Newsletter 244 A Lack of Government Transparency has Removed Vaccination Choice in Australia

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By: Judy Wilyman

Important Information:
1. Endorsement of my academic research by Dr. James Lyons-Weiler. My interview with Dr. James Lyons-Weiler on the Australian situation.
2. Please sign this petition to support a Bill of Human Rights in Australia that will enshrine fundamental rights in Australian law and provide Australians with a legal avenue to challenge infringements through the court system.
3) My book describing in detail how Australians lost their health freedom will be published in February/March. Pre-orders can be made here and will receive a discount price. No payment is required until the book is in print. 

The introduction of mandatory vaccination policies in Australia allows the government to decide what is injected into the human body in exchange for participating fully in society: welfare, education, employment, travel etc. In Australia today any doctors or other health professionals who promote peer-reviewed science to their patients, that opposes the Medical Board of Australia’s’ (MBA) accepted science’ on vaccination, can be de-registered from their profession.

This is because this science is being described as ‘anti-vaccination material’ or ‘the doctor’s own personal opinion’ on vaccines, and the professional regulatory board – The Australian Health Practitioner’s Regulatory Authority (AHPRA) is enforcing the ‘accepted science’ on vaccines as detemined by the MBA.

The Australian government and powerful industry lobby groups have suppressed the public debate of vaccination through their influence in the media. They have also prevented several international professionals from obtaining visas to come to Australia to speak on the risks of vaccines. These industry associated lobby groups include the Australian Medical Association (AMA), Australian Skeptics / Stop the Australian Vaccination Network (SAVN)/ Light for Riley/ the Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporters and the Friends of Science in Medicine (FSM). Many of these organisations are presenting themselves as grassroots consumer groups when they are powerful lobby groups using industry-funded scientists to promote their interests in government policies.

Over the last two decades the government national immunisation program (NIP) has expanded from 7 vaccines to 16 vaccines and now 12+ vaccines have been mandated for Australian children (0-5 yrs) to receive an early childhood education.This has occurred even though children’s health has significantly declined over these last two decades and even though there is no increased risk from these diseases.

Here is a time-line of the events and appointments to the government vaccine advisory boards, the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS) and the Australian Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) that demonstrate a lack of transparency in the government’s processes in vaccination policies. It is the chair of the ATAGI advisory board that provides advice and recommendations directly to the Minister for Health:

