Meet the “Mad Scientists”: How the U.S. Military Openly Discusses Genetically Weaponising Disease

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Meet the “Mad Scientists”: How the U.S. Military Openly Discusses Genetically Weaponising Disease

By TOTT News

After the Second World War, US President Dwight D. Eisenhower famously warned that a “military-industrial complex” (MIC) could lead to a “scientific dictatorship.” From the MIC emerged computers, the internet, smartphones, etc. It became the very backbone of modern society.

After 9/11, the MIC transformed into the “military-intelligence complex” (MIC2). MIC2 saw the Central Intelligence Agency and other departments’ spinoffs fund the search engine that became Google.

The same kind of data dragnets used by the National Security Agency, supposedly to track terrorists, were adopted by the likes of Facebook to sell ads and user data to brokers.

The pandemic has led to the next step in the direction of total control: the creation of what I call the “tech-pharma complex,” a system in which big data and big pharma merge to track and control the very biology, not just external behaviours, of the public.

But like MIC and MIC2, the tech-pharma complex relies on taxpayer subsidies poured into military research and development.


The US Army has a long history of experimenting with pathogens, much of which has been documented elsewhere. Less well known is the post-9/11 era of research into biotech and genetic engineering.

Between 2001 and 2012, the US military spent $50bn “researching” bioweapons.

In 2012, in the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, the US Army created a mock-Bacillus anthracis bacteria, or anthrax.

The alleged aim was to study the bacteria in order to pre-empt a biological attack. The synthetic anthrax simulant is derived from a gypsy moth caterpillar control agent, as used in organic farming. The biotech involves “barcoded spores” that use genetic signatures to track and ID simulants during outdoor tests.

During the post-9/11 US anthrax attacks (later traced to the FBI), swabbing was the only diagnostic method. Since the Edgewood experiments, barcoding has become an inexpensive and efficient diagnostic.

Nanotech robots (nanobots) are another potential weapon.

A US Army report from 2016 describes nanobots as “origami DNA barrels that can be loaded with genetic content to be delivered to specific cell types,” including tumours, “whose surface receptor keys open locks found on the bot’s hinges.”

Recall that some professed “vaccine” manufacturers have recently used adenovirus spike proteins as delivery platforms. The US Army report goes on to note that, “In addition to adeno-associated viruses and self-assembled virus-like particles, … biological vesicles have begun to attract much attention.”

After many years of development, the technologies in question were ready to enter the mainstream of US military R&D.


The US Army Training and Doctrine Command has an initiative literally called the Mad Scientist Laboratory. The Australian Army “professional development” site, The Cove, describes the US Mad Scientist Lab as an “initiative and a community of action that continually explores the future through collaborative partnerships and continuous dialogue with academia, industry and government.”

Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPRs) are DNA sequences in bacteria that defend against viruses. They can be engineered to make a given organism more or less vulnerable to infection, depending on the intention.

A Mad Scientist report from May 2018 discussed bright futures (“pink flamingos”) and disasters (“black swans”). Under the heading “Bioweapons/Biohacking,” the report notes that the:

“…democratization of bio technology [sic] will mean that super-empowered individuals as well as nation states will have the ability to engineer weapons and hacks that can augment friendly human forces or target and degrade enemy human forces (e.g., targeted disease or genetic modifications).”

The report also discusses “Personalized Warfare,” in which adversaries can basically gangstalk a targeted individual. In addition to hacking bank and social media accounts, militaries can “even target them specifically by their genetics” in undisclosed ways.

“If one can map the human genome and more thoroughly scan and understand the brain,” says a September 2018 Mad Scientist article, “they can target genomes and brains in the same ways.”

It goes on to say that “Soldiers could become incredibly vulnerable at the genomic level, forcing the Army to not only protect Soldiers using body armor and armored vehicles.”

It says that such tools can “also protect their identities, genomes, and physiologies.”

The article further discusses transhumanism, defining people as “baseline human.” Transhumanism enabled by CRISPR etc. is, for the US Army, “uncharted ethical territory.”


As we enter the age of CRISPR, a Mad Scientist publication says that in November 2018, China’s Dr. He Jiankui reportedly used CRISPR/Cas9 “to edit the CCR5 gene of human embryos to generate an inherited resistance to HIV, smallpox, and cholera.”

The US Pentagon cites this and other uses as threats that justify more research and funding into US genetic modification, noting for instance that the CCR5 gene can affect memory, “and therefore this specific gene edit may have modified the cognitive functions of these ‘CRISPR babies’”.

Another Mad Scientist report says that CRISPR and other technologies “present an opportunity to engineer Soldiers’ DNA and enhance their performance, providing greater speed, strength, endurance, and resilience.”

The report cautions that such tools “will also create new vulnerabilities, such as genomic targeting, that can be exploited by an adversary and/or potentially harm the individual undergoing enhancement.”

Written before the emergence of SARS-CoV-2, the report noted that “[d]esigner viruses and diseases will be highly volatile, mutative, and extremely personalized.”

Funding for “countering” (read: developing) these technologies is likely to come through non-military avenues, like the Centers for Disease Control and Convention, though in collaboration with the Pentagon.

In terms of battlefield interest, the US Pentagon’s notion of “full spectrum dominance” sees the entire planet as a battleground. Army documents discuss the military role in so-called FOEs: Future Operating Environments.

A December 2019 Mad Scientist study notes that in FOEs, “CRISPR may be the next Internet – in terms of the impact it will have on society.”

The report adds that CRISPR “could lead to gene editing techniques that could strengthen disease resistance,” creating so-called super soldiers, “and improve strength and mental abilities” of fighting forces.

“It could also lead to designer diseases for humans, plants, and animals.”


The US is leading the way, but other militaries are developing strategies to include these and similar technologies.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a US-led umbrella of 30 states set up to threaten/contain the Soviet Union after the Second World War. Its current role is to ensure US domination over Russia’s allies.

A NATO projection out to the year 2040 notes the consolidation of the tech-pharma complex.

AI, in-concert with Big Data, will contribute to the design of new drugs, purposeful genetic modifications, direct manipulation of biochemical reactions, and living sensors; all of which have obvious military applications.

For instance, in March 2020 with the pandemic in full swing, the NATO report envisaged: “Genetic manipulation (e.g. CRISPR) to develop novel pathogens or medical countermeasures.”

The more countries have these technologies and the capacity to use them, the greater the chance of accidental and/or intentional release. The release could come in the form of bioweapons, like, possible, SARS-CoV-2.

It could come in the form of Super Soldiers, genetically enhanced to increase their stamina and survivability.

It could come in the form of “personalized warfare,” or more commonly called gangstalking, in which individuals’ brains and DNA are manipulated from afar via undisclosed methods.

If dozens of countries with powerful militaries, from Australia to Israel, from China to Russia, possess these technologies, the world could soon face a “black swan” future of total bioweapon chaos.

*Note We Deliberately Miss Spell Some Words or Add Capital Letters To Get Around Big Tech Censoring.

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