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Scott Morrison “A Hypocrite and a Liar” – Informed Consent and the C0V-19 Jab Rollout


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Scott Morrison “A Hypocrite and a Liar” – Informed Consent and the C0V-19 Jab Rollout

By Elizabeth Hart

For the attention of:
Scott Morrison
Liberal Party of Australia

Scott Morrison, you’ve been described as “a hypocrite and a liar”.

This is an apt description, certainly in regards to your handling of the Covid-19 jab rollout, and your duplicity in promoting mandatory vaccination, while also saying “it will not be compulsory to have a Covid-19

Despite alarming reports of ‘vaccine failure’ around the world, with purported ‘protection’ waning within months, and many adverse events being reported, the Covid-19 jabs continue to be pressed upon Australians. According to the Department of Health, 93.8% of Australians over 16 years have now been jabbed, with millions manipulated and coerced into submitting to the ‘leaky vaccines’ that don’t prevent infection nor transmission, under state government and business mandates. Worst of all, children from five years old are being subjected to the defective jabs, against a disease which is of no threat to them. Why is the natural immune response of children and others being sacrificed? Meanwhile, those critical thinking people who refuse to have the obviously defective jabs are discriminated against in an apartheid society.

I suggest no-one in this country has given valid voluntary consent to this medical intervention, because noone has been properly informed about the fast-tracked experimental Covid-19 ‘leaky vaccines’, which have been ‘provisionally’ approved by the TGA based on manufacturers’ data, provided by criminal companies such as Pfizer and AstraZeneca which have previously been fined billions of dollars for malfeasance. Millions of Australians have been press-ganged into participating in what Health Minister Greg Hunt has described as “the largest global vaccination trial ever”. But Australians weren’t properly informed they were participating in a ‘vaccination trial’ – who has given their consent to participate in this trial, in accordance with the ethical principles of the Helsinki Declaration?

The medical ‘profession’ has allowed this to happen, injecting people who they know have been coerced and manipulated to comply under mandates. They are a party to this disaster you’ve orchestrated Scott Morrison, along with the web of state premiers, chief medical/health officers, health ministers, police commissioners and others who have participated in this gross exploitation of the Australian people. This ‘public health terrorism’ has been undertaken with the support of the mainstream/corporate media propaganda machine, funded by the taxpayer via your government.

For two years people around the world have been subjected to fear-mongering and gross misinformation from traitorous governments. In her book State of Fear, Laura Dodsworth describes how the Boris Johnson / UK government weaponised fear in response to Covid-19. Recently Denmark’s leading tabloid Ekstra Bladet has admitted the media’s failure to hold governments to account for Covid-19 information, e.g. whether people were hospitalised ‘with’ coronavirus or ‘because of’ coronavirus.

Why has there been such a determination to beat up coronavirus ‘cases’ and deaths around the world? It seems the intention was to impose a global ‘vaccine solution’, regardless of the actual risk of the virus. Certainly there is much retrospective critical analysis to be done now to investigate and expose the real motives behind the hysterical Covid-19 response. The Boris Johnson / UK government was a key player in initiating the Covid-19 vaccine response, and this must be examined now. In this regard see my emails to Graham Brady, Chair of the 1922 Committee of the UK Conservative Party: The treacherous Covid-19 response – calling on the 1922 Committee for justice, 31 December 2021; and Were ‘leaky vaccines’ deliberately spread round the world? 11 January 2022.

Scott Morrison, in an interview with Neil Mitchell on 3AW in August 2020, you said your government hadn’t yet decided whether COVID-19 vaccination would be compulsory, with you saying you “would expect it to be as mandatory as you can possibly make it”.

Just a few hours later you made a U-turn on your mandatory comment, saying “It’s not going to be compulsory tohave the vaccine”.

Probably much to your disappointment, it seems the Federal Government doesn’t have clear authority to mandate compulsory Covid-19 vaccines, with Paula O’Brien, Director of the Health Law and Ethics Network at Melbourne Law School suggesting there were currently no laws that specifically support a population-wide mandate for vaccines, and that states and territories may have the necessary powers to impose compulsory vaccination.

You have your original wish Scott Morrison, with the state and territory governments and businesses now imposing a variety of vaccination mandates, despite the fact you personally assured me in October 2020 “Vaccination is not compulsory in Australia and it will not be compulsory to have a COVID-19 vaccine.”

