September 23, 2023 4:04 am

Australian Health Minister gets some feedback that Australians don’t want or need his Bs 19 vaxx


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Australian Health Minister gets some feedback that Australians don’t want or need his Bs 19 vaxx.

By Sky News Australia

Health Minister Greg Hunt has touted the commencement of the phase 1b rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine and the TGA’s approval of CSL’s AstraZeneca vaccine.

Australia’s phase 1b of the coronavirus vaccine rollout will kick off today which will see just over six million Australians become eligible to receive the jab.

Mr Hunt said “there are enough vaccines for every Australian three times over” in a bid to alleviate fears there would not be enough vaccines to cover the population.

However, he clarified the 1b rollout would focus on eligible Australians aged over 70, Indigenous Australians aged over 55 and younger Australians with disabilities or underlying health conditions

The health minister also celebrated the TGA’s approval of the locally produced AstraZeneca vaccine pointing out Australia had locked in sovereign vaccine manufacturing capability which would save and protect lives.

Here’s what others had to say:

Aussie Proud
I don’t care how much vaccine supply you have,you can shove it where the sun don’t shine.

And enough vaccine for every Australian who actually WANTS the vaccine TEN times over. Thanks but no thanks.

chairman dan
There will be more vaccines surplus than three times over, when Aussies decline getting vaccinations.

kathy jova
Even after the adverse effects of this vaccine he is still peddling it.

Team O’Hehir
A real pandemic doesn’t need a marketing campaign. If this disease was really something to fear you wouldn’t have to coerce people go take it. It’s pretty simple. Follow the money.

Did I miss a meeting? Vaccination against what? They’re talking about it as if we’re all bashing each other over the heads to stand further ahead in queue. ‘Be patient.’
Absolutely. I’ll go last.

Dion Isis
There once was a man named Greg Hunt
Known ‘cross the land as a massive __
He brewed up a jab
In a Chinese lab
And failed his political stunt

Pork Snag
I’d use what little time I had left too flee. Ive never seen a bigger case of denial by these traitors.

Fersuremaybe k
greg hunt enjoyed his stay in the hospital so much he wants everyone to visit.

Barry LLyod
Whoever ordered 3 times what was needed must be SACKED.
Under the Westminister Code of Conduct that would be the Health Minister, Mr Greg Hunt MP.

You know when a politician is lying when you can see their lips moving …..
The more they push this the less likely people are to get it. These clowns just don’t get it. 🤡🤡🤡

Bush Roo
LOL everyone I have spoken to won’t go near the experimental vaccine. Keep making it sound like we are lining up, we are awake, this won’t work 😆. Even my local doctor
thinks it’s dodgy!

Shadesofgray Gray
Enough vaccines for 3 times over😂That’s because not many people want it.

Pork Snag
I think they have succeeded in gaslighting themselves lol

Mattys Modern Life
That’s a lot of experimental mRNA gene therapy that nobody is going to use!

Anthony Letaif
20 plus countries has rejected the Astrazenica Vaccine and here we are Australia has excepted it!! WOW!!!

Brett Mitchell
Australians are being asked to undergo an unwilling medical procedure, so that some tourist and education and property businesses can make money.

Said it before, will say it again: Why does the Australian government insist on vaccinating us (“three times over” – oh dear) with a vaccine that has been banned by numerous
other government, across the globe? Such a waste of taxpayer funds.

The public know Mr. Hunt. You guys should probably call this off.

Simon Worthington-Eyre
Well Im not having any vaccine, neither is a very large chunk of the Australian population. So the money spent on all those is totally wasted!!

Maximum Militia Immaculatae Media
There’s enough vaccines for people who have already had their jab in Australia to receive it 277 times

Andrew Christou
I’m glad your thrilled, maybe when you find most people won’t be taking it you will be less thrilled Greg

Maximum Militia Immaculatae Media
This guy is the ultimate gopher for the elites in he’s demonstration of his ability of unwavering delivery & pose of this global poison. All we can do is pray for him 🙏🏻🙏🏾

Mad Dog Morgan
I’m donating my vaccine shots to anyone silly enough to take them
I’ll probably get Australian of the year 2022 for this kind jesture.

Asides from any kind of concern about adverse reactions or medical tyranny, I honestly want to know why having the times as many shots as there are people in this country is being spruiked as a good thing. If I went to the shops and came home with three loaves of bread my wife would rightly consider me a fucking idiot.

Peter Roberts
You can have my poison, i dont need your vaccine.
good thing it’s too late to pick a side Ghunt! your time is almost up i would be guessing?! crimes against humanity doesn’t end well generally! 👋🏼

Jessica W
I’d rather get covid than get an experiment shot in my arm

Ivan Popowski
Yet more chance of death by crossing the road 🖕

Neil 2020
I received some junk mail from Clive Palmer and he said there is no one-year safety data, three-year safety data or five-year safety data for the vaccine

Curry Sixty Six
Love the way they like to congratulate themselves and their plastic extra happy faces!

Hahahaha as if we are all gonna get 3 x your blood clotting jab. I will donate them all back to you Greg!

