Nurses Speak Out, #0039, Registered Nurse, QLD, 28/09/21, AHPRA Verified

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Nurses Speak Out, #0039, Registered Nurse, QLD, 28/09/21, AHPRA Verified

By Staff Reporter

I have witnessed many incidences of coercion to get the Covid jab among both colleagues and patients. Some colleagues  were afraid to get the second dose, but felt they had no choice but to complete the two jab requirement.

Many patients had been advised by their GP to get the jab, although some told me their GP wouldn’t give them an answer and they should ask at the hospital if they should get it. I was forced to speak quietly with my patients about avoiding it at all costs but many were bullied into getting the jab when I wasn’t there. 

Long-time staff members were told they would probably be moved to a different area if they didn’t get it.
A fearful environment was allowed to flourish, nurses were worried they would be sent somewhere else if they did not comply.

Lots of sick leave. Various ailments post jab including chest pain dismissed as anxiety, skin complaints, tachycardia, dizziness, vertigo, menstrual irregularities, migraines, exacerbated autoimmune disorders. 

AE for patients who have been jabbed are quite varied.
Severe epistaxis needing rapid rhino
I’ve seen a few nosebleeds, but nothing like this – large golf ball sized clots just falling  out.
Increased number of falls, head strikes
Increased number of patients suffering from shingles-type, erythema and other unusual skin presentations with multiple medication reviews.
Some patients and all Drs not associating with the jabs.
GP mask exemption letters ignored or scoffed at. 

*Drs refuse to consider any suggestion of AE from Covid injections. 
*No education provided on how/where to document Covid injections given in iEMR. 
*Covid injection information not documented by most nursing staff.
*I have never witnessed any documentation regarding Covid injections/AE from Drs in my department.
*No discussion or robust debate permitted 
*All attempts shut down by Consultants and Drs

I can’t explain how previously intelligent people I had respect for, have succumbed to this narrative. It has to be more than just fear of losing their medical license and a big pay packet. I’ve met many who would argue all day the benefits of jabs, masks & lockdowns and refuse to hear anything to the contrary.

I became a nurse because, like many others, I was called. I never thought of it as just a job because I loved it so much. 
So to have my career threatened in this way for declining an experimental medical treatment, as is my right, is both heart wrenching and maddening.

In saying that, my faith leads me to believe a new health system will rise when this deceitful lie is exposed.
It will be staffed by Drs who still remember their Oath, nurses like us, and all the other HCW that know how very wrong this is and are speaking out publicly too.

I’m big on advocating for my patients, they trust me and know I will support them and back them up. Bullying of patients is rife in this health system.

And that system is very sick, as evidenced by these disclosures being made by nurses and other health care workers around the country.

Contact us:
Subject line: Speaking Out

 567 total views

*Note We Deliberately Miss Spell Some Words or Add Capital Letters To Get Around Big Tech Censoring.

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