If you were sincerely against compulsory vaccination, why did you not introduce a bill into the Federal Parliament prohibiting the states and territories from implementing Covid-19 vaccine mandates? For example under the Australian Constitution’s External Affairs or Pharmaceutical Benefits powers, sections 51xxix and 51xxiiiA respectively.

Millions of Australians are being made to succumb to the jabs under ‘No Jab, No Job’ – and for many No Jab, No Sport; No Jab, No Restaurant; No Jab, No Life is also becoming the norm, in this increasingly repressive country which is notorious around the world. Covid-19 jab mandates of varying range have been imposed under state premiers Daniel Andrews, Mark McGowan, Annastacia Palaszczuk, Dominic Perrottet/Gladys Berejiklian, Steven Marshall, and territory chief ministers Michael Gunner and Andrew Barr. It seems these politicians are relishing the opportunity to discriminate against the more discerning ‘jab-free’ Australians, creating an apartheid with the apparent aim to cancel these critical thinking people out of an authoritarian society being built upon unquestioning compliance and submission in Australia.

Businesses have also come to the party to do your dirty work Scott Morrison, led by News Corp Australasia’s boss Michael Miller, who called upon business leaders and owners to champion the vaccination rollout, without disclosing a serious conflict of interest, i.e. that News Corp Australia is a corporate partner with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, which is involved in vaccine research and development, including Covid-19 vaccine research with the Doherty Institute, i.e. the industry-sponsored VAX4COVID Australian Covid Vaccine Trials Alliance. Companies such as BHP, Qantas, SPC, Westpac, CBA, Suncorp, Coles, Woolworths and Aldi and others, plus media channels Nine, Seven and Ten, are mandating Covid-19 jabs for their staff. Businesses are being supported with the taxpayer-funded Covid-19 resources of the Morrison government. Unions too have largely promoted the Morrison government’s Covid-19 jab rollout, with not much support evident for workers to make their own informed decision about this medical intervention .

What is the scientific and medical evidence backing the state government and business mandates? It’s notable that then ATAGI co-chair Chris Blyth has publicly confirmed “Atagi has not provided a recommendation for mandates at any time point”. What is the basis for the state government and business mandates, on what authority are they coercing and manipulating Australians to submit to the failing Covid-19 ‘leaky vaccines’ that don’t prevent infection nor transmission, and denying them a truly voluntary decision about these medical interventions, considering the risks and benefits in their individual case?

There is a massive conflict with the Morrison and state governments’ Covid-19 jab rollout and the obtaining of informed consent before the Covid-19 jabs, as millions of Australians are being coerced and manipulated into submitting to the Covid-19 injections and therefore are not making an authentic voluntary decision about this medical intervention.

According to The Australian Immunisation Handbook: “For consent to be legally valid, the following elements must be present…It must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation…It can only be given after the potential risks and benefits of the relevant vaccine, the risks of not having it, and any alternative options have been explained to the person.”

In response to my persistent enquiries about health practitioners’ duty to obtain informed consent, the regulator of health practitioners, AHPRA, has confirmed to me: “Practitioners have an obligation to obtain informed consent for treatment, including vaccination. Informed consent is a person’s voluntary decision about health care that is made with knowledge and understanding of the benefits and risks involved.”

Operation COVID Shield now acknowledges there is a problem with consent in its factsheet: Handling consent refusal by people presenting for vaccination This demonstrates the problem when a person who has been
mandated to receive a vaccination, but is not willing to provide consent to an administering health practitioner. This factsheet clearly states “If a patient has not provided informed consent, you should not vaccinate them, even if they are mandated to receive a COVID-19 vaccination to perform particular roles or enter certain settings.” How many people have genuinely given informed consent before Covid-19 jabs? I strongly suspect a valid informed consent process is not happening in most cases .

Scott Morrison, in July 2021, you publicly supported the principle of informed consent, i.e. you said: “…we’re all responsible for our own health. And, when it comes to informed consent and getting consent to whatever treatment or procedure you may have or I may have, then I’m ultimately responsible for what people do in their health treatment to me…

You said: “That’s the sort of country we live in. People make their own decisions about their own health and their own bodies. That’s why we don’t have mandatory vaccination in relation to the general population here, because people make their own decisions and we encourage people to make those decisions.”

