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Epstein Docs put Glenn and Eva Dubin Back on the Spotlight – Former Butler Rizzo’s deposition Tells of Terrified ‘Abducted’ Girl and Underage Girls in a ‘Kissing Game’ | The Gateway Pundit


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Eva dated Epstein in the 1980s for 11 years, Glenn is accused of having sex with girls from his trafficking ring – the couple has consistently denied all accusations.

And so it happens that the first batch of documents from the Virginia Giuffre-Ghislaine Maxwell has been unsealed and released – the famous ‘Epstein list’ that everyone has been talking about.

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Most writers we see are searching for new, spectacular revelations about the rich and famous – from the usual suspects Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew etc, up until the ‘new additions’ such as Jimmy Kimmel, David Copperfield and even disabled physicist Stephen Hawking, who allegedly liked to see ‘naked midget women solving equations on a tall board’.

But arguably some of the most damning content I’ve bumped into so far – the journey through the documents is only starting – deals with a previously known secondary character, Rinaldo Rizzo.


Rizzo was an ‘estate manager’ – a glorified butler, it seems – for Glenn Dubin and Eva Anderson Dubin, a billionaire couple that were friends of Maxwell and Epstein, and are meaningful characters in this whole saga.

Rizzo is a qualified professional, with a Management degree with a minor in Business Law from Texas A&M University, as well as another degree in Applied Science in Hospitality and Culinary Arts from The Culinary Institute of America.

He  is (or was) the keeper of many secrets from the Dubins, so much so that he sued his former bosses in 2013, and got a confidential settlement agreement, receiving an undisclosed  sum of money in the process.

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In the documents unsealed there’s mention of his previously known deposition on the Giuffre civil suit against Maxwell, and it brings two of the most damning revelations, in my opinion.

To begin with, Rizzo testified about an episode where Ghislaine Maxwell and Sarah Kellen had threatened a terrified 15 year old Sweedish girl that they brought with them to Dubin’s house. The girls alleged that they confiscated her passport, in order to make her have sex with Jeffrey Epstein back on his ‘Pedophile island’.

At some point the hostess Eva, who is also Swedish by birth, talks to her in their native tongue, and tells her to go sit in a stool in the kitchen, away from the group. That’s when Rizzo talks to her.

“Q. How old was this girl?

Rizzo: 15 years old.

Q. What did she say?

Rizzo: She proceeds to tell my wife and I that, and this is not – this is blurting out, not a conversation like I’m having a casual conversation, that quickly: ‘I was on an island, I was on the island and there was Ghislaine, there was Sarah, she said they asked me for sex, I said no’…

And she says no, and she says ‘Ghislaine took my passport’. And I said what, and she says ‘Sarah took her passport and phone and gave it to Ghislaine Maxwell’, and at that point she said that she was threatened.

And I said threatened? She says ‘yes, I was threatened by Ghislaine not to discuss this’…

And she said that before she got [at the Dubins house], she was threatened again by Jeffrey and Ghislaine not to talk about what I had mentioned earlier, about – again, the word she used was sex.

Q. And during this time that you’re saying she is rambling, is her demeanor continues to be what you described it?

Rizzo: Yes.

Q. Was she in fear?

Rizzo: Yes.”

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In his deposition, Rizzo also testified about another episode – that I had never read before – where Maxwell “gave instructions to, and presided over, a group of eleven girls as young as 14 years old playing a ‘kissing game’ with and for Jeffrey Epstein”.

“Q. So in the house, tell me if I am wrong, you have Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and approximately 11 girls?

Rizzo: Yes, somewhere between 11 and 12.

Q. Can you describe the 11 to 12 girls to your memory?

Rizzo: In my recollection, various of ages. They could have been from as young as 14, 15 to 18 maybe, 19… very girlish.

Q. Once inside the house, what happens next?

Rizzo: I showed Ghislaine and Jeffrey into the living room, and Ghislaine was the one that instructed the girls, pointing that they needed to come to the living room.

Q. What happens next?

Rizzo: Nothing I would want my children to see. The girls were grinding on each other, lifting up their tops, it was very inappropriate.

Q. What did you see next?

Rizzo: From what I knew, Jeffrey was with Ghislaine and now I have all these girls acting very inappropriately.

Q. When the girls are kissing either Jeff or other girls where was Ghislaine Maxwell?

Rizzo: Sitting right next to Jeffrey.

Q. Is there something you remember vividly?

Rizzo: I did pull the nanny aside and I was really, my wife and I were dumbfounded, profound of the situation, and she mentioned this was an occurrence that had happened before, and they called it the kissing game.”

Billionaire Highbridge Capital co-founder Glenn Dubin is mentioned in some other instances, always in the context of receiving massages from Epstein trafficked girls. From Attachment 3, Maxwell’s deposition:

“Q: Did you ever instruct Johanna [Sjoberg] to massage Glenn Dubin?

Ghislaine Maxwell: I don’t believe — I have no recollection of it.”

Whereas plaintiff Virginia Roberts Giuffre, from Attachment 19: “And when they say massage, that means erotic, okay? That’s their term for it. I think there are plenty of other witnesses that can attest to what massage actually means. And I’m telling you that Ghislaine told me to go to Glenn Dubin and give him a massage, which means sex.”

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This is hardly the first time Glenn and Eva Dubin find themselves in the thick of the Epstein trafficking ring controversy.

In 2019, when it was first revealed that Giuffre accused Glenn Dubin of being part of Epstein’s sex-trafficking ring – something he has consistently denied – the family released this statement:

“Glenn and Eva Dubin are outraged by the allegations in the unsealed court records, which are demonstrably false and defamatory. The Dubins have flight records and other evidence that definitively disprove that  any such events occurred,” a spokesperson for the Dubin family told The Daily Beast on Friday.

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Eva Andersson-Dubin, a former Miss Sweden and Ford model – now a philanthropist and doctor – further said she was shocked by the sex trafficking allegations against her ex-boyfriend Epstein, and that she found them ‘completely counter to the person she is familiar with’.

In a separate statement, the billionaire couple had to distance themselves from the convicted sex offender, saying: “The Dubins are horrified by the new allegations against Jeffrey Epstein… Had they been aware of the vile and unspeakable conduct described in these new allegations, they would have cut off all ties and certainly never have allowed their children to be in his presence.”

In 2020, the couple was involved in the ongoing prosecution of Epstein.

Daily Mail reported:

Jeffrey Epstein prosecutors have asked hedge-fund billionaire Glenn Dubin to hand over any documents that show communication between the late pedophile and his three children, according to newly released court papers.

Officials in the US Virgin Islands – where Epstein owned a private island – filed a subpoena in September, seeking ‘all documents and communications related to any of your three children, Maye, Celina or Jordan, which also relate in any way to Jeffrey Epstein or any Epstein entity.’

[…] They were so close that Epstein told associates in 2014 that if he was ever to get married, it would have been to the couple’s daughter Celina, who was 19 years old at the time and called him ‘Uncle Jeff’, according to Business Insider.”

There is, to this day, no evidence that Epstein ever had a romantic relationship with Celina.

“After Epstein pleaded guilty in 2008 to soliciting a child for prostitution, the Dubins wrote an email to his probation officer saying they were ‘100% comfortable’ with Epstein interacting with Celina, who was then 14 years old.

‘I could not ask for a better friend or godfather to my children,’ Eva wrote.”

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Original Source: Epstein Docs put Glenn and Eva Dubin Back on the Spotlight – Former Butler Rizzo’s deposition Tells of Terrified ‘Abducted’ Girl and Underage Girls in a ‘Kissing Game’ | The Gateway Pundit

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