September 25, 2023 6:28 am

C0V-19 Misinformation Is a Public Health Crisis but Nobody Is Willing To Stop It


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C0V-19 Misinformation Is a Public Health Crisis but Nobody Is Willing To Stop It

By Steve Kirsch

The California legislature has officially declared COVID-19 misinformation a public health CRISIS, yet the head of California’s HHS will do nothing to stop it. Neither will anyone else.

COVID-19 misinformation is a major problem. Check out this headline:

It’s so easy to stop COVID-19 misinformation. Just debate the top misinformation spreaders. Problem solved. It will be obvious which side is the purveyor of false information.

Fact check this: No fact checker organization will debate us

I told PolitiFact that if they really wanted to stop misinformation, all they had to do was debate us. The PolitiFact Editor in Chief, Angie Holan, stopped replying to my emails at that point.

Fact check this: None of the public health officials will debate us

I don’t know of a single public health official who will debate our team. There are over 3,000 public health officials and they will not lift a finger to debate us and stop the misinformation. That’s irresponsible.

California officials are afraid to stop us

After I read this article in the California Globe:

I sent the following email to Secretary of the California Health & Human Services Agency Mark Ghaly:


In House Resolution No. 74 of the 2021–22 Regular Session, the California State Assembly declared health misinformation to be a public health crisis, and urged the State of California to commit to appropriately combating health misinformation and curbing the spread of falsehoods that threaten the health and safety of Californians.

To that end, I am requesting you and the team at HHS referenced in this article in the California Globe debate us. (“Are they referring to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s full-time team combating COVID propaganda?” Just last week Gov. Newsom admitted he already has “a team of people at HHS battling in the trenches and on social media trying to push back,” the Globe reported.”)

This is the fastest and easiest way to stop the spread of misinformation.

You can assemble any team you want to debate us.

On our end, I will deliver pretty much all of the world’s top misinformation spreaders.

For example, we believe over 100,000 people have been killed by these vaccines and we have plenty of independent data sources to support that. That would be a primary debate point.

Please let us know your response.

I have cc’d Katy Grimes who wrote the California Globe article.

Please cc her in your response.


He has not responded, so I emailed him again today and suggested Katy contact him as well.

Katy wrote me the following:

They have never once taken my calls or even responded to my emails. I even had to have an attorney help me to get them to respond to my CA Public Records Requests over the BYD mask purchase.

In short, the public health officials are not doing the most effective thing they can do to stop the misinformation: debate us.

It’s a public health crisis. It’s so bad they have to introduce bills to take away the medical license of any California physician who claims the vaccines are unsafe. That’s silly. That won’t make a dent in the problem because California doctors are not significant spreaders of misinformation.

My colleagues and I are. In fact, I’m the third worst spreader of COVID-19 misinformation on Substack according to CCDH.

If California Assemblyman Evan Low and California Senator Dr. Richard Pan honestly want to stop misinformation, they should simply tell Mark Ghaly and his staff to publicly challenge us to a debate. If he refuses, then Low and Pan should challenge us to a debate so we can show the world who the real misinformation spreaders are.

Why aren’t they doing that? That’s the fastest way to stop misinformation worldwide.

The answer is simple: because they know they’d lose. That’s why they create bills to censor people with different views.

If you are represented in California by Evan Low or Richard Pan, please call their offices and ask them, if they are so concerned about misinformation, then why don’t they ask Mark Ghaly to debate us or debate us themselves?

If possible, ask all these questions:

  1. Do you know how many vaccine injured people there are in California? Do you know how many have died from the COVID vaccines?
  2. Have you ever met with any of them?
  3. What are you doing to help them?
  4. How does silencing doctors reduce the number of vaccine injuries?
  5. Will you ask Mark Ghaly to debate us in a public recorded debate? If not, why not?

Let us know what they say in the comments below. If you talk with a staffer, record the call (let them know you are recording it). It will be awesome to hear what they say.

I’m betting you’ll hear crickets.

MIT came up with a novel solution to the problem: they imposed restrictions that nobody on our side can meet.

MIT won’t allow a COVID-19 scientific debate on campus: they don’t want students to know that there might be another side of the story.

At first, they told me I needed an MIT faculty sponsor for my talk on the MIT campus.

After I told them I have an MIT faculty member who will sponsor the talk and I wanted to know the next steps, I was told: “I would also like to remind you that MIT’s policies on campus gatherings remain in force.  Those currently include mandatory masking and the requirement that all event attendees must be vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19.”

Great, so none of us qualify.

So much for allowing an open debate on the MIT campus.

This is also a tacit admission that masking and triple vaccination do not work since they believe that the unvaccined or double vaccinated pose a risk to their community. Stunning.

I asked:

  1. Can we test out of the requirement? If not, why not?
  2. Can those of us who are COVID recovered be exempted? If not, why not?

The science says if you are COVID recovered, you can’t spread COVID. And we also know from public records requests that vaccination doesn’t make a difference in the percentage of people who have COVID (this is a mirage created by the fact that only unvaccinated people are regularly tested).

I’ll let you know what they say.

If your alma mater allows unvaccinated people to speak on campus and you are willing to help organize an event where my colleagues can speak, register here

Please fill out this very simple two question form.

Getting students educated on their own college campus is a great way to get the conversations started that need to be started. All college students are affected by these mandates and they need to learn the truth ASAP.

Intimidation tactics are effective

The only way to combat the facts is by silencing people like they did with Dr. Peter Schirmacher and others through threats and intimidation.

More recently, I received the following message, “I was just told by a source in Germany that BKK fired the insurance executive who brought forth the results of the analysis saying 31k Germans were likely killed by the vaccines.”

This sends a chilling message: tell the truth and lose your source of income.

Fortunately, I’m immune to these intimidation tactics because I already quit my job (since my company was limiting my speech).

Substack is my sole source of income at this point. Please consider upgrading to a paid subscription if you haven’t already as it helps fund a large team of people at the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (


If they want to stop the COVID-19 misinformation spreaders, they should debate us.

The only tool they have to stop misinformation is censorship and intimidation because they cannot win the argument on scientific merits.

Please share this article. It’s important that we educate all policy makers on the best way that they can help stop the spread of COVID misinformation: open debate.

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