No Scott Morrison, it’s not the ‘sort of country we live in’…you and your political colleagues in National Cabinet have betrayed and destroyed this country – ruining the economy with the grossly disproportionate and ill-targeted Covid-19 response; dividing Australians with border closures, prohibiting free movement around Australia; deliberately fear-mongering and misinforming Australians about ‘the virus’ and the ‘leaky vaccines’; fostering division in families, friends and the community; and encouraging discrimination and segregation against those critical thinking Australians unable to give their informed consent to the obviously defective jabs.

So much for your comment “…we don’t have mandatory vaccination in relation to the general population” – who qualifies as ‘general population’ now, with millions of Australians being coercively and manipulatively jabbed under state government and business mandates?

You’ve stood by while state governments and businesses have imposed Covid-19 jab mandates affecting millions of people in Australia, people who’ve been coerced and manipulated into submitting to Covid-19 jabs to maintain their livelihoods, and also being lined up for future ‘booster’ shots. The ‘leaky vaccines’ failed within months, with ‘boosters’ now being suggested to be ‘fully vaccinated’, and a fourth shot in the offing. How many people were properly informed about the ‘leaky vaccines’, including that they were being lined up for multiple ‘boosters’ in future, i.e. the 280 million jabs you’ve ‘secured’ courtesy of the taxpayer for Australia’s population of 26 million, more than 10 shots for every adult and child in Australia?

The Department of Health reports 93.8% of people aged 16 and over are ‘fully vaccinated’ (presumably two doses) in Australia. 77.46% of children aged 12-15 years have had two doses. 45.97% of children 5-11-years have had one dose in the recently commenced rollout for 5-11-year-olds. Why are all these millions of Australians being jabbed with the Covid-19 injections that don’t prevent infection nor transmission? This does not make sense. It was known from the beginning that Covid-19 wasn’t a serious risk for most people, with the WHO acknowledging “Most people infected with the virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment”. A response I received from the Department of Health in early 2020 admitted “COVID-19 presents as a mild illness in the majority of cases”. Some people may become seriously ill with Covid-19 and the Covid-19 jabs are touted to decrease hospitalisation and death – but most people weren’t at risk of becoming seriously ill with Covid-19 or hospitalisation and death, so why weren’t efforts focussed on protecting the vulnerable, rather than subjecting mass populations to defective injections they didn’t need?

The manipulation of the Covid-19 response can be fairly described as treason against the people, who are being set up to be exploited with defective Covid-19 jabs over and over again. Who is the main beneficiary of these lucrative medical interventions, the manufacturers of which have been protected from liability in shady deals? See for example: Pfizer has power to ‘silence’ governments and ‘maximise profits’, consumer group alleges. ABC News, 20 October 2021. Certainly the pharmaceutical industry appears to be doing very well out of supplying defective jabs – what a business model! It doesn’t work, so buy another one…over and over again! Are you now forcing Australians to take multiple Covid jabs because you’ve committed to deals with the manufacturers worth billions of dollars?

Pharmaceutical companies have exerted enormous power over the Covid-19 response, see for example: Putting big pharma in charge of global vaccine rollout was a big mistake, The Guardian, 9 February 2022. The really big mistake was rushing ahead with a global vaccine solution against a virus it was known from the beginning wasn’t a serious threat to most people…this has to be tracked back now – how did this happen?

Scott Morrison, you and your cronies helped create the perfect market for the jab manufacturers, when you called the pandemic before the WHO, threw out Australia’s pandemic plan, closed Australia’s international border and imprisoned most Australians, using the Doherty modelling, based on the infamous Ferguson modelling, to capture Australians for ‘the vaccine’, not to be released until all succumbed to your ‘vaccine solution’.

Again Scott Morrison, you are a hypocrite and a liar. You said there would be no compulsory vaccination, and that “people make their own decisions about their own health and their own bodies”. This is manifestly untrue now, with millions of Australians coerced and manipulated into submitting to the jabs.

The failure to ensure voluntary informed consent before the defective Covid-19 ‘leaky vaccines’ is a massive ethical failure of your government, state and territory governments, businesses, the medical ‘profession’ and others who have facilitated this injustice against the Australian people, tricking and misleading them into submitting to these highly questionable repeated medical interventions, with who knows what future consequences.

I sincerely hope you will be brought to account for this grievous crime.

Elizabeth Hart
Independent researcher investigating the gross over-use of vaccine products and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy

Opinion pieces don’t necessarily reflect the position of our news site but of our Opinion writers.

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