Nurses Speak Out – Watch Nurses Reporting C0VID Vaxxine Deaths and Injuries – Registered Nurse, 5 Years, Emergency Department, Sydney, NSW

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Nurses Speak Out – Watch Nurses Reporting C0VID Vaxxine Deaths and Injuries – Registered Nurse, 5 Years, Emergency Department, Sydney, NSW

By Nurses Speak Out

I am an RN working in a large hospital serving the local government lock down areas of concern. Some are more detailed as I started noting down these issues. Others are from memory so less detailed. I only write down what I know.

I really will not have the time to list all the vaccine injuries. There are soooo many. But I will list a few.

I have seen the following:

1. 50 year old female had AZ two weeks ago, pt was sent in by her GP with bradycardia and hypertensive but with nil chest pain. Pt was bradycardic at 36-50 beats per minute.
Pt had AZ second vaccine on 23/09. Since having this second jab pt has been unwell, feeling foggy, like something is wrong with her head. Pt stated that her husband has also had the same feeling and that she asked if this was being reported. Escalated to Doctors who stated it wasn’t. Pt was taken back to Resus and needed to be admitted under Cardio and now may require a pacemaker. Pt has no prior medical history and appears otherwise healthy.

2. 48 year old female presenting with neurological issues, numbness, tingling to left side of body, weakness, all scans normal. Pt sent home to see her GP and follow up. Pt told nothing is wrong.

3. 17 year old male, student doing his HSC presented one day post Pfizer, chest pain, headache, CXR, bloods and all tests came back normal. Pt discharged home to follow up with GP stating muscular pain.

4. 33 year old male, a tradie presented with Left sided chest pain, pain ongoing. Pt had pfizer first jab on Sunday and was in ED on Tuesday. Pain was since that day, and got progressively worse. Pt had elevated troponin levels, admitted under cardio, diagnosed with Myocarditis but no mention of link to vaccine. Pt was upset and said he didn’t want to have his second jab. I informed him to see his GP with this adverse reaction as to avoid second jab. This was what he wanted. No one made any link between jab and myocarditis. Pt stated it could only be the vaccine.

5. 28 year old male, a tradie, fit healthy, presented to ED with chest pain, ongoing. Diagnosed with myocarditis. Admitted under cardio. Pt had 1st Pfizer a week before that and had ongoing lethargy since.

6. 34 year old female, presenting with post pfzier neurological issues. Pt stated had the jab a week before on the Wednesday and that same night was unable to move the left side of her body, pt was unable to do anything until the feeling passed and some movement was restored. Pt attended ED, all tests attended, cleared by Neuro team and sent home. Pt then re presented a few days later, symptoms of numbness, weakness L side of body, severe lethargy ongoing. Also complained of a drunk feeling, head feels weird, headaches, pt was unable to walk and had to escort pt to CT brain in a wheel chair. Pt states she got the jab so she can get out of the house, she lives alone and was getting depressed. Pt was awaiting second review of neuro team. No link was made to the jab even when I asked the doctor treating the patient.

7. Many many patients presented all tradies, between the ages of 18 – 60 with ongoing chest pain since pfizer, rarely AZ jab first and second jab, too many to list here. Literally the weekend that they ordered the tradies to have the jab for the lockdown LGAs two days after the waiting room was full of tradies with chest pain. Most diagnosed with myocardicits, some pericarditis, some sent home with nothing is wrong with you, maybe you have anxiety or usually they say muscular, go see your GP.

8. 21 year old female had pfizer Sunday, did not want to get it but was encouraged as did not want to get locked in when her friends can go to the club etc. Since having the Pfizer had some chest pain at Qudos Arena. They gave her some Loratadine thinking its an allergic reaction. She told them she felt better so she can leave. Next day she was in ED, chest pain, SOB, lethargy, unable to do normal walking.

Pt was slim, fit, active, doesn’t drive, always caught public transport and informed me that she was unable to walk fast and the same distance, feels her chest hurts her. Pt was told it was muscular, all tests NAD and sent home to follow up with GP.

9. 82 year old male, had pfzier 1st and 2nd jab, since having the second has had ongoing lethargy for three weeks, unable to get out of bed, did not want to present to ED as worried about covid. Pt all tests NAD, lethargy continued and was unexplained. Pt stil recovering and sent home to recover and follow up with GP.

