February 28, 2024 11:03 am

This Is How Huawei Shocked America With a Smartphone


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This Is How Huawei Shocked America With a Smartphone

By Bloomberg Originals

President Xi Jinping’s November meeting with President Joe Biden at the APEC summit in San Francisco came amid simmering tensions between China and the US. Technology has been at the heart of those strains, particularly Washington’s efforts to restrict Chinese access to key semiconductor innovations.

Huawei’s August unveiling of a new smartphone was a blow to America. The Mate 60 Pro appeared to be more advanced than should have been possible, given import controls imposed by the US Department of Commerce. Bloomberg commissioned the first teardown of the handset, by the analysis firm TechInsights. The findings raised questions about the effectiveness of the US-led controls.

Here’s what others had to say:

America: We are scared that China might use it for weapons.
America: Proceeds to make weapons using same technologies

The fact Raimondo states she’s more worried about the scalibility of the Huawei chip indicates her true intentions of hitting at the commercial success of Huawei instead of the security concerns with such a chip. Military demand for such a chip would be puny and should be more concerning rather than the scability of such a chip.

The fact the US can openly try to hold back another country so that they can be ahead and we all just accept it is just beyond me.

I’m still using the Huawei P20 I bought 7 years ago, best phone I’ve ever had.

If China does an innovation -> Military, Cybercrime etc,
If US does an innovation -> Human wellbeing, medicine etc

America: refuses to sell china chips
China: Makes their own
America: Wait that’s not allowed.

Honestly, I wish them luck in making the smallest chip possible. I am not a fan of sabotaging progress of one to keep another ahead. It is not very “fair play”. So, no matter the consequences, I wish them luck.

What’s even more impressive about the Mate 60, other than the chip which most of the western media focuses on is the rest of the phone. It’s made up of completely domestic Chinese technology, especially in critical areas like 5g modems, the OS, camera lens and sensors, LTPO displays, etc the list goes on. This rapid development of domestic technology on various critical smartphone components is more than impressive.

Western sanctions are like putting extra weight on a man’s back when he’s walking up a hill. At first it slows him down and he strains under the additional difficulty, but over time his muscles develop and he just becomes that much stronger.

Honestly, as a consumer, I am excited for more competition in chip manufacturing. The GPU prices, not to mention car prices have increased due to monoply in this sector.

You actually expect China not to find a way to do it themselves – given that’s exactly what they did with the space station and with Mars.

The fact that America can do all this nonsense to other countries is what annoys me. It’s all normal for them to delay other countries’ development.

It’s a bit arrogant to assume China wouldn’t catch up at pace, in my view. They’re the world’s best manufacturer, have a population of 1.4b people, the world’s largest market for chips, and every year they graduate almost ten times more engineers than the USA. The USA needs to have a domestic chip supply for sure. But to assume they can outclass China at what they do best, manufacturing… I’m not so sure.

America seems to like to constantly underestimate China’s capabilities and always come out surprised.

As a non-American I am not in the least concerned about China’s success or China becoming a super power in multi polar world. China does not have an appetite to conquer another country, or drop an atom bomb on a civilian population or impose their “values”. What I am concerned about is US being panicky and provoking China into war just like what they did in Ukraine/Russia.

You were upset that China is advancing it’s technology, but I was happy that the world is moving forward for everyone

US in a way has accelerated Chinese innovation. Thanks to US policies. Now, we are going to have a truly multipolar world.

From the info I’ve been collecting about this:
– This Huawei chip might be the single most advanced 7nm chip in existence, and seems to be on par with 5nm or 4nm chips by the likes of Qualcomm.
– It includes features no other ARM-based SoC chip does, like Hyperthreading, meaning it clearly wasn’t a copy.
– The manufacture process seems to be more reliable than expected; all the actual data collected about the phones, including their teardowns, seems to point to high yields. Huawei is talking about selling tens of millions of such phones per year.
– About the tech needed to manufacture those chips, Huawei says it developed its own EDA tools — which, if true, means it can do completely without the only component of chip manufacturing that is made by US companies. China seems to also have homegrown equipment for every other step of 7nm chip manufacturing apart from the Lithography machine — and even for those, it seems the only part of those lithography machines that China can’t replicate yet is the special UV light source. As soon as China figures out how to duplicate that, they should have cutting edge homegrown chip machines in a year or two.
– Sanctions when a country or company is close to developing the sanctioned tech (or even is already able to replicate it) tend to be counterproductive. It gives the local industry a virtual monopoly, redirecting money that would otherwise be used to purchase foreign tools and products into local industries; this means the foreign companies lose revenue that could be used to boost research, with that revenue being transferred to local companies. This is even more true when the sanctioned country is China, thanks to the sheer scale of its local market.

Restrictions is the birth of innovation. If you want a group to remain stagnant, make them use the same bridge over and over again. The moment you stop them, after periods of difficulty, they will invent a new kind of bridge

My P20 Pro was awesome and lasted me 6yrs without any issues. This whole tech war sucks for the consumers, although i do understand the principles behind it.. humans are just not capable of coexistence, yet.

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