October 3, 2023 3:13 am

Their goal is to have everyone take the experimental jab!


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Their goal is to have everyone take the experimental jab!

By Rod McKey

It’s pretty obvious what’s happening.
Their goal is to have everyone take the experimental jab. (It is experimental, look into it.)
NSW premier said at least 80% of population is the target.
You have to ask why?
Look at the picture below.
Look at the actual numbers.
NSW has a population of 8.166 million.
We have 20 new cases. (In red)
Highlighted in yellow, we have 107 being treated.
Now what exactly does that mean?
Are they all in hospital?
Are they all sick?
Really sick?
Or have just tested positive?
That’s the key but they don’t tell us that.
In our population and without details, the numbers aren’t even that high.
0.00131% is the amount of people being “treated”.
Whatever that means.
We have 1 person in ICU (also in yellow)
That’s not great, but what are the facts.
What’s the person’s age?
Do they have other health conditions?
Safe to assume that they do.
Let’s focus on the number in pink.
56 total deaths since January 25th 2020.
In 18 months, in NSW, we’ve had 56 deaths.
Only 56.
Out of 8,166,000.
(What was their health history. How many actually died OF it and not WITH it. There’s a big difference.)
I didn’t make that up. It’s written right there.
Hardly a pandemic.
Now before you go on and say, “Let’s look at other countries”
I’m not talking about other countries.
And if I was, I’d tell you that numbers are highly inflated (look into it), for every person that you apparently “know from overseas” that says it’s bad, there are more that say it’s not bad.
So we can’t take hearsay.
And you certainly can’t believe the news.
If we’ve learned anything in the last 12 months, is that news stations and newspapers lie to us.
I know, big shock.
But that’s another story and we don’t have time. But look into it for yourself if you want.
Notice how they have the number of tests, and total tests as the big scary number.
(That’s called marketing 101.)
But out of 6,856,268 tests in NSW since January 2020, only 5609 have tested positive.
(And there’s a lot of conjecture around the reliability of tests. Again, look into it)
Only 56 died.
Again, we don’t know the details around the deaths.
So let us focus on New South Wales, where I reside.
I live in a regional area. Closer to Queensland and it’s capital city than our actual capital city.
We’ve had no cases in my town. Not even the vyrus wants to come to Casino.
But we have to follow these rules that are made up on the go when we aren’t even in danger.
Is anyone really in any more danger than in a normal flu season?
Speaking of that, the flu seems to be on the decline.
Funny how that works.
But what they do, and it’s simple psychology, is to put pressure on us to make decisions that we normally wouldn’t.
For instance, they are making us wear a mask.
It’s been proven that they don’t work and actually cause more problems by wearing one. (Look into it)
And check Dr Fauci’s leaked emails. He even says so.
I’ll give you one example of how stupid the mask situation is.
Sunday night, there was a football game in Brisbane.
52,000 people attended.
They were forced to wear a mask to their seat but could take it off during the game.
Over 2 hours.
Sitting side by side.
52,000 people breathing the same air.
Then they had to wear the mask out of the stadium.
Pure madness.
And you all fall for it.
It’s time to wake up.
We have these restrictions pop up in the school holidays and when the state of emergency is about to end. Check the dates.
Convenient wouldn’t you say….
What it does, is make people miss holidays, see families etc.
Makes them uncomfortable.
Like all the rules.
People say, it’s just a mask, just wear it.
They put pressure on their peers.
Remember peer pressure in high school.
So what it does is create fear.
And no one really likes confrontation.
(I hate confrontation but you have to stand up for what you believe in)
So when the gubberment tell you that you can’t go back to normal until you’ve had the experiment, you’ll gladly oblige so you don’t have to wear a mask, you don’t have to check in to businesses and you will get to go on that holiday.
Things aren’t going back to normal anytime soon.
Not unless you stand up and say NO!!
The international borders aren’t going to be open for a long time.
You’re allowing them to do this to you.
Check this out, when a city goes into lockdown, are the fully vaxxed allowed to roam free?
Or are they locked down?
They’re locked down too.
If it apparently works so well.
CAN and DO they still get the vyrus?
So what’s the point.
(Before you say it limits the symptoms, how do you actually know? Because you’ve been told🤦‍♂️)
There are and have been a number of serious problems around this experiment. Look it up.
There has been over 600,000 doctors worldwide sign a petition to question the experiment and its safety.
But you don’t hear about that on A Current Affair or the breakfast shows on TV.
If you want to get it, fine. Your body, your choice.
But if I were you, I’d wait for a while and see what happens down the track.
Because there’s no long term data.
When we all stand up and say NO, then all this bullshit stops.
Stop checking in.
Stop wearing a mask.
There are actually privacy laws that protect you around this. (Again, look into it.)
If you are wearing a mask today, but you weren’t last week, it’s because you’re scared of the gubberment and fines, not the vyrus.
That’s how they get you to go along with it.
Know your rights.
Also, I’m not here to argue with anyone. So save it.
If you don’t like what I say, scroll on.
(We can still be friends if we disagree. If not, I won’t lose sleep.)
What I’m here to do is to give my opinion, based on over 18 months of research of facts from around the world on this topic.
Plus years of studying psychology, marketing etc and being someone that looks into something before I make a decision.
You should do your own research.
And look into how gubberment works and how big pharma works.
FYI, neither have a good track record.
I’m doing all this to protect my rights and freedom (at least what little we have left), and for yours also.
But most importantly, I’m doing this for my children and grandchildren. And for yours as well.
I’m not comfortable with my kids living under a communist rule. (Again, look it up)
I suggest you do the same.


