October 4, 2023 11:20 pm

Is the Australian Government Weaponising its Agencies, Such as the ASIC to Target Government Critics and Those Exposing the Covid Fraud?


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Is the Australian Government Weaponising its Agencies, Such as the ASIC to Target Government Critics and Those Exposing the Covid Fraud?

By National Times Australia

Is the Australian Government weaponising its agencies, such as the ASIC to target Government critics and those exposing the Covid fraud?

It appears so.
We have seen numerous freedom activists targeted and even jailed, including Russian-born Australian Aussie Cossack, ( apparently sharing an alternative narrative about the Russian-Ukrainian war, which is a jailable offense under Globalist shill and Australian PM Anthony Albanese. Not that under Scott Morrison it was much better.)
Monica Smit of Reignite Democracy was jailed last year by Victorian Police for objecting to the illegal lockdowns, and vaccine mandates.
The same vaccine mandates that are killing one Australian every 15 to 30 minutes ( based on Jan to May 26 excess mortality rates up 16.1% ) yet barely a peep from mainstream media.
If a person allegedly caught Covid and suffered no symptoms or flu-like symptoms it’s all over the media as if someone has died ( so how do they know it wasn’t just the normal flu, considering it’s been long known the PCR test kit can’t distinguish between the normal flu and Covid – perhaps because all Covid ever was, was a flu- at least now that’s what Governments are telling us when they say we need to just treat it as the flu.)
Yet when Australians are dropping dead every 15-30 minutes with heart attacks and strokes and accelerated cancer – all known side effects of the Covid vaccines it rarely gets reported and if it does it’s reported as a rare death or injury. Globally one death every 4-8 seconds from the experimental drug disguised as a vaccine doesn’t seem very rare to me and I’m sure it’s not to the mourning relatives of the deceased.
They’ve tried jailing Rebel News Avi Yemini, one of the most outspoken Australian journalists.
They booted Alan Jones off Skynews for stating too many home truths about the illegal lockdowns, and Klaus Schwab’s totalitarian “ Great Reset”, and now it’s rumored they are going after an Australian National Review Founder Jamie McIntyre, whose army of independent citizen Journalist isn’t scared of the Government. In fact, they are relentlessly exposing the Government’s Covid fraud. And the politicians, many of whom are likely to face jail, as the death and injury count piles up. Plus now the blame game in America between the Democrats and Republicans has started. This is after recently on Fox News “ this is the world deadliest vaccine ever “ was stated by guest and tech millionaire Steve Kirsch.
Kirsch, who like McIntyre, has become well known in the freedom movement, for challenging the politicians and media with massive $1 million dollar challenges, to prove the Covid vaccines are safe effective, and necessary. Yet to this day there have been no takers.
It’s claimed the Government is trying to bankrupt independent media in the country, and the Australian National Review, by claiming it’s fraudulent to raise donations off the public, and being critical of the Government simply won’t be tolerated. Do not pass go straight to jail.
Maybe Albanese is channeling Joe Biden and maybe ASIC is Australia’s FBI wannabes?
McIntyre said he isn’t surprised, as he was told there was an ASIC Officer some months ago, boasting that they are out to get me and they have been instructed to simply get him on anything they can.
They said “Just shut the pr… up. “
McIntyre had already had a long run-in with the ASIC, for almost a decade, coincidentally ever since he launched the Australian National Review, and started exposing Government corruption. It was reported that investors, whom ASIC caused deliberate losses in 2015, by destroying McIntyre’s 21st Century Group’s, land projects over a technicality, want a class action to run. One which McIntyre intends to run for $72 million in compensation. This was made public 6 months ago, no doubt making ASIC desperate to shut him up, and try to jail him sooner. The class action is for losses to himself and investors totaling at least $72 million. The value of the land projects, mostly in Victoria and on edge of Melbourne, and Bendigo have skyrocketed in the last 10 years, showing proof of just how much in losses ASIC deliberately caused. All to frame McIntyre and by working with Fairfax Media to name, blame, frame, and shame him. It caused the collapse of his 21st Century Education Group, where McIntyre hosted famous people at his events attended by thousands. McIntyre has focused on not-for-profit activities ever since, including funding the Australian National Review, one of the biggest sources of Government criticism in the country outside Sky News. Some say McIntyre is one of the most censored people in the country, as what his news network reports, if too many Australians were to hear, could bring down many politicians, and maybe the entire Australian Government, especially regarding the Covid fraud.
Allegedly dodgy former labor Senator Sam Dastaryi didn’t fare too well after a heated run-in with McIntyre in 2015. In a Senate Committee, where McIntyre accurately predicted ASIC were scheming to cause deliberate losses to him and his investors, and the Government must stop them. To McIntyre’s surprise, it was found out that the ASIC officer, who was in bed, effectively with a rival property developer, after a project that McIntyre had just acquired, with a vendetta, a lying Fairfax journalist and Dastaryi were all colluding together to try and destroy McIntyre, by stealing his land projects, by having ASIC shut them down over what amounted to a parking ticket.
It was never necessary to hurt innocent investors, but how can ASIC win a case if there are only investors making money? This is why they cause the losses to fool naïve judges.
It’s since been exposed that ASIC uses a “ blame, frame, defame and shame strategy to win Court cases, despite it causing deliberate losses to innocent mum and dad investors, some of who sadly have committed suicide, allegedly due to ASIC Officers such as Rosemary Pendergast, a former Senior ASIC Officer, who inflicted tens of millions in investor losses. She famously said, “ investor losses are not ASIC’s primary concern “.
Which is minor compared to the billions in losses ASIC has caused innocent investors, with their effective scam.
ASIC knows after losing against Billionaire Andrew Forrester of Fortescue Metals (FMG )fame, that to win Court cases you need losses.
So since then, they set about targeting investments to cause losses to frame the investment promoter, using any small technicality, then working with complicit media, mostly the Fairfax Media group name, blame, defame and shame the investment promoter to cover up that ASIC caused the deliberate and unnecessary investment losses.
The amount of innocent Australian victims by ASIC is huge, yet very few if any are yet to see any compensation and their lives are in financial ruin. ASIC hopes to get away with its scam and crimes just like the Australian Government does with the Covid crimes against humanity by using the mainstream media to cover up Covid deaths and injuries by giving them more and more money and going after Independent Media to shut down any alternative narrative to the Government false narrative and to limit the number of Australians finding out the truth about the massive Covid fraud and that the vaccines were never necessary and apart from killing and injuring so many they continue to push them on the innocent, whilst profits for the partners in the vaccine industry exceed hundreds of billions.
It’s ironic the world’s deadliest vaccines are the world’s most profitable.
That’s how fraudulent Anthony Fauci, Gates, and the industry are. It’s very profitable to enlist and bribe and fool naive politicians, to force a product on the trusting public.
Maybe one consolidation is many of these politicians may suffer from the SAD syndrome, and drop dead from the vaccines. However, we would not wish that upon anyone, despite the fact their puppet masters obviously wish it upon us.

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