February 28, 2024 10:50 am

Tesla Cybertruck Is Officially HERE!


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Tesla Cybertruck Is Officially HERE!

By Tech Future

Tesla Cybertruck is Hitting The Market With Insane New Features.

Elon Musk, the Founder of SpaceX and CEO and Product Architect of Tesla Inc., has been a pioneering force in the tech industry. Tesla was born in 2003, its founders identifying the superior fuel efficiency of battery-electric cars as an opportunity to disrupt the traditional performance/fuel economy dichotomy. Musk entered the picture as a venture capitalist and quickly assumed an active role, overseeing Roadster product design down to the minute details. From the outset, Musk articulated Tesla’s overarching goal: to create affordable, mass-market electric vehicles (EVs).

Tesla and Elon Musk’s innovative contributions to EV technology have consistently taken the world by surprise. Among these innovations are Tesla’s autopilot system, the Tesla coil, and the highly anticipated tabless 4680 battery, Tesla’s rebuttal to Toyota’s solid-state battery. Furthermore, Tesla has unveiled exciting developments in nano and million-mile battery technology, along with the upcoming ‘Tesla Bot’.

The company’s portfolio of electric vehicles, including the Tesla Roadster, Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y, Cybertruck, and Musk’s personal favorite, the Tesla Semi Truck, each incorporate these cutting-edge technologies. These vehicles have performed exceptionally well in the EV market, further solidifying Tesla’s reputation as an industry leader.

In recent years, the success of these models, coupled with the promise of Tesla’s battery technology and other innovations, has sent Tesla’s stock price skyrocketing. The company made history by becoming the second-fastest to reach a $1 Trillion market cap, simultaneously catapulting Elon Musk to the status of the richest man in history.

Here’s what others had to say:

The cyber truck is the one for me. Car of my dreams, I love the security system. I would feel so safe driving it. I mean come on. Finally a car that is actually safe who wouldn’t love that?be serious people.

I really hope there will be a righthand side Steering Wheel version in Europe, and some solar cells

This might mean little fender benders are in the past on this new Tesla vehicle. Imagine not exterior damage at low speed collisions.

Would like to see some solar panels in the tray of this tech, this would make it even more hyped with all the competition out there at the moment…

It certainly is not for everyone. I want to know how those sharp angles are acceptable under current NHTSA rules. Close up pictures suggest the build quality may not be it’s best attribute. The gap between the bumper and body is one point of concern. I hope they fix those before delivery.

They changed it to much, rear view mirrors could have been cameras ( B.M.W. Did)
Room for 6 people ( 3 front seat/ 3 back seat ( hate the console for loss of seat.
The windshield wiper ( hate it, could have had air that blasts the windshield and rain is diverted. And the price hike and delivery during a Resection/ Depression is going to hurt sales, people would rather have a home and food.

A truck built for carpenters, and it looks like it was made out of plywood!

is it driveable on the river? it look water proof. if it does it would be beneficial.

@influential- Indeed, great idea, actually Tesla can do that as an option for all its cars to be charged with a roof solar panel – save cost and recharges parked or driving.

Why don’t they use 316, much more resistant to rust. We used it for most of the applications that would be affected by salt water, especially for our expedition yachts. I’m sure newer alloys have already been created. What an exciting time to be alive. I’m just an old aerospace engineer wishing I were a younger man. Good luck out there. Mars or Bust!!

Here is an Idea you how they got all the different el Electric cars out there and lot of them have different plug ends and different voltages my Idea is to make a Electronic adapter that would adapt to Tesla cars and trucks and the adapter would give the right voltage to a Tesla car. And also Tesla could make a adapter so the other brands could hook up to a Tesla charging system. Yes I think it would be a great under taking but when have that option that would make everyone life much Simpler. And everyone could make a little extra money at the same time.

How do you all feel about the look? I’m on the Fence. Amazing Technology as always from Tesla!!

This is a dangerous vehicle in more ways than one! Your not going to survive if this hit you, if it hit your car just know that is going to be write off and you badly injured or dead. I doubt this will crumble like normal cars so seat beat injury is guaranteed with concussion or whiplash! I see it now

We’ve been hearing this “release” for many years now. I’m sure thousands have ordered one. Where are they? Kids feel like listening to Connor McGregor and Colby Covington constantly talking about coming back to the ufc to fight. Years have passed with much talk and no fights. That said, I believe the Tesla truck will be on its 10 model before we see McGregor back in the UFC or Covington talk about fighting someone his size and not coming off a loss. Elon, stay away from these two. Don’t let them train you!

The sharp corners of Cybertruck are very dangerous in terms of passive safety for pedestrians. Please, make the sharp corners more rounded!

Pretty cool, but it would be cooler if we got rid of rubber tires, and replaced them with something more environment friendly.

Basically all cars are supposed to flout due to the air in their tier.

Its NOT a pickup truck. Its a chopperd van with rear access only. Where is speedometer and it looks like there are too many blindspots. Only a few people will buy this novelty like the deloreon.

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