Current Australian Doctor Speaks Against Mandates

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Current Australian Doctor Speaks Against Mandates

By Michael Simms

“It violates every person’s right to choose. It violates the statement in the Australian Immunization Handbook produced by The Department of Health and Aging about consent “It must be given voluntarily in the abscence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation” as well as the Nuremburg accord which states the same principle.

The statement about a Safe and effective immunization is untrue. The medium and long term safety in not known even by the manufacturers, so how can anyone make such statements?

Equally, disgusting is the TGA’s reasoning about use of ivermectin.

All debate seems to be suppressed, and this seems to be aided by mainstream media.

I hope that someday soon we will have an evaluation of all the facts presented without bias.

In the meantime there will be individuals and organizations that will quote this stance by the (organisation) as though it was truth.

Here’s what others had to say: 

Julie Stephenson
Thank you Dr Brown. I have shared this to all of those who have been “jabbed” and the ones who are still safe from repercussions of the “jab”.
Please do stay safe and well.

Aeron Thomas
Thanks Dr Brown for speaking out even under threat of losing your right to practice medicine!

Lequitia Shaznay
Thank you, we need heroes right now!

Janice Simpson
Thank you Dr. Noel Brown, one of the very few in the medical profession that have followed the science, have a moral compass and have not been bought. $$$
Are there any other practitioners out there that have done their research to ensure they adhere to their oath? “Firstly do no harm.”

Kerri Wilde
He’s at my local practice, good to know, thankyou

Mell Symonds
Please let other medical professionals see this and speak out too.

Josie Lee
Thanks to another Dr speaking out. If many more did this the madness would stop.

Odette Stringa
Our government has threatened every industry and individual in this country. They Thank-you for your acceptance of their forced compliance to participate in an experiment to collect data they ignore.

Sharon Monk
Have you got the link for this so i can share from his own page or where he said those things, please muchly appreciated.

 1,860 total views

*Note We Deliberately Miss Spell Some Words or Add Capital Letters To Get Around Big Tech Censoring.

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One Response

  1. Dr. Noel Brown, we thank you for your highest integrity and ethics – so many wonderful doctors like yourself have spoken up – come on to the rest of you – where is your sacred oath of medicine ‘first do no harm’ – so all those who haven’t stood up against this heinous crime against humanity – please grow a backbone, rediscover your ethics and integrity and stand united with all those who have come out fighting back and we will win – good beats evil.

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