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Doctor speaks out about vaccinations and the need to better understand our body to be in harmony and free of disease


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Doctor speaks out about vaccinations and the need to better understand our body to be in harmony and free of disease.

By Staff Reporter

Planetary Drip-Feed Vaccination


Drug Induced Hypnosis

Have you ever asked yourself why it is so easy for the general population to be duped?

The answer is a paradox – at the same time simple yet complex. Nonetheless, if you had to synthesise all the information down to a one-word formula squeezed through a syringe, it would be ‘drugged’.

The concept of treating disease with disease is an ancient one. It is, after all, the basis of homeopathy which can be traced back to the ancient Greeks at least, however, the distinction is significant – homeopathy is based upon vibration.

Vibration smacks of new age hyperbole, but do not let that put you off or deter you from realising the fundamental science which has shown irrefutable proof that everything is energy. Energy is vibration.

What we are dealing with on the planet now is the result of a chemically induced hypnosis in which the vast majority (at least 60% of humanity) is now operating under a physiologically, neurologically and psychologically altered state. This is not about the red pill, or the blue pill, but the fact that, for a few centuries now, humanity has been misinformed and repeatedly been injected with ingested, absorbed and ingested a black pill. What is the black pill? CHEMICALS! 60% of the world’s population is literally suffering the effects of chemical poisoning and operating in an altered brain and soul state of what boils down to being drugged.

But it is not merely a question of what your body has been subjected to in this life – it is ancestral too. It is in the DNA.

Your DNA has been consistently altered through about two centuries of generations, the effects of which have been incrementally compounded to impact upon your experience of life. Humanity has been enslaved to a medically – or chemically – induced, partial (in varying degrees) coma resulting in a devastating spiritual, mental and emotional amnesia.

Chemicals drastically alter our ability to exists as a healthy, balanced, empowered, awake, intelligent, functional, loving and caring human being, totally undermining the manifestation of authentic harmonious self-determination and connection to the natural world which is what teaches our bodies and souls how to live in harmony, but also nourishes us on a soul and cellular level, and keeps humanity in balance with the planet.

Who am I and how do I know this?

I have been a teacher and practitioner of the healing arts for nearly 30 years. One of the defining moments of my career was when, 10 years ago, I was given three months to live. I sent into seclusion to heal myself of this fatal disease and in so doing discovered the underlying causes to disease and the keys to gaining mastery over the body and physical health, and how this is inextricably linked to emotional, mental, and spiritual health and evolution. I developed a proprietary system that has healed and saved the lives of thousands, through which there is a real and powerful way to re-programme your body (cellularly) but also at emotional mental spiritual levels.


Human Vaccination

The first problem with vaccination is that it is molecular – it has a radical effect on cellular function whereas vibrational medicine works in syntony with the intrinsic emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic complex that makes up who we are, culminating in a shift in the physical body and the physiological systems. Modern mainstream, allopathic medicine only regards the physical systems, and these only individually not inter-connectedly, thereby greatly impacting, and causing great imbalance within, each individual’s quality of life and ability to be healthy, soul embodied, grounded, connected and able to feel and demonstrate love.

If we look at the long list of ingredients in vaccinations (most of which are cleverly hidden even from the medical profession who have believed the information indoctrinated into them by an industry that is wholly centred upon profit and greed, not care of the body, (it is simple enough to do non-corporate funded research these days and to follow the money), it is clear we have surrendered all responsibility and autonomy of care of our bodies to a medical-pharmaceutical complex that has ignored 90% of what actually makes our bodies work in a healthy and balanced or unhealthy and unbalanced way. Thus, we discover that we have abrogated our own innate powers of intuition and higher knowing sacrificing the wellbeing of ourselves and our children. The problem neither begins nor ends there.

The (largely hidden) list of ingredients is a toxic cocktail of substances that cannot be eliminated from the body which lodge primarily in the brain, spinal fluid and nervous system amongst which aluminium is possibly the most harmful. There is no shortage of aluminium toxins in our environment. It’s in cookware, beverage containers, foil, cigarette smoke, cosmetics, antiperspirants, sunscreen, antacids, and those ubiquitous chemtrails that most ignore from which aluminium nanoparticles can be breathed into our lungs and routed directly into our blood or through the sinuses into our brains. Aluminium furthermore acts as a receptor to radiation transforming our cells (especially the sensory system and brain) into antennae, and our bodies into microwave ovens.

Aluminium is in all vaccines. Injecting aluminium bypasses the possibility of eliminating it through normal channels. Straight into the blood it goes to be carried into the brain and heart, adding to their accumulated aluminium toxicity loads. According to Dr. Chris Exley, PhD, we have come into the aluminium age. Many trolling commentators love to explain how aluminium is the most common mineral on the planet and therefore it’s harmless. Dr. Exley has dedicated over two decades of his scientific life to researching aluminium toxicity. He calls the period of time from the early 20th Century to now the “Age of Aluminium.” It is useful to note that aluminium also now abounds in our air, soil, and water, and is a receptor of radiation to which many are bombarded through cell phones and WIFI 24/7.


The list of known effects of vaccinations cleverly hidden by vested corporate pharmaceutical interests include autism, Asperger’s, seizures, diseases, depression, and suicide.
A lesser known statistic of vaccination fallout approximates the cases of autism as a direct result of vaccination at over 70,000,000 people. Awareness of this is a vital, radical alarm call to the causes of the extreme holocaust that is now sweeping across our planet. It has become an urgent question of survival of the human species or a highly detrimental usurping of our innate physical, emotional and spiritual intelligence into an enslavement to an misguided medical intelligence and the medical mafia, precipitating an end and the death of what makes human life so incredibly beautiful – heart and soul-centred, joyful and healthful living because vaccinations DIRECTLY IMPINGE upon the ability of heart and soul to maintain spiritual connection to a sense of who we truly are, our innate spiritual knowing and intelligence and the capacity to live in harmony with others and the environment. In order to avert this at all costs (literally), we must look at the whole.

