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19 Ways to Make a Pandemic


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19 Ways to Make a Pandemic

By Open Source Healthful

  • Numbers; covid hospitalization & deaths by demographics
  • Vaccine trials data – More harm than good
  • PCR tastings & manipulations to support the narrative
  • Misleading vaccines efficacy and effectiveness
  • Discrediting VAERS/Silencing the victims
  • Different yardsticks based on vaccination status
  • Death or hospitalization “with” or “of” COVID
  • Ineffective prevention methods are encouraged,/Effective ones are ignored & undermined.
  • Ignoring the sick, concentrating on a vaccine only
  • Vilifying early treatments/Intimidating doctors
  • Masking, isolating, & injecting children & the young with minimal risk of COVID.
  • Designing & funding studies (CDC, NIH) to provide ammunition for the narrative
  • FDA baffling & misleading rulings, statements, and approvals
  • Changing definitions, data, and history to fit the message and hide facts
  • Ignoring scientific facts and prior learnings/established practices
  • Censoring dissenting data & views, labeling, and defaming experts
  • Psychological games; brainwashing/hypnotizing a population
  • Medical tyranny/Democracy, the casualty of the war on COVID
  • Using/Building on the existing, well-funded infrastructure of deception


  • Numbers – Hospitalization, deaths by demographics, especially age, location, and comorbidities. The very low risk of severe COVID for young people and children was never communicated. People were led to believe they had a much higher chance than they did. And that’s just the CDC’s official numbers; there is debate and research (example) into the accuracy of the reported numbers for COVID deaths that should be thoroughly examined.
  • Vaccine trials data – More harm than good; this is a well-presented detailed look into Pfizer’s released data (only a fraction of data has been released after filing lawsuits for transparency.) Also see, FDA Asks Federal Judge to Grant it Until the Year 2076 to Fully Release Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Data
  • PCR testing & manipulations to support the narrative – There was much controversy surrounding PCR testing, starting with the PCR inventor and Nobel Prize winner Kerry Mullis’s arguments in the 80s during the AIDS era. He argued against using PCR on asymptomatic people to establish cases and a pandemic (ironically, some of the same characters, like Dr. Fauci, were involved then too). In manufacturers’ instruction, it is also that PCR should not be used on asymptomatic (healthy) people to establish disease status. Instead, it is a tool to help with diagnostics and existing specific, incriminating symptoms. Also, the cycle threshold (CT) values and how many iterations were used are critically important; high Ct values could show positive results from other pathogens, fragments, or contaminations. The COVID pandemic was built on PCR Ct values over 34, while values above 28 are unreliable. In 2021, CDC changed the Ct values to 28 for the vaccine breakthroughs.
  • Misleading on vaccines efficacy and effectiveness – Vaccines were never tested for preventing COVID, nor did the manufacturers claim they effectively prevent transmission. Regarding efficacy and protecting the vaccine recipients, the vaccine’s efficacy was not as high as initially reported since they used a relative risk reduction method to arrive at the high numbers. By some estimates, after subsequent studies and real-world data, the Real Risk Reduction was much lower and possibly in single digits!
  • Discrediting VAERS/Silencing vaccines’ victims – While every COVID19 injury and death, especially in younger or unvaccinated, is covered and sensationalized by the officials and mainstream media, the many injuries and deaths from the vaccines are kept quiet. Congress removed all liabilities for the vaccine manufacturers in the 1980s and created Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) for doctors and patients to report vaccines’ adverse reactions. VAERS is a passive system that captures a fraction of vaccines’ adverse reactions, as several independent studies have concluded. The reported cases are investigated, but a fraction, only ~5%, are ever compensated from our taxes. Still, about 5 billion has been paid since VAERS’ establishment. Since COVID vaccines roll-outs and injuries, CDC and the media have been engaged in discrediting the reports even though the doctors report thousands. Doctors who are trained not to see vaccines as the cause of the adverse, even when they happen not long after the vaccination, are reluctant to take the time to report in fear of retaliation. When the injured and their family come forward and demand answers, they are ignored and vilified. Facebook, for example, closed the account for 20,000 people discussing their and their loved ones’ injuries. Victims are forced into less-visited websites and platforms where their voices are mostly silenced.
