September 23, 2023 11:56 pm

DEATH of the American CITY: Nine Trends You Need to Know


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DEATH of the American CITY: Nine Trends You Need to Know

By Health Ranger Report

0:00 DEATH of the American CITY

15:00 Other Headlines

28:08 Target Retailer

35:58 Nine trends

– Why American cities will collapse into zombie crime zones

– Why nearly all retailers will FLEE

– Expert wants to convert San Fran buildings into water slides and pinball parks

– The wave of “American refugees” coming soon

– Climate lockdowns and quarantine (death) camps

– DOJ stealing donation money from J6 political prisoners

– Why we need private digital money that the corrupt regime can’t steal from us

– Charges dropped against U-Haul driver in latest fed-run false flag op

– How to bankrupt Target (it’s all about the debt)

– Target VP of Marketing pushes trans mutilations in public schools

Here’s what others had to say:

Has anyone considered that these woke companies going broke as we vote with our dollars is a planned past of the destruction of society as we’ve known it?
And then you factor in the looting coupled with minimal policing of the criminals to destroy these major companies on a 2nd front?
So we have these companies losing dollars from conservatives intentionally not shopping there plus the loss of revenue from the looting of the left. That’s gotta be about the quickest way to take down large consumer supply chains.

Klaus Barbie
The plan appears to be to have government operatives to take down the grid and blame it on white conservatives. It could be done by hacking or some high altitude EMP weapons and no one would know what happened. The latter being an absolute guarantee that 90% of the population will die within 18 months because there is no way to repair all the transformer damage. You could even have the grid taken down without an EMP and how many people even would know that a transformer is damaged. Most people aren’t electrical engineers and wouldn’t know a bad transformer from crabgrass. The only hint would be that on battery or generator power a lot of electronics still function. Regardless when those hordes of refugees do show up, how do you sort them out. You will want professionals and craftsmen. You will need radiation monitors, survivalist, hunters, veterinarians and farmers. You will need doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, anesthesiologists etc. You will want electricians, plumbers, mechanics, carpenters, midwives, school teachers, herbalists, electronics and mechanical engineers and technicians. Then you are going to need the chemists, blacksmiths, gunsmiths, ferriers, machinists, explosive experts and all those people who know those technical obscurities like how to build wood gasifiers and steam engines out water heaters and shock absorbers people who know how to make cement and mortar. Build barrel wood-stoves, alcohol stills, septic systems and solar generators to run well pumps. All these people are going to need their families to be with them. Everyone else that is not skilled is going to have to be laborers doing work such as raising food and cutting wood. Those who do not want to work will work or starve. If you have no skills and no work ethic and were a burden on society before the collapse you will never even be considered. And if you try any shit you will be killed.

They’re going to ruin and corrupt these blue cities so badly that it will take nukes to clean it all up. Maybe that is the plan.

Martin Armstrong had an interesting post today regarding CEI scores; (see Per Armstrong, Sorros’ Human Rights Campaign has turned human rights into a culture war that is destroying woke businesses. In fact, no company is forced to report their policies to this agency. Yes, they get graded based on the information they report – like how woke are you – however nothing need be reported. This post is about Warren Buffet who simply declines to report Berkshire Hathaway’s business to HRC. They have not suffered as a result and Armstrong suggests that Fortune 500s simply refrain from reporting (if they see fit). “These businesses try to appease the HRC but should focus on their clients.” You go, Martin! I would guess that nothing could ever keep Target or Anheuser Busch from supporting transsexuals and or transgender modifications to children and we must shop accordingly. But hopefully others will consider having some respect for the rest of us.

Tamara Cota
Stop pushing the 2 cryptos. The ONLY digital assets that WILL survive the coming economic catastrophe are ISO20022 compliant coins that are backed by gold, silver, copper, etc. There are just 7 or 8 that will end up being viable and the rest, including Bitcoin which is a crime coin backed by thin air and so inflated because it is used for money laundering and to fund human and child sex trafficking will be going away permanently. XRP (backed by gold), XLM (backed by silver), XDC (backed by copper) and 4 others (not the 2 you keep talking about), I think IOTA, ALGO, QUANT, and one or two others (again, not the 2 you keep pushing) will be good to own. I fear you are steering a whole bunch of people who ready have no affordability into something where they WILL loose all their money. Gold, Silver, XRP, XLM, XDC are what you should be putting your fiat money into before it all comes down and time is short to do so. Do your research Mike before you go losing bunches of money for yourself and others who listen to you.

mary allen
I don’t know who the people fleeing the cities think will support them in the suburbs. They should flee to Washington, DC and beg their taskmasters to take care of them. People living in the rural areas can count themselves lucky if they can feed themselves, their families, and pay taxes and bills to keep what they got. That’s if we’re allowed to keep what we work and paid for.

Vira T.
Very disappointed that Mike would plant a seed that regular Americans form militia groups against other regular Americans and consider shooting them for fleeing danger in their hometowns/cities and taking shelter in their rural areas. That’s not just un-American; that is Anti-Christian. That is more demonic than any silly insane agenda playing out now.
What we in the US are facing is chaos coming from a lack of leadership. This may be due to complete ineptitude. Or perhaps it’s planned demolition. Strains of the quarantine camp plan have played as far back as 2014 when Christie (a Republican) then gov of NJ held a nurse (Kaci Hickox) in a quarantine tent upon her return from Africa where she assisted in an Ebola outbreak. She created so much negative publicity that tents and quarantines were abandoned until… you know.
The thing is that we the people, we Americans, must plan on outsmarting this disaster by supporting each other – not pitting city against town. If we resort to an every one for himself attitude and to considering fleeing citizens as being a swarm, that will destroy us by dividing us. And as JESUS said (long before Lincoln) in Matthew: ‘every city or house divided against itself will not stand.’

I’m with Mike when it comes to running to a Dr. with every injury or problem. You don’t have to have 8+ years of college/med school to learn how to treat issues. I can’t believe the people that will go to the emergency room over a bruise, low fever or even a insect bite. I recently went thru a problem where I was very sick. All I knew were telling me to go to the emergency room or see a Dr. ( which I don’t even have) But I decided you either believed in the alternatives you have learned and trusted your own common sense or you didn’t. I did. I finally was able to address the problem with the right treatments and in just a few days had improved almost 100% Honestly believe if i had chosen the hospital/MD route, I would be on several pharma drugs by now. Exactly what I didn’t.

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