How To Fight the Ivermectin Ban, How To Save Your Job, and How To Stop Domestic Vaxx Passports

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How To Fight the Ivermectin Ban, How To Save Your Job, and How To Stop Domestic Vaxx Passports

By George Christensen MP
Three key things you need to know right now: How to fight the ivermectin ban, how to save your job and how to stop domestic vaccine passports.

In a move that is equal parts idiotic and deadly, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has banned doctors from prescribing ivermectin to their patients as a preventative or treatment for the Wuhan virus (COVID-19).
It’s a move that we must fight and so I’m declaring Monday, 13 September 2021 to be a national day of action against the TGA’s decision to ban ivermectin. People should phone the TGA on 1800 020 653 to demand they reverse their decision to ban doctors from prescribing ivermectin off-label.

The Leftists and the mainstream media (but I repeat myself) have demonised ivermectin as dangerous horse medicine and it looks like it has worked, at least when it comes to the bureaucratic boffins at the TGA. But the following key facts on ivermectin put a lie to claims it is dangerous or only for animals:

Nobel Prize multi-use for IVERMECTIN:

Enigmatic multifaceted ‘wonder’ drug continues to surprise and exceed expectations – The Journal of Antibiotics:

IVERMECTIN for SARS-CoV-2: and,-Ivermectin,-eliminates-SARS-CoV-2-in-cells-in-48-hours

Anti-viral action:


Stopping viral replication:

Extremely safe:

Works when distributed:

Works when administered:

India WHO white paper:

2019 CDC Memo on Ivermectin Resurfaces After Media Blasted The Drug as ‘Horse Treatment’:

For those who do not wish to take a rushed vaccine that is only provisionally approved by the TGA (a process which “allows for temporary registration of promising new medicines and vaccines where the need for early access outweighs the risks”), ivermectin was the option for treatment. Now this option has been taken away from us.

Why? Well, the TGA gave the game away themselves when they stated that the primary reason for their decision was because they believed:

“there are a number of significant public health risks associated with taking ivermectin in an attempt to prevent COVID-19 infection rather than getting vaccinated. Individuals who believe that they are protected from infection by taking ivermectin may choose not to get tested or to seek medical care if they experience symptoms. Doing so has the potential to spread the risk of COVID-19 infection throughout the community.”
In other words, they want to force people to take the vaccine. I mean, really, you could suggest that vaccinated individuals “may choose not to get tested or seek medical care if they experience symptoms” and that this “has the potential to spread the risk of COVID-19 infection throughout the community.” Are the TGA going to ban the vaccines then? I don’t think so!

The decision to ban ivermectin can’t go unchallenged. The TGA are a government agency and are therefore beholden to the people.

That’s why you must phone the Therapeutic Goods Administration on Monday (13 September) on 1800 020 653 and demand they rescind their decision to ban doctors from prescribing ivermectin off-label. If you can’t get through or they don’t listen to you, ring them again. This is important.

I have already told both Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and Health Minister Greg Hunt that they need to intervene and push the TGA to reverse their decision but they are an independent government authority (and don’t have to follow the direction of government ministers) so people power is definitely needed here.

Under no circumstances should you quit your job if your boss tries to enforce a ‘no jab, no job’ rule, even if it’s one that comes with a government mandate.

You do not need to comply with such a request. Why? Well, it certainly is unethical for an employer to demand an employee undertake a medical procedure that only has provisional approval (as employers don’t own their workers’ bodies) but it also may be illegal if they try to sack you for not having it done.

According to Fair Work:

“If an employee refuses a direction to be vaccinated, it’s unlikely that their employer can stand down the employee…

Further, employers generally don’t have the power to suspend employees without pay…

Employees have various protections against being dismissed or treated adversely in their employment. Employers should make sure that they follow a fair process and have a valid reason for termination, or they may breach unfair dismissal or adverse action laws…”

I would hope that this advice also applies to government employers such as the police, schools and hospitals and also to aged care homes, however people should seek their own clear legal advice on the matter or call the Fair Work Ombudsman on 13 13 94 from 8.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

The bottom line is: you have rights in the workplace and you should use those rights. As I said, under no circumstances should you resign if the boss tries to enforce a perhaps illegal ‘no jab, no job’ rule.

State Governments are trying to create a vaccine passport system to enforce medical apartheid in Australia. You can stop it by denying access to your personal data on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). State Government do not have their own vaccine registries so they will have to rely on AIR data as to who has & has not had the jab.

Individuals who opt out will frustrate any vaccine passport system but if enough Australians deny them the data then the system will be unworkable.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has advised me that “individuals can choose to opt out of having their personal information disclosed from the AIR.” To opt out download, print, fill in and send Services Australia form IM017 ‘Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) – ceasing correspondence and release of information’ that can be found at or or by clicking the button below.

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‘Unchain Australia’ editor Michael Darby has been kind enough to offer his book free to my Nation First subscribers and followers.

Here’s the blurb for ‘Unchain Australia’:

Australians face major challenges. Under threat are our health, our sovereignty, our national security, our reliable energy, our standard of living, our family life, our Christian heritage, our freedom of speech, our democratic institutions and our constitutional protections.

Internationalist ideologues appear to be acting in concert with local authoritarians and opportunists, pursuing selfish goals to the detriment of the Australian people, with the elderly, the poor, the disadvantaged and the unborn in greatest danger of harm…
Australians have learned to their cost that they are victims of a sustained campaign of misinformation and censorship, perpetrated by politicians, globalists and the international tech tyrants, too often assisted by Australian media organisations. This book is crammed with truth backed by evidence…
There are many varieties of authoritarianism. What they all have in common is the desire to compel the opinions of others.
Many will read this book because they know our rulers and their profiteering allies are exploiting COVID-19 for their benefit. Many will read because they know our rulers and their profiteering allies are exploiting the global warming fraud for their benefit. Others straddle both viewpoints. All readers will applaud the exposure of Communist Chinese infiltration and the focus upon defence.

Beyond the fake news…
Beyond the mainstream media we discover the truth. Here’s what I’ve been reading:
The Spectator Australia published the real data on the Wuhan virus in Australia which really does make the whole pandemic look not so alarming:

C-Fam reports that George Soros and the global elites are spending up big to get the United Nations to turn Leftist causes into “human rights obligations”:

The Good Sauce’s Alexandra Marshall is amazed at how the Wuhan virus convinced communists to give corporations absolute power:

The Spectator Australia also ran a piece by Graham Young of the Australian Institute for Progress on the creep towards vaccine apartheid in our country and why it is so wrong:

International Man shows us “the most terrifying map in the world”. Spoiler… Communist China is taking over the map:

Communist China’s rise is concerning given the Bitter Winter report that Xi Jinping thinks concepts like “freedom” and “democracy” are bourgeois values that his Marxist regime would never accept:

Can governments shut down the internet? Protocol reports they can and they have – 850 times in the last 10 years!

At The American Mind, demographer Joel Kotkin points out the current worldwide population collapse could lead to a “woke utopia, where children and families are rare” and a boosted welfare state “rewards hedonism and personal self-absorption”:

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Authorised by George Christensen MP
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