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Australia Day awards diminished forever after Covid crooks get AO’s –


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Scomo said it was like yarding sheep as the poor buggers line up for a death shot in Melbourne

By Jeanine Bird

While thousands of good people were nominated or won awards Australia-wide for amazing work in their communities, the award has been trashed by the “Givers Of The Gong” in awarding Brett Sutton, former Chief Health Officer of Victoria’s Lock-Down-Lock-Up-&-Jab-Em-Fast-With-A-Bio-weapon era, an AO.

Order of Australia now trashed and meaningless after Victoria killed thousands with mRNA vaxx strongly pushed by Sutton and the corrupt Premier Dan Andrews, likewise Leask in NSW
  • Officer of the Order of Australia. Many awake Aussies and disgusted Victorians will laugh cynically or cry at his citation: “For distinguished service to the people of Victoria through public health administration and governance, and to medicine.”

Likewise, in NSW, Prof. Julie-Anne Leask received an AO for “distinguished service to health and medical research, to policy advice, and to enhancing community understanding of immunisation”. In an interview with the ABC she said many people were hesitant about the jab, and she had found “pathways” through this hesitancy.

In cahoots up to her neck with the WHO, Leask was “Chairman, Working Group on Measuring Behavioural & Social Drivers of Vaccination, 2018-22”; and “Member, Immunisation & Vaccines Related Implementation Research Advisory Committee, 2019-23” among other WHO citations.

Victoria CHO, Brett Sutton

Who Knew WHO??

Who knew these WHO groups even existed to drive YOU to the WHO jab mandates? WHO, that’s who! Shonky science woo-woo WHO! We should be giving collective thanks that the self-appointed unelected little gods at the WHO are ruling Australia already, having plunged us into economic ruin and vax debt. This is despite the upcoming Pandemic Treaty that our traitorous little sub-gods who think they’re ruling Australia are about to sign to cement the arrangement – the final millstone around our collective necks.

Compromised pollies and their WHO masters thought they’d give the traitors a gong for their part in Ordering Aussies Murdered; oops no, it’s not the lesser OAM, it’s the higher AO award (Officer of the Order of Australia). Maybe AO really stands for Assassinating Others, Abolishing Opposition or Achieved Objective? Maybe Aussie Onslaught would rid the world of Killary’s “Deplorables” via the bio-weapon jab? Afflict Onslaught on those useless eaters?

Professor Julie Anne-Leask

Ahhh yes, methinks they’ve been made an AO: Officer for the Onslaught against Australians – for Achieved Objective.

Well, we DO need to depopulate the globe in line with the Rio Convention , and it’s well on the way to that now with the Covid spike protein jabs – even forecast in Deagel stats, and now we’re compliantly giving out awards for murder in plain sight? No-one complains???And do Aussies know that there’s a special Covid-19 Honour Roll (which recognised 49 Aussies this year) that was set up in 2021 to recognise the response to Covid-19?

BTW, Where’s the Australian list of deaths in relation to the jabs, like the highly creditable NZ list where they locked up the whistle-blower? Australia would have one too – a comprehensive list of the batch numbers against names, dead or with a serious disease post-jab. But when our mentality is wrapped around giving awards for injecting people with a poison, we’re not likely to get access to that list in a hurry. Lots of high-profile AO bums, aspirants and mates to protect here!!

When did our nation lose sight of humanity? Oh, that’s right, when Humanism replaced God.

No longer are our bodies temples of the Holy Spirit – they’re riddled with the mark of the beast in the jab – the Satanic de-humanist trance-formation from persons to trans-humans where the spike protein impregnated with AI code messengerRNA sets up a little lab in your body to attack it’s own immune system. Yes, according to the WEF’s Klaus Schwab and in particular Yuval Noah Harrari, “humans are now hackable animals”; and “once you can hack humans there is no longer free will”.

The Courts have forgotten our Constitution is rooted in God’s Ten Commandments and the Christian Bible where God not only gave us free will, but freedom of choice – to accept or not accept Him, or anything else (with consequences). Our Courts forgot they were bound by this in cases where people argued their right to choose whether or not to accept the jabs of secret unknown unreleased substances which fit bio-weapon specs (therefore no “informed consent”); AND their right to work and move freely without restrictions (including the masks causing lung-disease). Courts barely understand Common Law rights now – they’re more in tune with humanist UN codified law.

Where Were The Churches?

Where were the Churches when all this was going on? Oh yes, bowing to Satan: Shut down according to Government decree, or social distancing and enforcing masks in church and conducting funerals where most family were disallowed. Gutless in most cases, forgetting that Churches are above man (which government serves), and that the separation of powers was to ensure that government didn’t get in the way of God’s true churches, not the other way around, as we’re constantly told now. Most churches have lost their way – infiltrated with un-Biblical liberalism embracing woke trans human agendas. Churches didn’t speak out to warn us that social distancing was rooted in Satanism, as is masking (subservience); and of course, the un- Godliness of the elitist UN, WHO, WEF and co.

