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To The Mom Avoiding Unvaccinated Children

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By No Jab No Pay No Way – Freedom of Choice

I saw your meme. I saw your messages. You want the world to know what you think about unvaccinated children. You want them to know that you think of them as disease-ridden carriers and that you want to keep them as far away from your child as possible.

I get it. You’re upset. But you need to realize what you’re also saying when you post things like this. Your posts are communicating fear and uncertainty about a product that you’re trying to endorse.

They’re also telling the world that you really haven’t thought this all the way through. Because let’s be honest, do you really want to know who is and is not vaccinated? Do you really intend on “unfriending” and avoiding every single unvaccinated person? If so, I suggest you brace yourself. Because if you looked just a little bit deeper, this is what you would come to find.


The majority of the population is not “up to date.” The CDC recommended vaccine schedule is constantly adding more and more vaccines to the schedule, beginning with just a handful of vaccines in the mid 1900’s to about 14 doses in the 1980’s to the current recommendation of 72 doses from pregnancy to 18 years (1). Unless you’ve had all 72 doses of vaccines like your child is expected to get, you yourself are considered “unvaccinated” or “partially vaccinated” and definitely not “up-to-date.” This also goes for all adults, teens, and even older children.

You also need to know that vaccine immunity, if even attained, wanes over time (2, 3). It is unknown how long this so-called immunity lasts, and unless you pull titers on everyone in your family and contact list, it is impossible to know exactly what everyone is actually “immune” to.

The whole idea of herd immunity is just a myth, and if you look into the history of the concept, you’d find that it was a term coined in the 1930’s to explain the immunity attained by natural infection–not vaccination.

If your goal is to avoid everyone who is unvaccinated by today’s standards, then you’ll have to find out when the last CDC recommendation was made in order to avoid everyone born before that time. You’ll also have to find out what vaccines each person has received and declined from that point forward. Doing this for each person you meet is what it takes to truly keep your child away from the “unvaccinated.”


I hope you don’t like traveling because you’ll really struggle with this if you are trying to avoid the unvaccinated. You see, the United States vaccinates far more than the rest of the industrialized world (4). In most cases, we give up to twice as many vaccines.

Some countries have banned certain vaccines because of the associated adverse reactions. Japan had postponed vaccination to the age of two in order to lower their incidences of SIDS (5). The UK does not vaccinate for the chicken pox because the vaccine can lead to more severe and higher incidences of shingles and chickenpox in adulthood (6), and many countries just don’t think that the chicken pox is that big of a deal (7).

If you truly want to stay away from all of the unvaccinated people in the world, then also stay away from foreign tourists, immigrants, and other countries. This will be what you need to do to keep your child truly “safe.”


I know this sounds like a bit of a stretch, but the reality is that vaccines only somewhat “protect” us from about 16 diseases. The media does a great job of focusing on these 16 diseases in order to ensure pharmaceutical profits and vaccine compliance. They will cover every single case of the chicken pox or measles in a “doom-and-gloom” type of broadcast even if the nearest incidence is 1000 miles away. Notice that you will rarely hear anything about all of the other diseases in this world.

Look now at the world so fixated on the Coronavirus and the push for a Vaccine to save us all. Which this Vaccine has skipped all protocols for safety and efficacy (12)

You may find it overwhelming to find that there are hundreds of bacteria and viruses capable of spreading infection. There’s leprosy, typhoid, scarlet fever, hand foot and mouth disease, tuberculosis, and so many more that you probably don’t even think about because they’re not being drilled into your psyche.
Should I fear you because you have not been vaccinated for any of those diseases? Think about that one for just a bit. You can’t spread what you don’t have, and just because you haven’t been vaccinated for a disease, doesn’t mean you carry it.

We’re all unvaccinated for the majority of infectious diseases. If you truly believe that vaccines are the only way to protect your child from disease, then they won’t be as safe as you think they should be.


You may strongly believe in vaccines, but you need to understand that not all of them prevent the spread of infection like you think they do. The pertussis vaccine only eliminates or reduces symptoms. It does not prevent the spread of infection, which can make for a dangerous situation because of the possibility of asymptomatic transmission (8).

Live-virus vaccines, such as the Rotavirus vaccine, shed and are capable of transmitting infection as well, especially to those who are immune-compromised (9-section 5.4). Some vaccines only prevent infection against certain strains, leaving your child more vulnerable to mutated or alternative strains that are far more dangerous.

Tetanus is not contagious. Hepatitis B can only be spread via sexual intercourse, shared needles, or by an infected mother at birth. Did you know that if a child at your child’s school has Hepatitis B, they cannot disclose this to you? The same goes for HIV. Or HPV. If those do not concern you, then why should another child’s vaccination status matter?
What should really matter is keeping your child as healthy as possible by feeding her nutrient-dense foods and making sure she gets proper exercise and sleep. Reducing her toxicity load can also help immensely. This can be done by limiting exposures to toxins and heavy metals, including those found in vaccines. You may even find it interesting that unvaccinated children are often healthier overall than vaccinated children for this very reason (10). It really changes the message when you take a closer look, doesn’t it?

I know you’re pretty set on what you believe. You’re afraid. You’ve been led to fear disease in order to vaccinate your child, and then further led to fear those who don’t vaccinate in order to make sure that they vaccinate their children as well. Because let’s be honest–if vaccines really worked the way you’ve been told they do, you really shouldn’t be worried and broadcasting your fears. If you truly believed in vaccines, your memes should exert confidence instead of fear.

The truth is, however, you worry because you’ve been told to worry. It wasn’t always like this though. People weren’t always afraid–even long before we had 72 doses of vaccines and high levels of compliance. You see, all of the infectious diseases we vaccinate for have not been deadly in this country since prior to the introduction of vaccines. Fear has just been used to sell vaccines. It’s all part of the plan to get everyone vaccinated.

I know it’s not what you’ve been told, and I know that rethinking everything can be scary. It may even be scarier for you than the diseases you fear, but you need to step back and do your own research. Use logic and reasoning to think through the propaganda. Learn the actual history behind vaccination (11).

And then, ask yourself, Why would someone choose not to vaccinate their child? You may be surprised at what you discover. You may also be surprised to find that many of us actually did vaccinate, and our children suffered from severe adverse reactions. It’s not just 1 in a million like you’ve been told.

Instead of fearing the majority of the population for being unvaccinated, fear those who are spreading the lies in order to coerce the population into mandatory vaccine compliance. Discover the truth for yourself and then rise up and share it, so that others may do the same. The truth is liberating, and it can truly set you free.

11. Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History
12. Coronavirus Vaccine Skips major protocol on safety testing:…/coronavirus-vaccine-trial-no-…

*Note We Deliberately Miss Spell Some Words or Add Capital Letters To Get Around Big Tech Censoring.

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