  • Different yardsticks based on vaccination status – You can argue there would not have been a pandemic if CDC had applied the changed standards for the vaccinated to all from the beginning. Both the lower PCR threshold values and the instructions only count the hospitalization and deaths for the vaccinated (and, of course, if it had allowed proper treatment of the sick.) In light of all the data collection, analysis, and reporting manipulations, the excess deaths for 2020-2021 vs. 2019-2020 respiratory disease season may be the best indication if declaring a pandemic, global lockdowns, or vaccines were warranted, or rather, all of us were misled.
  • Death/Hospitalization “with” or “of” COVID – Many were surprised to find out that there were few flu or flu deaths last year, even though there could be as many as 100,000 flu deaths, mainly among the elderly, in a bad flu season. Health officials directed hospitals, doctors, and even the funeral homes to test and report all deaths with a positive PCR test and count those as COVID deaths. This, along with the PCR high Ct values that did not distinguish between COVID and other pathogens or contaminants, and measures like incentivizing (where states, hospitals, and doctors were given money and resources for COVID cases, hospitalizations, even patients who died or put on ventilators), increased the number of COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.
  • Ineffective prevention methods – Apart from masks and isolation, many studies have now shown to have not made any measurable difference in the number of cases and hospitalizations; health authorities have not offered any other ways for the people to protect themselves against COVID. CDC and NIH have not funded studies about mask effectiveness, natural and naturally acquired immunity, and vitamins and supplements that help boost the immune system. This is while they dismiss and undermine the findings of independent studies from the US and abroad.
  • Ignoring the sick, concentrating on a vaccine only – In a health crisis, one would expect the treatment of the sick would be the 1st priority for the government and health officials. No treatment was offered, or resources were allocated to identify off-label, repurposed drugs for COVID. The health agencies and officials actively discredited and discouraged any talk of early treatments. The only (patented) drug FDA approved was remdesivir, an expensive, ineffective drug that had to be administered at the hospital and after the patient had become hospitalized (remdesivir trials showed no prevention of death, it was approved based on the claim that it shortened the patients’ hospital stay). No tools were given to the doctors; instead, they were told to instruct their patients to do nothing and go to the ER if their symptoms worsened.
  • Vilifying early treatments/Intimidating doctors – It was a waking up moment for many when the FDA, the agency that approved ivermectin for human use decades earlier, called it horse-medicine and engaged in a campaign of discrediting over 70 studies, same large peer-reviewed, for its application in COVID treatment. Ivermectin has been in the WHO’s essential medicines for humans for decades with a good safety profile, and its inventors received the noble prize. A drug that has been taken by billions of people for various diseases like river blindness, malaria, parasites, scabies, rheumatoid arthritis, etc., due to its anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties. Revealed emails between Dr. Fauci and then NIH director Dr. Francis Collins show that they attempted to coordinate a takedown of the Great Barrington Declaration (GBD), a group of doctors introducing the treatments they had been successfully using for COVID patients. See also, Suppressing COVID Early Treatments.
  • Masking, isolating, & injecting children & the young with minimal risk of COVID – One of the 1st measures the health officials enacted for combating the pandemic was school closures and, later, mask mandates for all, including children. By March 2020, “the risk groups were very, very clear,” said Fauci. Even after many republican states reopened schools in the fall of 2020 without a rise in cases for children or the teachers and even when data from Sweden showed that not only children were not at risk, the teachers had less COVID as a result of being around them, even then the policies were not adjusted. Children were kept masked and out of schools in many states waiting for the vaccine they did not need.
  • Designing & funding studies (CDC, NIH) to provide ammunition for the narrative – CDC often designs or funds studies with predetermined outcomes to support its latest “message” and provide its many surrogates, pharmaceuticals, and other special interests something to reference and a catchy headline to quote in their arguments in the media and social media. Data, graphs, tables, and conclusions ignore crucial nuances and design flaws and will not hold essential scientific scrutiny. Here are a few examples stated by a researcher in his testimony to the senate.
