Why the Hesitancy?

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Why the Hesitancy?

By Simeon Cryer

More than half the population of the US has said they won’t take the experimental jab.

Maybe it’s because Pfizer, who just this week was reported as receiving FDA approval, has more than a checkered past.

It’s fascinating that world acclaimed doctors, epidemiologists and other scientists are censored, instantly discredited and immediately fall from grace by daring to speak out about their concerns around this experiment.

In fact, doctors and nurses in Australia are under a gag order from the Australian Medical Association who have threatened to strike them off the list of licensed medical practitioners if they dare say anything on social media (or any other media) that differs from the approved narrative.

It’s remarkable stuff.

So you won’t hear much from the medical profession over here or in fact from the mainstream media.


Here’s a brief glimpse of Pfizer’s lonnnnng track record for safety and ethics.

This is a short list, by no means inclusive of the company’s entire rap sheet.

Pfizer received the biggest fine in U.S. history as part of a $2.3 Billion plea deal with federal prosecutors for mis-promoting medicines (Bextra, Celebrex) and paying kickbacks to compliant doctors.

Pfizer pleaded guilty to mis-branding the painkiller Bextra by promoting the drug for uses for which it was not approved.

In the 1990s, Pfizer was involved in defective heart valves that lead to the deaths of more than 100 people.

Pfizer had deliberately misled regulators about the hazards. The company agreed to pay $10.75 Million to settle justice department charges for misleading regulators.

Pfizer paid more than $60 Million to settle a lawsuit over Rezulin, a diabetes medication that caused patients to die from acute liver failure.

In the UK, Pfizer has been fined nearly €90 Million for overcharging the NHS, the National Health Service.

Pfizer charged the taxpayer an additional €48 Million per year for what should have cost €2 million per year.

Pfizer agreed to pay $430 Million in 2004 to settle criminal charges that it had bribed doctors to prescribe its epilepsy drug Neurontin for indications for which it was not approved.

In 2011, a jury found Pfizer committed racketeering fraud in its marketing of the drug Neurontin. Pfizer agreed to pay $142.1 Million to settle the charges.

Pfizer disclosed that it had paid nearly nearly 4,500 doctors and other medical professionals some $20 Million for speaking on Pfizer’s behalf.

In 2012, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced that it had reached a $45 Million settlement with Pfizer to resolve charges that its subsidiaries had bribed overseas doctors and other healthcare professionals to increase foreign sales.

Pfizer was sued in a U.S. federal court for using Nigerian children as human guinea pigs, without the childrens’ parents’ consent. Pfizer paid $75 Million to settle in Nigerian court for using an experimental antibiotic, Trovan, on the children. The company paid an additional undisclosed amount in the U.S. to settle charges there.

Pfizer had violated international law, including the Nuremberg Convention established after WWII, due to Nazi experiments on unwilling prisoners.

Amid widespread criticism of gouging poor countries for drugs, Pfizer pledged to give $50 million for an AIDS drug to South Africa. Later, however, Pfizer failed to honor that promise.

It’s a beautiful company.

Again, it’s your body and your choice. You do what you believe is right for you.

But these are more than a few reasons why I don’t believe in making this mandatory.

I have trust issues.

Here’s what others had to say:

James Michael Heinemann
Who knows if the poll is even right. Lots here disapprove.

Jonathan Mills
A (most likely intentionally) poorly reported fact: the FDA did not approve it, they just received an extension on their EUA (emergency use authorization).

Carolyn Reynolds
Pfizer nearly killed me with an anaphylactic reaction just like their Celebrex in 2004-2006 now heightened sensitively to Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Which caused a compromise in my Autoimmune system. How much Celebrex hidden in the Pfizer vaccination carrier serum.

Tom Thefurryhatguy Yatar
Every single week it’s some “manipulation tactic” to get the “V” inside us. Free donuts, lotteries, v passports, can’t travel, you’ll be fired if you don’t, free beer, access to restaurants. What’s next on the agenda?

Butch McCracken
Simon, the $$$ amount of all the fines and settlements is STAGGERING! This alone speaks volumes as to profit involved with drugs! It truly is sad if you stop and think. Thank you for this info as it just solidifies why I, like you, will steer clear of the jab. Those that do, I agree your body your choice on this one, but do your research and come up with an educated decision. I, like you Simon, have trust issues.

Grant Middleton
I dont know why so many cautious people actually think that their local GP is some money hungry brain dead goon who recieves kick backs to give out these vaccines, i can agree that their is a bad history in this company, and that a tiny proportion of US doctors were corrupt enough to take kick backs for prescribing their drugs, however, i cannot agree with how you people constantly demonize health care professionals on the basis of the minorities misconduct. I know many GPs who are happy to sit in with their patients, go over the risks, and are happy for the person not to have the jab if they are not comfortable. Feel free to have your own conserns, just be a little bit more mindful of who will be looking after you when you fall unwell. The majotity of doctors out there are doctors because they actually want to look after people.

Evan Curtis
Just smoke Marijuana its far more effective.

Cameron Roberts
Whats worse is some vax companies stock value have risen 6000%+ because of covid19 vaxs – its all about profits before people.

*Note We Deliberately Miss Spell Some Words or Add Capital Letters To Get Around Big Tech Censoring.

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