Julie Morgan
You’re so generous Mr Hunt, I’d really like to gift the three for me to you, Scott Morrison and Dan Andrew’s. It’s my pleasure!

jacko jacko
Just because you ordered too much of the stuff dose not mean i have to have it

Chris Palko
Polysorbate 80 is great for blood clots.
Ask AZ, it’s one of the ingredients on the info leaflet

Someone will have even more than 6 available, my gift.

Sammi Fruitbat
keep that poison away from my elderly parents!

Rusty Moran
Out politicians should get the double dose, three times over.
Every six months.
I’ll wait and see how it goes.

Sarah Wentworth-Perry
Crimes against humanity is just one of the things that u will be charged for. A virus that has 99.98% recovery rate but an experimental shot that has 100% adverse reaction….
still in trial phase. You grossly underestimated us Aussies… 🙂

Oz Inc
No cases
No vaccine necessary
Well done

Barry LLyod
Search (insert vaccine company name) lawsuits. Amazing what you find.
YT appears to be deleting any comments that contain links or certain words

Winston Smith
I read this brilliant analogy ………. The World Economic Forum is Jim Jones and the Vaccine is the Purple Kool Aid. Drink Up people.

Yay!! were going back to normal real soon 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Nicky James
It’s the same here in uk/Scotland – originally they wanted to vax the vulnerable but now all of a sudden we’re all vulnerable and ALL need “the jab” fkn scary

Samopal Vampiren von Butleg Ink.
Minister Hunt, could you please provide scientific, epidemiological justification for mass vaccination against “coronavirus”. That virus is not endemic in Australia, so why that
campaign ?

Sun Demon
You can have MY doses, Greg… take them in suppository form, if you know what I mean.

Treble Down
Nuremberg code was written for a reason. There will be a lot thousands more trials this time around. I am not a convict or slave. I do not belong to anybody. Public servants
jobs are to serve, not to threaten.

Vicki Christina
No thank you…My family won’t be taking an Experimental Vaccine !! Your marketing campaign is wearing thin!

Brett Oakman
This guy….bahaha

Thankfully I don’t know anyone stupid enough to participate in this human experiment.

Nowun speshal
Why do we need enough to inject everyone 3 times?
What’s really going on here?
I think it’s a mass experiment, after all, these ‘medical procedures’ have never been fully tested on a population before and they don’t know the long term effects of it’s use..
Make no mistake, it is a medical procedure because it is designed to alter cellular functions in ways that are not fully understood.
Russian Roulette anyone?

Off Tap
Everyone who’s a drag on the health system.. “you’re first”

Nola Parker
Snake oil doctor from a snake.

Viktoria Gray
So you will be lining up for your next shots in a flash then Greg???

Luke Edwards
You’ll have to throw them out, no one wants this poison 🤣

Aimee Hansen
Pretty embarrassing to be a politician these days, peddling the snake oil!!

Greg “cellulits” Hunt. The vaccine didnt kill me.. Just injured me. Please its safe for all… All who dont have critical adverse reactions. For everyone else.. Your pre existing
condition was the reason. Sincerely Bill… I mean… GREG!

Paul Eagleton
Hey Greg , how’s your brother Mike Hunt going?

Why does life insurance cover anyone anywhere in the world for covid 19 but not the vaccine??

Vesna King
Comments are gold!
I have natural immunity that is far better and more effective than the waksine that will need regular updates for never ending new strains…

So he recovered with his deep vein thrombosis clot cellulitis? Cough cough

SingingEatingLoving Profile
When the curse is worse than the sickness……

Doodlette E.
What actually does this gene therapy target,seeing as the pcr test isn’t a diagnostic tool for covid, it hasn’t been isolated etc…

schazzy B
Hells to the NO.
Make vaccine companies liable again!

kane hills
Why did you order so much for? Maybe you should of taken pre order..

Trumplovin Wigga
Sadly for you greggo far from every Aussie wants ur jab

Julie Bannister
How is your cellulitis? Did you not realise it was an adverse reaction from the jab until after you announced your diagnosis?

Philippa Coory
If anyone wants my jabs I’ve listed them for sale on Gumtree.

Greg Hunt, you can have my share a doses.. no I insist!! Going forward…

Sierra Fox
The likes on this video tell you all you need to know

The taxpayer has paid for 3x the supply that will later be sold abroad? Am I hearing this correctly?

I requested safety data on the vaccine amongst a host of other concerns and questions by email and registered post letters and to date have not had a response.
Ill try my luck with Covid. Most people had to be tested to know they had it.
Plus other effective treatments like invermectin.
Honorable Greg Hunt. Whats in it for you?

Felociti Brukan
Injecting experimental medical concoctions that the manufacturer and government take ZERO responsibility for whatever happens is NOT aligned to my risk profile. Even IF
they were needed and this IS NOT.

Judy Pamenter
Greg Hunt, you’re so full of yourself. How are all your elite mates at Davos? Oh please feel free to have mine and hubby’s jab because we don’t want it.

Erin Temming
‘You can stick your covid vaccine up your…….’

They had several months to come up with somethin using a method that’s never been tried before, so it’s probably pretty safe. I trust all politicians. With my car, money, wife and life. Who wouldn’t.

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