Vaccinations lodge in the Brain, Nervous and Spine

In nearly three decades of metaphysical research and a thriving healing practice across four continents, in 95% of cases I find toxic substances lodged in the brain, central nervous system and spine inhibiting people’s consciousness, detrimentally affecting emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health and vastly limiting their ability to function as powerful, connected, and vibrant human beings.

In cases, of suicidal tendencies, cancer, autism, auto-immune disorders, viruses and almost any condition you can name, the first step in healing has been to remove these toxins from the body, resulting in dramatic improvement on all levels.

You are what you eat.

You have all heard the expression, “you are what you eat,” but amongst the litany of toxins in your food, beverages and especially water, aluminium is now so omnipresent that all are basically on a drip-feed diet of this heavy metal. Add this to the plethora of added hormones and genetic modification of the food chain, you have a systematic depletion and deterioration of your intake of healthy and vibrant living molecules that nourish all levels of your systems and allow your cells and soul to alchemise potently and effectively at the very least, not to mention the inexorable reduction in your state of health.

You are also the result of your Environment

The state of the food chain naturally correlates to the condition of your environment and the effects of chemical sanitation, disinfection and cleaning products, consumption of chemicalised alcohol and tobacco and the general contamination of nature. People’s health is being grossly bombarded by a host of toxins and chemicals, creating such imbalance in our bodies and environment that a massive rebalancing throughout our existence is urgently required to redress the balance. Although the scale of the required ‘cleaning-up’ is daunting, it starts within each person’s body and environment; this alone can create a tangible and physical swing towards a healthier existence.

The Metaphysical Connection

This is absolutely vital. Without comprehension of how fundamental our intrinsic connection is to our existence we are missing not only the basic key to life but the essential understanding and integration of existence itself.

The physical realm is the last bastion of reality. The physical reality of our bodies and life is the result of, a symptom of, our spiritual, emotional and mental emanations. Who we really are, where we come from, our emotional (conscious, and more importantly, sub-conscious and unconscious) history, our intellectual conditioning, programming and patterns, are all the foundations of how our physical life is created and continues to unfold.


Inner technology

The outer world is a living mirror of our inner consciousness and state of mind and health. Whilst we have come to depend increasingly on technology, what has commensurately been dissipated is our own innate inner intelligence, which has been sadly eroded by our physical environment, intake and cultural conditioning into an amnesia, or even denial, of our natural spiritual and emotional intelligence and a corruption of the mind into a concentration camp of reasoning that disastrously impedes the power we have to master our bodies and create the kind of life we have been reduced to only dreaming of. As a race, humanity currently faces the danger of mass vaccinations at hitherto unprecedented levels, which will indubitably reduce extremely rapidly your state of health, as well as transform your cells into highly receptive antennae for artificial intelligence, digital impulses and external control, possibly domination. This is not conspiracy talk – this is verifiable, scientific fact. Do not say you have not been warned!

Alternatively, the truth is that in clearing the effects of, and limiting future vaccinations, medical band-aids and crutches, eliminating the reach of medical mafia in our lives and understanding that we do have the power to heal ourselves, transform disease and our health by a) being accurately informed (non-corporate funded research!) and, b) by taking action to get the correct effective support to detoxify and reprogram cells and soul, mind and body, we can live as vibrant, dynamic, powerfully loving and beneficent human beings in the world we have dreamt of.


Dr. Swan is a medical intuitive – she has been tested against biofeedback computers and found to be highly accurate and extremely swift in diagnosing causes of dis-ease and navigating the best solutions.

Dr. Swan brings the radical and powerful healing medicine that is necessary at this time, realigning individuals, groups and the planet to new higher energies and consciousness, clearing and healing karma to move beyond limitations and control and create a harmonious new paradigm of sacred and conscious living – The Sacred World Renaissance. Swan is best-selling author of The Book of Sahra, Jesus’ Secret Wife, has an M.A. in Spiritual Philosophy and a Ph.D. in Metaphysics and The Healing Arts from an American Inter-faith Seminary. She can move energy and navigate dimensions and realms that others cannot reach, far beyond the bounds of this world. As a psychic and highly attuned cosmologist, mentor and healer she works with private clients and groups and is the go-to person for physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and energetic
problems when all else has failed or continued to disappoint. She conveys significant messages whilst aligning, clearing, healing and transforming to create potent change and lasting results.

19 years ago Swan was given 3 months to live. Thereafter she spent 12 years in almost total seclusion whilst learning sacred knowledge. She has collaborated with and mentored many leading international thought-leaders and celebrities, such as: Prof. Ervin Laszlo, Dr. Eben Alexander, Dr. Raymond Moody, Lynne McTaggart, Dr. Jude Currivan, Dr. David Hawkins, Michael Beckwith (Agape Church, Los Angeles), Steven Sadleir (Self-Realisation Institute). She prepared Kane Minkus and Jeff Slayter, (Industry Rockstar Directors) to share the stage with Bob Proctor (The Secret), John de Martini, T. Harv Ekker, John De Martini, and Sir Richard Branson, and has taught, healed or presented with Sinead O’Connor, Deva Premal & Miten, Craig Pruess & Jill Purce. Swan is former UK President of The Club of Budapest of which she is also an honorary Creative Member, as well as Senior Advisor on the Faculty of The New Earth University.

People reach out to Dr. Swan from all over the world for her teachings and life-changing healing and transformational work.

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Original Source: Doctor speaks out about vaccinations and the need to better understand our body to be in harmony and free of disease

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