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“If You Choose to Participate on Twitter, You are Feeding a Cyber Warfare Engine. So Just Stop” Dr Malone



URGENT: JUST 7 DAYS REMAIN TO HELP SAVE INDEPENDENT MEDIA & ANR, SO LET'S CUT THE BS & GET TO THE POINT - WE WILL BE FORCED LAY OFF STAFF & REDUCE OPERATIONS UNLESS WE ARE FULLY FUNDED WITHIN THE NEXT 2 WEEKS - Sadly, less than 0.5% of readers currently donate or subscribe to us But YOU can easily change that. Imagine the impact we'd make if 3 in 10 readers supported us today. To start with we’d remove this annoying banner as we could fight for a full year...

Opinion pieces don’t necessarily reflect the position of our news site but of our Opinion writers.


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“If You Choose to Participate on Twitter, You are Feeding a Cyber Warfare Engine. So Just Stop” Dr Malone

Twitter is a Weapon, not a Business

In the information war, nothing is what it seems, and your mind is the battleground

I am constantly amazed at the naïvety of many of my colleagues regarding the media landscape and ongoing unrestricted information warfare practices. Here are two recent examples just to illustrate the point. If you choose to participate in Twitter, you are feeding a Cyber Warfare engine. So just stop.

From the article “Cyber Warfare: A New Frontier in Foreign Policy” (published in 2016)

“Much like the chlorine gas and machine guns of World War I, our governments have a new generation of weaponry at their disposal. The world has never seen a planet encompassing cyber war, nor could it imagine the consequences of digital attrition and its effects on the real world. Unlike conventional warfare, there was no Geneva Convention outlining the moral standards for cyber attacks on nation states. But most importantly, it is difficult to decipher the point in which a cyber attack warrants a direct military response.”

People think of me as just having understanding of one domain, basically vaccines, biodefense, FDA/regulatory affairs and suchlike. I routinely get advised to “stay in your lane” by various media figures. What they have problems understanding is that my experience is much broader than that. Good heavens, I came up with the RNA as a medicine/vaccine platform idea when I was 28. I have done a lot since then, despite the gaslighting and what Paul Offit may spew.

Among other things, as a consultant I have won billions and billions of dollars in federal contract awards for my clients when acting as proposal manager, subject matter expert, and proposal author. This is because I have the ability to dive into new technical domains, quickly understand the fundamentals, and then write convincing proposals in response to US Federal requirements. As a consequence, I have signed many non-disclosure agreements (which limit what I can disclose about what I know), and have performed deep dives into a variety of different business and technical/strategic plans. <For the record- My pay rate for this work was typically $300/hr, which is modest for someone with my knowledge base and track record. Enough to pay the bills, but not enough to yield the “millions” of dollars which the trolls claim that I have been paid>.

For many years, one of my clients was a company known as “Behavior Matrix”, which has since been sold in 2017 to Element Data. Element Data is partnered with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Snowflake. Here is one case study in how Element Data supports the Healthcare industry, and another study regarding the Pharmaceutical industry. My point here is that I do have insights into the current status of Cyber. And it goes far beyond this specific example.

It can be hard for outsiders not familiar with the technologies to begin to understand the Cyber War battlefield terrain. So let’s being with an easy example: flash mobs. Per Wiki, “A flash mob (or flashmob) is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform for a brief time, then quickly disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment, satire, and artistic expression. Flash mobs may be organized via telecommunications, social media, or viral emails.” The exploitation of social media and email to assemble and direct group or mob behavior has become extremely sophisticated (more to follow), but I will start with an easy example that will be familiar to many of you.

Carolina Galvin works for Dr. Peter McCullough (among others), and is a specialist in a fairly crude form of flashmob management. Over years, she has passed out slips of paper with a QR code to virtually anyone she meets. They scan the QR, and it takes them to a site where they can enroll to support whatever mission Ms. Galvin wishes to deploy them on. She now has an army of cyberwarriors that she can deploy with any message of her choosing to provide support or attack the causes of her clients via social media. She sends the message, they act in mass in what appears to be a spontaneous uprising. This article (“New Report Details Efforts to Infiltrate, Disrupt Health Freedom Movement”) was written, in part, about Carolina, and is partially based on the report “The Themis Report: Anatomy of Infiltration in the Grassroots Health Freedom Movement.”

This is akin to the Bot farms which so many of us are familiar with, but – although crude – this method can be more effective in penetrating a wide range of social media venues, as the transactions appear more genuine. The same general approach can be applied to physical assemblies – protests or “spontaneous uprisings”- although I am not aware that this has been part of Ms. Galvin’s business model. But this type of method, involving lists of contacts, can and is often weaponized to enable the physical “Flashmob” phenomena. Send out a message, and thousands or hundreds of thousands (depending on your list size) suddenly assemble at some location fired up for some purpose or action. Are you following still?