10. 43 year old female, had 1st AZ three weeks ago, since having the AZ pt had felt unwell according to his wife. Pt stayed home from work for three weeks, unable to do his usual activities and was mostly resting. Lethargy, SOB, C-19 test NEGATIVE. Finally pt felt better, went to work and that same day was sent home by his boss. Pt came home and told his wife he feels like he needs to burp and requested massage of the back area. Pt collapsed, BIBA to ED. CPR commenced by ANSW, continued with ED and then the LUCAS CPR machine. Pt did not make it. 1 hour and 26 minutes after pt was announced dead. Pt has kids. I had to escort kids and wife in to see social worker before they go in and see their father who had now passed. RIP Rapid C-19 tests says NEGATIVE

11. Many nurses having side effects and going home especially after second Pfizer. Headches, severe headaches, tiredness, fever etc, one particular nurse was one of the first to get the Pfzier, had severe headache, lethargic, unable to go to work for weeks, lost hearing, ongoing, finally was able to go to work after 4 weeks. Work did not see it as a vaccine injury as they did not know then about this, he was one of the first. Nurse used annual leave and sick leave. I observed even on this nurses return to work, was not normal, seemed extremely tired, and eyes looked worn out. Eventually recovered but took months before nurse in question appeared normal again.

12. 54 year old senior Police Officer of many years who works now as a detective stated he had the Pfizer and since the second jab has being extra tired, unable to do duties as usual and was on sick leave, pt had presented with ongoing chest pain. Admitted under cardio diagnosed with Myocarditis. C-19 Negative

13. 23 year old female, self presented with bilateral lower limb numbness, nausea, chest pain, post 2nd dose pfizer three days before that. I did not get to see the outcome as I went home but general tests were being run.

Doctors not reporting these incidents. Patients are not getting told they can report it themselves. When questioned as to what is the policy on reporting vaccine injuries to the TGA, the doctors told me what is a vaccine injury. When asking a senior doctor about this he stated that it was not 100 percent that it is the vaccine hence it can’t be reported. Another doctor started avoiding me and told me they he knows nothing about the vaccine and that he does not know anything about the policy. When i asked my educator about this she stated that this was a medical decision and there is no policy for this. When I asked my Clinical NUM she stated they should be reporting it. They are not reporting to the TGA. I told the senior doctor if they don’t report then this will go under reported and Doctor said the same spill, we are not sure it is the vaccine, this happens in the usual population.

Doctors are not reporting this. I have started educating my patients to report to the TGA themselves. Patients are excited to do this as they are upset as many did not want to get it, some wanted to get it but still upset at the doctors approach. Most got it for their jobs. Some got it to come out of lockdowns. Some got it to protect their elderly family. Alot for the pub and to go out. People are depressed. There is a HUGE mental health crisis, so many presentations for MH and for drugs and alcohol, many coming in intoxicated with alcohol. More than usual.

Sometimes the Acute area is full of mental health patients all setting each other off, Ambulance bay full of scheduled patients. Its a normal site, people are anxious, depressed and some self harming, some have a plan for suicide, admit under mental health is their plan.

I have so many more stories to tell but I really don’t have time at the moment.

The doctors are acting dumb, they are not interested about reporting vaccine injuries and are making no correlation between the vaccine or the injury even if if the presentation is within a day of the pfizer or AZ.

We are starting to see younger people 16 + to 24 come in with side effects, I don’t mention here the reactions that are standard like fever, allergic reaction etc, I have only documented above the the chest pain, neurological issues, feeling weird, another nurse had bells palsy after first pfizer but still wanted to have her second. A nurse high up that is leading the surveillance swab testing area. No correlation made at all. She asked the ED doctor if it was the vaccine Pfizer and he said no so she accepted that.

More people coming in with miscarriages too, not sure if linked but jab is highly encouraged and most have had x 1 jab pfizer. Sent to early pregnancy clinic with threatened miscarriage. Bleeding in females, ongoing. One worker told me she bled for weeks.

I wish what I am saying above is not true, but it is.

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*Note We Deliberately Miss Spell Some Words or Add Capital Letters To Get Around Big Tech Censoring.

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