Date Event/Appointment
1984 Rupert Murdoch and his Family donated $5 million to the Birth Defects Institute at the Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital (28 August 1984) establishing the Murdoch Institute in partnership with Melbourne University.
1986 The US Congress approves the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) that removes all liability from pharmaceutical companies for any harm caused by vaccines.
1990 Terry Nolan established the Vaccination and Immunisation Research Group (VIRGo) at the Murdoch Institute. The largest vaccine research and development program in Australia.
2000 The Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital merged with the Murdoch Institute at Melbourne University to form the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI).
2001 Terry Nolan was appointed head of the School of Population Health at the University of Melbourne (Later named the School of Population and Global Health)
2005 Terry Nolan was appointed chairman of the government Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI). He was also appointed deputy-chair of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) – the body that determines the area of research for government funding.
2006 Terry Nolan became a contributor to the WHO meetings on the evaluation of pandemic influenza vaccines in clinical trials from 2006-2011 and a member of Federal Government pandemic influenza expert planning and response meetings 2006-2010. He is currently a member of the WHO’s SAGE advisory committee on vaccines.
2009 Terry Nolan was the Chief Investigator on CSL’s Panvax Swine (mono-valent H1N1) Influenza Vaccine in adults and 400 children (under-powered to detect adverse-events in children).
2010 CSL’s tri-valent H1N1 swine flu vaccine was recommended on the national program for adults and children (Fluvax and Fluvax Junior). There were no clinical trials in children for this tri-valent vaccine. The government regulator withdrew Fluvax Junior from the market in April 2010 after receiving 1,729 reports of adverse reactions including 123 reports of convulsions in children under 5 within 24 hours of receiving the vaccine; 72 occurred in Western Australia.  It was stated that this was a very high number of adverse reactions considering that the risk of dying of swine flu in 2009 was 1 in a million [Collignon et al 2010].
2013 The Greens Party leader Richard Di Natale promotes mandatory vaccination policies in the Australian Federal Parliament using the Australian Skeptics/SAVN lobby group comments to support this policy. This is a non-scientific lobby group associated with industry and false information was provided in the federal parliament about vaccines.
December 2014 Terry Nolan resigned from his government roles after a decade and took up a position as Group Leader of VIRGo at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.
February 2015 The Australian government published the potential conflicts of interest of members of the ATAGI and NCIRS vaccine advisory boards on its website.
2015 A Senate Inquiry was set up into the No Jab No Pay proposed Social Services legislation that discriminates against parents who choose not to use 12+ vaccines in their children. Welfare payments and childcare enrolments were being linked to the “full (12+)” schedule of vaccines in children. The mainstream media (~70% owned by Murdoch’s News Corp) did not mention that 12+ vaccines were being mandated in these policies.  It was simply described as the ‘No Jab No Pay Policy’
September 2015 The Minister for Social Services (Scott Morrison) met with Rupert Murdoch for Lunch [Sydney Morning Herald ‘Scott Morrison will almost certainly lead the Liberals. The Question is when?’ 4 September 2015]
October 2015 The directors of the government NCIRS (Peter McIntyre and Robert Booy), ATAGI members, doctors, the government Minsters for Social Services and Minister for Health declined to attend a public seminar organised at the University of Technology, Sydney, to present the government’s evidence in support of mandating 12+ vaccines for Australian’s to participate fully in society.
The No Jab No Pay policy is passed in parliament without any public discussion of the reasons why 12+ vaccines are being mandated when there is no increased risk from these diseases. The government vaccine advisory boards, the NCIRS and ATAGI, did not make a submission of the science in support of this policy.
January 2016 The director of the government NCIRSPeter McIntyre, wrote a letter of complaint about my PhD to the University of Wollongong and industry associated lobby groups set up a petition in an attempt to (inappropriately) remove my PhD from the University of Wollongong. The University replied saying ‘we are standing by this research’.
The Australian government refused to release the Briefing Document that was provided to the Minister of Social Services (Scott Morrison) and the Minister of Health (Sussan Ley) in 2015 that described the evidence that was used to support the mandating of 12+ vaccines. This request was declined under the Freedom of Information Act.
December 2018 The ex-director of the government NCIRS, Peter McIntyre, was drafted into a court case (out of proceedings) at the same time as my confidential expert witness report was leaked to the mainstream media and false comments were made about my qualifications in the media. This is a federal crime and it prevented this vaccination case from being heard in the Federal Ciruit Court. Instead of defending their legislation in the courts, the government’s team chose to leak my affidavit to the mainstream media. The Australian Federal Police did not respond to my request for an investigation into the leaking of my affidavit.
January 2019 Ex-directors of the NCIRSPeter McIntyre and Margaret Burgess, published a critique of my PhD (the only formal critique that has been done) in the peer-reviewed journal, Vaccine. This critique was based on unsupported and misleading claims about my research. Here is my reponse to the false information.

In other words, the Australian government has implemented mandatory vaccination without providing any publicly available science to support this policy and without there being any increased risk from these diseases. In November 2015, when this legislation was passed in Social Service policies there were no laws in any Health Act to support the mandating of any vaccine in the population. Hence, there is no valid health reason for these policies and our human right to bodily integrity has been removed on false grounds.

The potential conflicts of interest that existed for some members on the ATAGI and NCIRS vaccine advisory boards in the decade form 2005-2015, included representatives who were also members of Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) vaccine advisory board and who received nominal payments as well as support for conference attendance from industry, including CSL Ltd, Novartis and Glaxo SmithKline [Nolan et al 2010]. These potential conflicts of interest were not disclosed to the public and the government only agreed to publish these potential COI after January 2015.

There are very serious risks for many individuals in the population from vaccines due to the effects of the chemicals in the vaccines on their genetics and on the undeveloped body sytsems of infants/foetus’s (pregnant women).

Please join the concerned ommunity in calling for the removal of mandatory vaccination policies until the Australian government has provided the science that supports this policy. My book describing in detail how Australians lost their health freedom will be published in February/March. Pre-orders can be made here and will receive a discount price. No payment is required until the book is in print.

Judy Wilyman PhD
Bachelor of Science, University of NSW
Diploma of Education (Science), University of Wollongong
Master of Science (Population Health), Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Public Health, University of Wollongong.
PhD in A critical analysis of the Australian government’s rationale for its vaccination policy’  (the science, politics and ethics of Australia’s vaccination policies) , UOW School of Humanities and Social Inquiry.
Website Vaccination Decisions 

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