This approach, and all of the derivatives, is seen as both a threat and an opportunity for governments, corporations, non-profit advocacy groups, political parties etc. In a sense, we are all familiar with very simple versions of this; if you have donated to any political campaign over the last decade or so, you probably now find yourself on a national database getting periodic unsolicited texts or emails calling for donations or actions to be taken.

So, how does this relate to Twitter? And how has this developed?

First to Twitter.

The research and consulting firm “Edify” has recently disclosed results from a client-driven research project designed to analyze the relationships between the law firm of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati (WSGR), Twitter, Biden White House, Obama White House, James Baker, Alexander Macgillivray, Vijaya Gadde, and Anthony Fauci’s daughter, Alison Fauci, who is an engineer at Twitter. The first two of these analyses have been published here and here, and at least one more is anticipated in the near future. The findings clearly document the deep web of relationships tying together WSGR, Twitter, the censorship of President Trump, President Barack Obama, President Joe Biden and the Office of Science and Technology Policy and Google. All of these run through Alexander Macgillivray. Macgillivray currently serves the Biden White House OSTP (Office of Science and Technology Policy) as the Principal Deputy U.S. CTO (Chief Technology Officer).

What Edify documents is the web of relationships which have guided the censorship practices of the US Government-Technology/Social media alliance. As I read through the first of the two analyses, titled “EDIFY: CRITICAL NEXUS: TWITTER, WSGR, MACGILLIVRAY & WHITE HOUSE” (September 15, 2022), my interest was piqued by the documentation of the deep connections between Twitter, Biden, Obama, and the central role of Twitter as a tool for information and psychological warfare.

Precisely the hot button issue that I discussed on the Joe Rogan Experience when I used those three words “Mass Formation Psychosis,” which triggered such a visceral reaction from the Silicon Valley technology giants, the Trusted News Initiative, and Peter Breggin.

Based on relationship mapping, Edify draws the following conclusions:

Twitter is the central node and the keystone to understandingTwitter’s inherent value to the elites, political class and federal apparatus writ large is found in its ability to engage in perception management, which is a technical term more commonly referred to as “psyops” or “psychological warfare”. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Twitter engages in perception management in its capacity to establish and manipulate reality by means of actively determining and shaping the content on its platform. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] Twitter consumers can receive filtered content or are prevented from receiving, seeing or having the ability to publish content altogether. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

The de facto censorship occurs primarily along the lines of determining and enforcing community standards, guidelines and rules for user engagement. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] The evidence is clear that the decisions here appear to fall along clearly identifiable political lines resembling two-tier justice. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Content determination, algorithmic manipulation and politically motivated censorship of off-reservation messaging and political opposition are all evidenced examples of how Twitter engages in perception management or appears to do so. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Two evidenced domains of Twitter’s engagement in perception management include censoring content relative to COVID-19 [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] and the Hunter Biden Laptop story.

(Footnotes from above text:)

  1. Twitter is a recognizable and identifiable as a gatekeeper of public information
  2. Twitter operates in alignment with a strict political agenda
  3. Twitter’s agenda alignment appears along the lines of progressive liberal and Democrat thought and policy
  4. Twitter’s collective actions technically rise to the level of engagement in perception management
  5. Twitter engagement in perception management includes content determination, algorithmic manipulation and apparent active censorship against off-reservation messaging [conservative content favorable to Trump]
  6. WSGR represents Twitter in all of its corporate disclosures making WSGR integral to all things
  7. WSGR partner Larry Sonsini is regarded as the “Godfather of Silicon Valley” [90]
  8. WSGR employed Alexander Macgillivray, another Harvard Law product, who went on to become an apparent architect for censorship practices while serving that capacity in the Obama and Biden White Houses
  9. WSGR has critical ties to factually inconvenient individuals and entities such as Arbutus, Moderna and the mRNA vaccines vis-a-vis Arbutus’ patent holdings on the lipid nanoparticle envelope
  10. WSGR is involved in ongoing litigation respective to the previous point

The quote above is just the beginning of the analytical conclusions, which include this gem:

Alison Fauci is a Twitter software engineer who by title, would possess the technical capabilities and access to function as outlined in the testimony. 

Beyond Alison Fauci’s functionality as a conduit or intermediary for Dr. Anthony Fauci and his principals at the NIH/NIAID and up, Alison Fauci is by title technically positioned to potentially extract private Twitter user data on designated people including political opposition. Any such extracted data could be fed back upstream to the Obama, Biden cartel et al.

It’s also further evidence of a distinct pattern of nepotism threading through all of these matters where spouses and children play critical roles determined by their placement into the broader construct.

