WHO questions vaccine safety

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In last week’s newsletter we urged everyone to watch The Highwire episode from that week. The episode featured stunning admissions made by World Health Organization Scientists at a Vaccine Safety Summit held in Geneva in early December 2019.
Here is a condensed version of the footage from the WHO summit
World Health Organization Vaccine Safety Summit for Lawmakers – from Highwire
The testimony from several scientists was simply stunning. They admit that the necessary safety studies on vaccines have not been done.

Below is a press release from the AVN about the proceedings at the WHO summit. Please copy & paste the press release and send it to your local and federal members of parliament.
You can search for your state and federal members here:
Perhaps look up who are the local government representatives in your area.

We all need to demand that the Australian Government takes notice of this information.

Send this information to your colleagues, friends and family.
Press Release
World Health Organization Questions Vaccine Safety

“In Medical school, you’re lucky if you have a half day on vaccines, never mind keeping up to date with all of it.” – Prof Heidi Larson, PhD. Director Vaccine Confidence Project

On December 2nd 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) held a Global Vaccine Safety Summit in Geneva. The event was live-streamed and footage from the summit reveals the intense questioning from top Scientists and Medical professionals on vaccines and the safety of vaccines.

What this summit has shown to the world is that people who want stronger vaccine safety science and safety studies are not ‘anti-vax’ – they are rational human beings wanting to ensure the right decisions are being made for the global population. The summit also reveals that ‘the science isn’t settled’. In fact, the science hasn’t been done.

Prof. Heidi Larson, Ph.D., Professor of Anthropology, Director of the Vaccine Confidence Project and staunch supporter of vaccines was the closing speaker for the event. Her talk was to inform attendees on ‘how to move forward in addressing communication and behaviours in relation to vaccine safety.’
Dr Larson urges the healthcare community to stop using the derogatory term ‘anti-vaxxer.’

“One of our biggest challenges I think now is getting rid of the term “anti-vax’, getting rid of the hostile language, and starting to have more conversations, to be open to questions, to make people feel like they shouldn’t be judged for asking questions.”

She also admits that a lot of the ‘vaccine scepticism online’ is not ‘misinformation’ and that there is a lot of ambiguity in the safety field.

“The biggest problem is a lot of it’s not misinformation. Our problem is, as we’ve heard in the last 24 hours, that there’s not anything 100%, and what actually can legally without creating a censorship thing, can we actually say is misinformation? We have a lot of ambiguity in the safety field, and we have to come to terms with that, so we have to think about it differently, than ‘deleting misinformation’ but building trust, so people are willing to put up with a certain amount of risk because they believe in it enough.”

Prof Larson also goes on to admit:
“There’s a lot of safety science that’s needed. Without the good science, we can’t have good communication. So, although I’m talking about all these other contextual issues and communication issues, it absolutely needs the science as the backbone. You can’t repurpose the same old ‘science’ to make it sound better if you don’t have the science that’s relevant to the new problems.”

She also highlights the unique position in human history that has shifted populations to the very fragile state of vaccine-induced-immunity” https://www.facebook.com/HighWireTalk/videos/1248648795324693/

Dr Bassey Okposen, Nigerian Doctor and Program manager for NEEICC asks a very vital question regarding different antigens, different adjuvants and whether these ingredients are or could be ‘cross-reacting’ with each other, and where the safety studies are on these interactions. Dr Robert Chen, Scientific Director of Brighton Collaboration, attempts to answer, but fails miserably.

His answer is too long to quote, here is a link https://www.facebook.com/HighWireTalk/videos/2448345268759271/
He takes almost 5 minutes to say – no they aren’t looking at that, but maybe they should.

We ask that you watch and report on this vital vaccine summit – here is a link to a condensed version of the live stream

The original stream can be found on the WHO summit event page. It is broken into parts by days, and speakers.

Many valid points were raised during the event, such as:

Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, M.D., Chief Scientist, W.H.O., Pediatrician – I think we cannot overemphasize the fact that we really don’t have very good safety monitoring systems in many countries, and this adds to the miscommunication and the misapprehensions because we’re not able to give clear-cut answers when people ask questions about the deaths that have occurred due to a particular vaccine…

Dr. David Kaslow, M.D. – V.P., Essential Medicines, Drug Development program PATH Center for Vaccine Innovation and Access (CVIA)
So in our clinical trials, we are actually using relatively small sample sizes, and when we do that, we’re at risk of tyranny of small numbers.

The mantra that vaccines are “safe and effective” is no longer acceptable.
In light of these revelations by the WHO, the AVN demands that the Federal Government fulfil the promise made 6 years ago by Prof Peter McIntyre that they would use the data in the ACIR to compare the overall health of the fully vaccinated, the partially vaccinated and the completely unvaccinated.

This needs to be done as a matter of urgency.

Until we have real scientific evidence showing that vaccines are safe for everyone, the Federal and State Governments need to immediately withdraw No Jab No Pay and No Jab No Play legislation.

When the experts state publicly that they don’t know how vaccines work or whether they are safe, it is time for Australia to exercise their duty of care on this issue.

Aneeta Hafemeister, AVN President / 0427 362 990
Meryl Dorey, AVN founder / 0414 872 032

*Note We Deliberately Miss Spell Some Words or Add Capital Letters To Get Around Big Tech Censoring.

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