Now, anything goes. Awards are given for participating in genocide! It’s OK to jab everyone with a bio-weapon that was developed prior to the enhanced gain-of-function manufactured Covid-19 being foisted upon the globe by deceit, in the world’s largest ever clinical trial . Since, people everywhere are “dying suddenly”, and so many stupid highly awarded academics still don’t make the connection, even when their own die, or they themselves get myocarditis or some auto-immune disease or turbo-cancer.

Further, these stupid academics or trendies who have no idea what they’ve signed up for (those who aren’t already in cahoots with the WHO etc or in the pay of/dependent on grants from the likes of Big Pharma/Gates Foundation/Soros funding etc) are so entrenched in the insipid mind-control of the UN they can’t even do some basic research, hence easily swallow where the WHO & Co lead them. They welcomed Fauci as their witch-doctor. Further, because they’re “educated” they lead even more stupid pollies there too, if they’re not already subservient to, or in the pay of the UN/WHO/Pharma/Bankers cabal.

They’re so full of it that they disregard the REAL doctors who properly question it; bureaucrats with no medical training dictated medical protocols so doctors could jab their patients. All disregarded brilliant Australia’s Prof Thomas Borody who in mid-2020 gave the world a combination of three already approved FDA & TGA products which proved successful in treating Covid-19: the ivermectin/ doxycycline/ zinc protocol. Instead, cancellation across the board by WHO-directed pollies! Ignorant and mainstream media compliantly “flooded” us with dis-information via boring daily media events hosted by compliant Premiers to scare the scare-able. Poof! Magic! Great Reset territory! Into debt the whole world goes, as Big Pharma, Bill Gates and the cabal banksters rub their hands together at the prospect of them owning everything, because we “useless eater” plebs should own nothing and be happy.

Medals for Murder & Treachery?

Shame on the Givers of the Gongs for hijacking the awards; for giving people on huge salaries a gong for treachery, for leading Aussies astray. CHO Sutton oversaw a regime of human rights abuses, locking people up, firing rubber bullets on people whose right it was to assemble peacefully; attacking grannies and arresting young mothers for face-book posts, cops kicking innocent people while down – ahhh yes, Brett Sutton, like your mate Dan Andrews you’re a disgrace to Australia, and the Givers of the Gongs even more so for seeing these actions as honourable attributes.

So this is what distinguished SERVICE (if you please) looks like, apparently! “For distinguished service to the people of Victoria through public health administration and governance, and to medicine.” And lets not forget Sutton’s sister-in-law Jane Halton who got an AO gong in 2015, before being appointed to the executive board of the Australian National COVID-19 Coordination Commission in 2020 after representing Australia at Event 201 in 2019.

There she strongly advocated for an information “flooding” to scare people into subservience to the WEF/WHO crowd in order to bring in the bio-weapon jabba-dabba-do.  She’s currently Chair of CEPI, the globalCoalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations,  “a public private organization for vaccine development founded by Wellcome Trust and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the WEF” at Davos, Switzerland.  Excess deaths and Forests of the Fallen parks don’t move them – that’s their Objective Achieved!   Now, they think they’re on track to complete full control with the introduction of digital currencies (CBDCs[i]).

It’s an elite club, and we ain’t in it! Our language has been hijacked to the point where genocide now equals “distinguished service”. What a bloody mess this is – so many hands with blood on them who are apparently unaccountable and (at the moment) untouchable, getting an AO Achieved Objective gong for the tyrannical Onslaught against Australians.

The only redeeming thing is that right across Australia in small and not so small localities, they nominate and present their own Australia Day awards for many wonderful community people who quietly give service to make life better in their own districts. They are the real Aussies and their actions are true “distinguished service”.  

The Brett Sutton’s, Julie-Anne Leask’s and Jane Halton’s of the world just demonstrate the level of corruption and tyranny our once-great nation under the Southern Cross has been debased. The incestuous gong-giving drives it home, but underneath it all, this Great South Land is stirring, waking up to the woke agendas of the UN/WEF/banking cabal.  It’s pushing back like Aussies do when they work out they’ve had the wool pulled over their eyes.  These are they who will be on the Aussie Honour Roll when it’s all said and done, NOT the traitors.

Editor: The sooner the Covid Royal Commission starts the better for tens of thousands of Australians who have lost or injured family members including many children because of the toxic mRNA jab for a non-existent virus.

Contact your federal member of Parliament or senator and tell them you want a Royal Commission with the people’s Terms of Reference right now!

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Original Source: Australia Day awards diminished forever after Covid crooks get AO’s –

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