Alison Fauci was positioned to be a possible conduit of information in an intermediary fashion relative to the Anthony Fauci cohort and its preferences for Twitter’s censorship policies for reliable COVID content damaging to the COVID construct of enterprise fraud and that official narrative.

During days gone by, that alone would merit an opinion editorial in the pages of the NY Times and Washington Post, as it clearly represents a sort of turbo-nepotism and clear (previously undisclosed) conflict of interest. It certainly merits deposition in the ongoing lawsuit of the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana, Eric Schmidt and Jeff Landry, along with the New Civil Liberties Alliance, against the US Federal Government and Big Tech.


But that was not the part of the analysis which triggered my memory, but the following quote regarding “color revolutions” and the current Twitter General Counsel Vijaya Gadde from the second report, titled “EDIFY: CRITICAL NEXUS II: VADDE, TWITTER, WSGR, BIDEN & DURBAN” published October 09, 2022. The following quote is in reference to the historic events surrounding the “Arab Spring” color revolution uprising which began in 2012.

“At the time, Egyptians and Tunisians were rising up, facilitated by technology, in what the media dubbed a Twitter Revolution. “It was a no-brainer for me, because I wanted to be part of a company that was really dramatically changing the world,” Gadde says. She credits her boss at Juniper, General Counsel Mitchell Gaynor, for being supportive.”   – NYU Law Magazine [1]

What are the chances that then President Obama did nothing to promote and ensure success for the Arab Spring because its true purpose was to serve as a beta-test for the use of the Twitter platform in future censorship and color revolution applications in the U.S.?

The application of Occam’s reveals that this is likely the case and Vadde’s testimony here is evidence suggestive of this position.

WSGR product and central node Alex Macgillivray threads the Obama and Biden White Houses together. Macgillivray currently serves as the Biden White House CTO. Macgillivray appointed WSGR product Gadde to be his successor at Twitter and whereby Gadde was central both to the de-platforming of then President Trump and the censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop affair. It further aggravates the position on Twitter relative to engagement in color revolutions.

At the time, President Obama said this,

“The United States has supported the forces of change.” – President Obama [2]

Obama did not say that he supported the countries of change but rather the forces of change; citing the countries as “inspiration”.

Those are carefully constructed statements with specific word choice and when discernment is applied, we understand the “forces of change” to be digital ones, like Twitter. This comports with the Arab Spring being a Twitter Beta test. The same general people are now positioned to serve the Biden Administration on the follow-through.

“But the company [Twitter] confronts myriad issues falling within Gadde’s  bailiwick, from privacy to intellectual property. Here, she relies on  her earlier experience at Twitter when she also managed its  international team….Gadde says the greatest challenge on the horizon is transforming the  legal department into a more global enterprise, to mirror the company’s  international reach. “We are working hard to protect our users so that  they can speak on our platform and use this to change the world or voice  political dissent or whatever it is they want to do, and that just  makes us so proud,” Gadde says.” – NYU Law Magazine [1]

Gadde’s protections for voice and political dissent were full-stop at then President Trump when Gadde was central to his de-platforming. Contextually, we infer Gadde’s comments to be descriptive of the “forces of change” then President Obama cited in reference to color revolutions, his engagement in them and the digital assets like Twitter’s platform that are facilitating those revolutions.

There are many more intertwined relationships which are revealed in the second report, all of which basically appear to point towards making a case for the relevance of the Racketeering and Corrupt Practices Act (RICO) in this situation. There is also an easter egg for those seeking to better understand the Elon Musk/Twitter deal, which is absolutely not about Elon Musk being a champion of free speech.

On 12 Jan 22, WSGR issued a press release [4] detailing its advisement on a $1 billion series D capital financing deal. WSGR advised Checkout.com [5], which is an online payment processing platform.

According to WSGR, the Qatar Investment Authority [6] is featured as primary investor.

The Qatar Investment Authority is funding Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter [7]. WSGR represents Twitter in all corporate disclosures as discussed in the FIRST BRIEF.

Egon Durban was linked in the FIRST BRIEF by means of Twitter’s board, Silver Lake Capital and the WME Talent and Literary Agency, which intersects with Ari and Rahm Emanuel and the Obama White House.

The following is impacted by the fact set surrounding China’s inroads to and influence over [control?] the NBA. [14] [15] [16]

The NY Post reports how Durban and his China/NBA ties overlay the Twitter/Musk deal [emphasis added] [17]:

“Elon Musk’s surprise offer to buy Twitter for his original price of $44 billion followed shrewd maneuvers by a board member who — in addition to a big  stake in Twitter — also happens to own a chunk of the New York Knicks  and Rangers, sources tell The Post. 

