October 3, 2023 8:42 pm

Vaccines are Causing Most Type I Diabetes


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Vaccines are Causing Most Type I Diabetes


From the odds ratios, it’s clear that at least 75% of all cases are caused by the childhood vaccines. However, the medical community will never acknowledge they are responsible for this error.

Mother of child who got Type I diabetes from vaccine injection speaks out

Debbie Nease was a believer in vaccines. But after a vaccine injection caused one of her kids to develop Type I diabetes in just a few weeks after the shot, she discovered that she had been lied to and that vaccines aren’t safe. No more vaccines for her kids. The doctors shrugged their shoulders when asked to explain how this can happen to a perfectly healthy child just days after he was injected.

Executive summary

I recently interviewed a mother, Debbie Nease, whose son was perfectly normal. He got a vaccine shot and within days, he was a type I diabetic. Is this just an isolated anecdote? It turns out it isn’t.

We know from many studies that vaccines are the primary cause of auto-immune diseases. For example, my survey of over 10,000 kids showed an OR of 22 which means that 95% of autoimmune diseases, in general, are caused by vaccines. Anyone can replicate that survey in 24 hours, but nobody in mainstream medicine will dare to do this.

The same survey showed that kids who were vaccinated were about 4.7 times more likely to get diabetes than kids who avoided all vaccines (and the k-shot).

The clincher is that there is a pediatric clinic in America which has had thousands of fully unvaxxed kids over the last 25 years. The rate of type 1 diabetes in that practice is zero.

Could there be other causes of type 1 diabetes? Of course. But the pediatric clinic is evidence that the vast majority of type 1 diabetes is preventable and the main intervention is stopping the shots.

The evidence

Here’s the evidence supporting my hypothesis.

If you can show that all this evidence fits your hypothesis better, I’m all ears. That’s what science is about.

  1. The control group study showed no diabetes in 1,000 people who were fully unvaccinated
  2. My survey odds ratio calculation for vaccinated vs. fully unvaccinated risk of type I diabetes:
  3. When you remove the suspected cause, the problem appears to completely disappear. A pediatric clinic with no vaccines has no type I cases in 25 years. This is hard for anyone to explain. It will be written up and submitted to the medical literature. When you combine this fact with the 4.7 odds ratio in the point above, it’s very clear that 75% or more of type 1 diabetes is caused by the vaccine.
  4. The climbing rates of type I diabetes worldwide with no explanation as kids get more and more shots over time:
  5. The explanations for the climbing rates of type I diabetes don’t fit because there isn’t a causal link established between any of these factors and type I diabetes. According to this Healthline article, “these factors include the early introduction of cow’s milk, short duration of breastfeeding, and perhaps even pollution.” So where is the study showing a later introduction of cow’s milk and a longer duration of breast fixes the problem?
  6. Type I diabetes is a modern disease. Even the mainstream docs admit that type 1 diabetes is entirely a modern disease. The Healthline article points out that “scant descriptions of diabetes from ancient literature seem to only describe type 2 diabetes.”
  7. Too many “coincidences” among parent reports where their child developed diabetes shortly after vaccination.

Why do medical studies always fail to find a link between vaccines and type I diabetes? Because they were designed not to.

  • Where is the study looking at the number of case onsets happening before a vaccine shot vs. after a vaccine shot?
  • Why aren’t any of these studies that purport to not find a link comparing the fully unvaccinated kids with the fully vaccinated kids?
  • Why are all these studies looking at a single vaccine only? That signal would be hard to find because the difference between a child getting 70 vaccines vs. 69 isn’t going to show a signal.

If there is no link, then the pediatric clinic which eschews vaccines should have the same rate of diabetes as the surrounding clinics.

So someone is lying.

The authors reviewed studies that compared vaccination rates in 13,000 children with type 1 diabetes with control children, finding no association between receipt of any childhood vaccine and the subsequent development of type 1 diabetes.

My study was the same size as theirs, but I compared fully vaccinated kids with fully unvaccinated kids and found a huge signal. Why didn’t they do it my way?

Are vaccines the only cause?

There are likely other possible causes of type I diabetes, but the point of this article is that the data I’ve been able to collect shows that vast majority are caused by the childhood vaccines which is why pediatric clinics which eschew vaccines have dramatically lower rates of type 1 diabetes than those who do not. Otherwise, how can you explain that?


The data I’ve seen on the vaxxed vs. unvaxxed shows that over 75% of the cases of type 1 diabetes are caused by the vaccines.

If you want to disprove me, simply show me the study of the fully unvaccinated rate vs. fully vaccinated rate are comparable. I’ve never seen such a study.

Studies that are purportedly designed to find an association between vaccines and type 1 diabetes are flawed because they never look at:

  1. the onset time relative to the last vaccination,
  2. the type of vaccine (they only look at one at a time), and
  3. they never compare the rates in the fully vaccinated with the fully unvaccinated in the same community or medical practice.

If they did any of these things, they’d immediately discover why they are failing to find a signal.

It took me just 24 hours to collect the data in my survey. Why don’t they do something similar? They don’t even try this!

This is a huge failing of evidence-based medicine that they are all incapable of finding a signal that would go against the government narrative.

It’s almost as if they don’t want to know they got it wrong.

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