  • FDA baffling & misleading rulings, statements, and approvals – The FDA is also involved in misinformation currently fed to the public through media and the many government agencies and industry surrogates. Of note is the approval of the COVID19 Comirnaty vaccine that is not available in the US, and no one is getting it. A window dressing under which it could market the still unapproved, emergency use authorized vaccines to the 12-16yr-olds and later to 5-11yr-olds, without backlash from uninformed parents.
  • Changing definitions, data, and history to fit the message and hide facts – There is a concerted effort to re-write the long-standing definitions, methods of reporting data, and even specific historical references that are seen as damaging to the current message (or cause). Some examples are the changing definition of a vaccine, removing easily understood and value-rich data, tables, and graphs, and replacing them with convoluted, dispersed data that is hard to find and use to draw a meaningful conclusion or see the big picture.
  • Ignoring scientific facts and prior learnings/established practices – With the COVID crisis, our health agencies and doctors who only follow their guidelines have forgotten many of the observed, researched, and established scientific concepts. The established and drilled epidemic and pandemic policies mask ineffectiveness for airborne respiratory pathogens, respiratory diseases seasonality, and the role of diet, exercise, and a healthy immune system in dealing with pathogens are some of the forgotten science. For example, the seasonality or outbreaks of pathogenic diseases like the flu and coronaviruses were common scientific knowledge. CDC has divided the country into regions expecting higher cases and hospitalizations. This was to prepare and provide appropriate guidelines to the states, doctors, and regional hospitals. With COVID, there was no talk of that; when the Governor of Florida, for example, blamed the higher rates of COVID among its highly vaccinated elderly population on the mini-coronavirus season the southern states experienced in the summer, he was ridiculed, and his policies were blamed for the rise.
  • Censoring dissenting data & views, labeling, and defaming experts– An unprecedented number of videos and contents are blatantly removed (a million, as a YouTube executive, said recently!), accounts are suspended, and people are prevented from communicating through social media every day. Discussions of treatments, ivermectin, vaccines’ adverse, and even opinions about freedom are scrutinized, leading to someone’s ban from the platform. Many alternative sites like Odysee and Rumble (YouTube alternatives) and gab (Twitter alternative) don’t censor, but unfortunately, people are brainwashed to apply purity tests and self-censor.
  • Psychological games; brainwashing/hypnotizing a population – We witnessed the pandemic policy failures in 2020, mass-vaccination failure this year, and now the mass-testing failure. Yet most are oblivious to these failures. Through a vast system of propagandists, surrogates, and “fact-checkers,” people are constantly fed new narratives and explanations for the failures (often using the non-compliers as the scapegoat). As a result, many proudly wear their “I’ve done my part” badge and make excuses for their exploiter’s failures, just like a battered spouse, rather than trying to end this unhealthy relationship.
  • Medical tyranny/Democracy becoming the casualty of the war on COVID – What should have been a scientific, measured response to a health crisis has turned into a relentless push, all around the world, for repeated vaccination, mandates, and unscientific measures with an unprecedented display of deceitfulness, authoritarianism, censorship, and propaganda. I feel most so-called “conspiracy theories” surrounding this topic attempt to explain the insanity that is unexplainable by science, logic, or common sense. Profit-seeking & corruption are logical explanations, but even those cannot explain the absurdity and worldwide tyranny.
  • Using and building on existing, well-funded infrastructure of deception – COVID is not our first encounter with a powerful, well-funded, well-researched system of deception used for profit gain and other possible unsavory agendas. Whether it was the swine flu debacles of 1976 and 2009, the AIDS epidemic, or Opioids, a system of Astroturf groups (grassroots sounding, even nonprofit, groups and associations) and surrogates (including in the media and medical professionals) and some age-old, proven methods (like incentivization and intimidation) are used to achieve the intended results. These apparatus and tactics require their articles and books to explain, but the playbook is usually the same, even though it is perfected with each implementation. With COVID, we may have reached close to perfection! Exploitation is real and will be with us forever; the best defense may be to raise our children with a healthy dose of suspicion, if not also with curiosity and patience for nuance.


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