempted Communist takeover.
Communist Dictator Dan in bed with China has to go as does most of this party.
Traitors to Australia.
That’s who we need a vaccine for.
Socialism which is in reality “communism”
And these same scammers are behind the “black lives matter scam” thus they’ll push it more now re protests to divide society more. It’s a new world order agenda being pushed so blatantly.
Using the gullible and naive again as pawns is their game to divide us.
Masks versus those who defend human rights to not wear masks
Those who want everyone to be vaccinated verse those who don’t support mandatory vaccination and so on.
Black lives matter verse all lives or children lives matter.
Divide to conquer
The art of war
Don’t buy it
Go after the criminals behind this instead. Traitors in our Government and the deep state and in media outlets and elsewhere.
Expose them
Challenge them
Push back
Put the fear into them.
Let them know we will more than just vote them out next election.
They are cowards and scared of the public finding out the truth.
United we stand divided we fall.

*Note We Deliberately Miss Spell Some Words or Add Capital Letters To Get Around Big Tech Censoring.

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