Egon Durban — the founder and co-CEO of Silicon Valley hedge fund Silver Lake Partners, which owns about 10% of the Knicks and Rangers — took a hardline stance in negotiations with Musk when other directors  appeared willing to take a settlement to end the legal standoff,  sources close to the situation said.”

Moving on.

What triggered my memory as I read the Edify analyses were the comments about Arab Spring having been used as a testbed for further development and deployment of social media crowd management tools. Specifically:

What are the chances that then President Obama did nothing to promote and ensure success for the Arab Spring because its true purpose was to serve as a beta-test for the use of the Twitter platform in future censorship and color revolution applications in the U.S.?

I happen to know for a fact that the events around Arab Spring were employed in this manner.

There are some key things that people need to understand about social media in general, and Twitter in particular. Most know that essentially all of these platforms are basically deployed as intelligence gathering tools. That is one of their primary functions. What they do not know is that Twitter and some of the others have capabilities which make them more appropriately categorized as Cyber Weapons. These Cyber Weapons target human and group behavior and thought. They are deployed by industry, governments, non-governmental organizations, intelligence agencies, anyone who can afford to pay.

First off, please recognize that if you are using a cell phone to communicate in any region with multiple cell phone towers, your precise location can be readily identified by signal triangulation. And of course that can then be coupled with high resolution satellite imaging. If you are using a social media tool in that environment, then who you are, what you are concerned about, and where you are in space is all public information and can be readily determined. And here is where things get even more interesting. The Arab Spring protests were most definitely used as a test bed for these capabilities.

The emotional content of your social media communications can be abstracted. Not just what you are “tweeting”, but your underlying feelings, and the strength of those feelings. And, through your connections, you can be positioned in a cloud map as an influencer, outlier, follower etc. within your group of connections. These maps have proven useful to identify those who are shaping the behavior of factions or crowds (including flashmobs). Those individuals who are shaping crowd behavior in ways which the manipulating organization wishes to increase can be amplified using social media algorithms to further drive the crowd behavior in the desired direction, and those shaping behavior in undesirable directions can be suppressed. Because of the geospatial location capabilities, individuals can also be physically targeted using kinetic weapons or other assets if so desired. Think drone missile strikes, and decentralized drone clouds. Still with me?

The algorithmic manipulations of communication which so many of us have observed during the COVIDcrisis are merely a small component of the overall cyber weapon capabilities of Twitter and other “social media” communication platforms (Tic Tock, Telegram, Facebook, etc.). Multilingual analytical capabilities are now routinely deployed in “elections” all over the world, in protests and “color revolution”-type movements (I suspect including in some of the protest movements over the last few years in the USA), and for mundane commercial activities like selling drugs and (of course) vaccines. This Cyber Warfare technology is values and ethics neutral. It can be used to advance agendas which may seem good or evil. In my opinion, any and all of this intentional manipulation of human thought and emotions is evil, just to be clear. The power of this technology, when deployed, appears to make abstract human concepts such as freedom, sovereignty, ethics and individual autonomy obsolete.

I leave you with selected slides (many years old now) from my old client Behavior Matrix. These are “public”, as opposed to the confidential and/or classified summaries that I have seen which go much deeper into the technology. And Behavior Matrix was just one of many examples of firms that have developed similar capabilities. I offer these so that you can get some sense of the power of the technology which has been developed and is being further enhanced in the present.

In conclusion, please do not be naïve. None of this is “fair”. None of it is “right”. None of it is “Proper”. It is way, way off base from what we thought were the accepted rules for engagement in a representative republic such as ours. Rules and social contract relationships between the government and the governed, the Administrative state and the free citizens which it was intended to serve, which are centuries old. And in the case of the alliance between the US Government and Big Tech, it is clearly a violation of the first amendment of the US Constitution as well as a vehicle for furthering totalitarian control of one political group over their political opponents.

Mattias Desmet is correct, third party actors allied with big tech are very actively manipulating information and seeking to shape your thought and behavior, and put you under a form of mass hypnosis which they control. And these third party actors include the Democratic party of the United States, the Obama and most specifically the Biden administrations. Edify mapping is revealing the shape of the networks of relationships which enable and support this “public-private partnership” (ergo, fascist/corporatist) relationship between these actors. And your behavior, your voting patterns, your buying habits, your very thought and belief systems are the product that is being produced by these Cyber Weapons which masquerade as “social media” businesses.

Every time you interact with Twitter, you feed its machine learning/deep learning tool development. So opt out. Or at the very least understand and accept the fact that you are helping build a more powerful Cyber Weapon with every tweet. You, your thoughts, and your behavior are the product.


And on a related note, there are multiple reports that Twitter is now implementing a color coded social credit scoring/ranking system. Color me “not surprised”.


Editor’s Note:


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Opinion pieces don’t necessarily reflect the position of our news site but of our Opinion writers.

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