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BHP – ‘Informed Consent’, Conflicts of Interest and Mandated Cov-19 Injections


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BHP – ‘Informed Consent’, Conflicts of Interest and Mandated Cov-19 Injections

By Elizabeth Hart

For the attention of:
Mr Edgar Basto
President BHP Minerals Australia

Mr Basto, The Australian reports that BHP has declared “it will shut off access to its mines and offices to staff that are not full vaccinated against Covid-19 by February”, with BHP telling its entire workforce to “get jabbed as soon as they can”. See: BHP to shut door on staff without Covid-19 vaccination, 8 October 2021.

BHP is coercing its employees to submit to COVID-19 injections, denying them their right to valid informed consent before vaccination. The health practitioners undertaking this medical intervention must be aware of this fact and they are in a seriously conflicted position.

Mr Basto, in my previous email to you, (1 September 2021), I note there is clearly a conflict with the Morrison and State Government’s aggressive COVID-19 injection rollout, and health practitioners’ ethical responsibility to obtain informed consent before this medical intervention, i.e. without coercion. I informed you that I’ve raised this matter with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), pursuing accountability for the failure to properly obtain valid informed consent before COVID-19 injections.

I have now received a response from AHPRA, with Amanda Watson, the National Complaints Manager ofAHPRA, confirming:

Practitioners have an obligation to obtain informed consent for treatment, including vaccination. Informed consent is a person’s voluntary decision about health care that is made with knowledge and understanding of the benefits and risks involved.

(My emphasis) Copy of letter from AHPRA attached, dated 20 September 2021.

Mr Basto, I suggest this confirmation from AHPRA casts a very big question mark over BHP’s coercive COVID-19 vaccination campaign against BHP staff, as BHP staff are not being allowed to make a ‘voluntary decision about health care that is made with knowledge and understanding of the benefits and risks involved’.

It does not make sense that BHP insists its workers be injected with COVID-19 injections against this generally mild to moderate respiratory illness, with fast-tracked experimental ‘leaky vaccines’ which apparently don’t prevent infection nor transmission, and which therefore provide questionable ‘immunity’.

Mr Basto, are you working in tandem with Michael Miller, Executive Chairman of News Corp Australia, who has personally called upon Australia’s business leaders and owners to champion the COVID-19 vaccination rollout, and for state and national leaders to commit to jab targets? News Corp Australia is seriously conflicted in this matter, e.g. via its corporate partnership with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and the Doherty Institute, which are involved in COVID-19 vaccine research. Like BHP, News Corp Australia is pressing COVID-19 injections upon its staff, with COVID-19 vaccination mandated for printing workers. See my email to Mr Miller, which includes reference to BHP’s coercive COVID-19 injection campaign: Mandated COVID-19 vaccination and News Corp Australia, 29 September 2021.

BHP also has significant conflicts of interest which must be subject to scrutiny. For instance, it’s very interesting to discover that, along with the Australian Government, Victoria State Government and the University of Melbourne, BHP is a founding member of the Grattan Institute, which apparently backed a ‘zero covid’ strategy, and now recommends that National Cabinet set a goal for 80 per cent vaccination by the end of the year. This is a conflict of interest Mr Basto, BHP must clearly disclose its association with the Grattan Institute and the 80 percent vaccination target in regards to its insistence that all BHP staff be injected with COVID-19 injections.

BHP is also associated with the Telethon Kids Institute, yet another institute which is involved with COVID-19 modelling. In October 2019 BHP announced a $20 million commitment to the Telethon Kids Institute – BHP commits $20 million to world-first research partnership with Aboriginal families – to “work one-on-one with up to 1,000 families to develop an unprecedented understanding of the cultural, environmental and policy settings that bring about the best outcomes for children under five”. Will BHP be dabbling in promotion of COVID-19 injections in Aboriginal communities?

It’s also interesting that an ‘Edgar Basto’ is a PhD candidate at the Telethon Kids Institute, in the Systems Immunology Team. Is this Edgar Basto a relative of yours Mr Basto?

And BHP invests in COVID-19 vaccine research – last year the BHP Foundation provided $2 million to support the University of Queensland develop a potential vaccine, one of eight vaccine candidates supported by the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) rapid response program.

BHP is also involved with funding COVID-19 interventions, i.e. the BHP Foundation, Anthony Pratt and the Pratt Foundation, and the Minderoo Foundation are funding the Doherty Institute’s Australasian COVID-19 (ASCOT) Trial “which is the only national trial of an intervention for hospitalised COVID-19 patients”. Meanwhile in Australia, other interventions that may reduce rates of hospitalisation, such as ivermectin, are being controversially suppressed.

Here’s another interesting BHP connection, BHP linking up with Bill Gates-backed AI start-up to prospect for metals. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation dominates international vaccination policy via the World Health Organisation, the Gavi Alliance, CEPI, and many other entities. Is the Gates connection with BHP also influencing BHP’s stance on vaccination policy, e.g. mandating covid-19 injections for BHP staff?

Are there any more conflicts of interest to disclose Mr Basto?

There must be scrutiny of the involvement of corporate entities such as BHP in the COVID-19 response. Personally, I’m becoming more suspicious of the motives of ‘philanthropic’ organisations… What is really going on here? Interesting that people such as Larry Fink, CEO of global investment company BlackRock, are calling the shots on ‘corporate citizenship’ – in whose best interests is this power being wielded? See for example: Corporate philanthropy could keep the NFP sector above water.

Mr Basto, I suggest there are major problems with the handling of the COVID-19 response and the rushed rollout of COVID-19 injections.

As I’ve highlighted, it’s of particular concern that COVID-19 injections are being mandated for workers employed by companies with serious conflicts of interest, such as BHP and News Corp Australia.

Apart from denying workers their right to voluntary informed consent before a medical intervention, this coerced mass vaccination denies people the opportunity to develop a robust and durable natural immunity (that is likely superior to temporary vaccine-induced ‘immunity’), with the apparent aim of hooking people on lucrative covid injections for life, stealing their natural immunity and developing multi-billion dollar covid injection markets in the process.

Mr Basto, many of Australia’s nearly 26 million population have been pressed to have defective COVID-19 ‘leaky vaccines’, many under duress and government, medical and media fear-mongering.

A vaccination apartheid is being imposed between the ‘vaccinated’ and the ‘unvaccinated’, with the unvaccinated having their freedom curtailed, as we are currently seeing evolve in New South Wales and Victoria. Ironically, ‘vaccine immunity’ may already be waning for the ‘vaccinated’. Much remains unknown in this global experiment, being undertaken without ‘informed consent’. In the meantime, millions of people who weren’t at serious risk of COVID-19 have potentially jeopardised their own natural immune response by having these ‘leaky vaccines’.

What is unfolding is the worst act of treachery against the Australian people, i.e. the deliberate theft of their natural immune response, and imposed dependence upon the vaccine industry. Those who refuse to sacrifice their opportunity for natural immunity against SARS-CoV-2 are being ostracised, with even imprisonment and massive fines being a potential penalty via the draconian Biosecurity Act 2015.

Mr Basto, you really need to think about BHP’s participation in this crime against the Australian people. This email will be forwarded to unions and others for consideration.

Elizabeth Hart
Independent person investigating the over-use of vaccine products and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy.

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