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The Resistance is starting its own modern 21st Century Education system, via collective home schooling

Are you interested in saving your kid from being Jabbed and getting them a real education ?

A new modern day education system is required now, the Government’s are mandating your children can be vaxxed without your consent once they are 12, even without parental permission, starting immediately.

For parents who no longer want their kids sent to a indoctrination system, which is an outdated, and failing school education system, charging a fortune and are no longer safe.

Using a new system of collective Home Schooling, based on a monthly subscription fee ( to be determined) to fund venue hire, and recruiting teaches and private educators, and using technology to of zoom etc, to broadcast educational lessons .
A brand new not for profit ,21st Century Education system can be taught, for less than 10% of the massive cost of our current failing education systems.

Parents Say They Will Pull Their Child Out of School Over V@X Mandate

Opt In Here If You’d Like To Be An Organiser To Set Up One in your local area.

Opt in here if you’d be interested in sending your child or children to such new non governmental, collective home Schooling schools if one is started in your area.

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