Here’s what others had to say: 

Sheree Baker
I totally agree! It’s bullshit and now they are making the vaccine mandatory for age care workers, why? none of this supposed outbreak has anything to do within the age care facilities! Our bodies our choice, no means no doesnt it? If you don’t want the jab and say NO then that should be respected regardless of anything. freedom of choice! But the way it’s going no one is going to have any freedom what so ever

Adrian D’Amico
Why can’t people see this

Chris Reynolds
For once rod I don’t have anything to argue with u about. Well put. Buuuuuuuuuuuut………
The bulldogs are shit

Robert Bienke
Everyone is so weak at saying on though.
Got refused service at skimos today.
And I’m sorry not sorry for naming names but. The lady was scared they would be fined $200
For one I told them I was exempt, she asked for proof I told her I was in my right to withhold that information but was still refused service.
In the end I told her you’ve just lost a $50 sale and I probably wouldn’t return to her business.
I will continue to not comply with this unlawful order.

Todd Horne
As a front line healthcare worker I couldn’t disagree with you more. Can I ask where your research was conducted?

Adam Anderson
we need trump in the white house

Lukeus Sheather
Fuck that did you hear what scomo had to say getting the military involved.

Dos Ready
Stop the testing and theres no virus simple
social media has fuck the world sideways this hoaxs isn’t going anywhere honestly these doctors you dont need a degree just degree and alot bullshit.

Sandy Scholz
It’s a damn scam. So freaking over it. Stuck in the house going insane because that’s what they want us to do.
Wait until school goes back and omg surprise surprise it’ll disappear again.

Clem Wheatley
The very fact some of the greatest liars and con artists out there, government, politicians, bureaucrats and media, are pushing vaccines for covid so hard, makes me seriously suspicious from the get go, that is apart from the physical evidence showing that any research done is far from conclusive and, that these vaccines, are far from safe as being pushed by the afore said professional bullshit artists.

James Samuel Fender
Other countries doing the same in Uk we had more deaths in 2019 than we did in 2020. There was a protest of more than 2 million people in London on the weekend who are all not jabbed so if the virus is a la bad as supposed to be then Iam assuming those People are going to start off a crazy wave of deaths and hospitalizations.

Donna Bowen
I get you, just pray others are waking up fast…..going to share this if ok?

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