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Japanese Doctor Sheds 55 Pounds by Consuming ‘Green Tea Coffee’


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Dr. Takafumi Kudo, a Japanese doctor, has successfully lost over 55 pounds (25 kilograms) using his Green Tea Coffee Weight-Loss Method. Since the release of his book “The Green Tea Coffee Weight Loss Method” in 2018, the method has gained popularity among overweight and obese individuals in Japan.

As a multidisciplinary physician, Dr. Takafumi often found it challenging to motivate his patients to follow diet and exercise therapy. He started researching alternative weight-loss methods that could work for people with weak willpower. After extensive research, he discovered that combining green tea and coffee can significantly increase the chances of successful weight loss without the need for strict dieting or intense exercise.

The process is simple: mixing and drinking green tea and coffee in a 1:1 ratio is one of the easiest and most effective weight-loss methods available. Dr. Takafumi’s method relies on the compounds found in these beverages, such as theanine, catechin, caffeine, and chlorogenic acid.

Green tea is known for its high theanine and catechin content, which helps reduce body fat. Caffeine, found in both green tea and coffee, has a slimming effect. Additionally, both theanine and caffeine act as diuretics, aiding in the elimination of excess water from the body. When combined with catechin and chlorogenic acid, caffeine also accelerates fat burning.

Dr. Takafumi emphasizes the importance of balancing the nutrients found in green tea and coffee. Green tea catechins and polyphenol chlorogenic acid in coffee have powerful fat-burning effects. When mixed, they enhance each other’s benefits and prevent the intake of excessive caffeine, minimizing any potential adverse effects.

For example, a 150-milliliter cup of coffee contains 60 to 90 milligrams of caffeine, while the same amount of green tea contains only 30 milligrams. By combining 100 milliliters of green tea with coffee, the caffeine content is reduced to only 70 milligrams.

Furthermore, both catechin and chlorogenic acid inhibit blood sugar levels from spiking, which aids weight loss. A cup of mixed green tea and coffee can help control blood sugar levels, making it easier to shed those extra pounds.

The Green Tea Coffee Method doesn’t just focus on physical effects; it also offers mental benefits. Theanine in green tea relaxes the mind and the parasympathetic nervous system, while the aroma of coffee helps regulate the autonomic nervous system. This combination refreshes the mind and reduces anxiety, promoting overall well-being.

Dr. Takafumi’s personal experience with his weight-loss method further confirms its effectiveness. As a doctor weighing over 200 pounds, he decided to experiment with the Green Tea Coffee Method for 10 months. The results were outstanding – he lost over 55 pounds and successfully kept the weight off. Moreover, this weight-loss method can also prevent hypertension, hyperglycemia, and hyperlipidemia.

Impressed by his own results, Dr. Takafumi opened a weight-loss clinic in his father’s hospital to promote his successful technique. He has since guided over 100 patients with obesity to drink green tea and coffee, helping them shed an average of over 13.6 pounds per month. The method has gained significant attention and has been featured on various television shows.

One individual, Mr. Otani, shared his positive experience with Dr. Takafumi’s method. After following the directions for a month, he lost 1.4 kg without increasing his strength training or aerobic exercise. Mr. Otani found it incredibly convenient to drink green tea and coffee before meals and noticed significant effects within the first week.

Drinking three cups of green tea coffee daily, each about 250 to 350 milliliters, helps prevent overeating. Dr. Takafumi also suggests consuming a cup an hour before working out to enhance fat burning.

The Green Tea Coffee Weight Loss Method is suitable for individuals who have struggled to lose weight through other methods, lead busy lives, lack the willpower to manage their diet or exercise routines, or are self-conscious about their belly fat. It is also recommended for those who have been advised by medical professionals to lose weight due to chronic diseases or complications.

However, there are certain individuals who should avoid this weight-loss method. People with anemia, poor gastrointestinal health, or an allergy to caffeine should consult their healthcare providers before attempting the Green Tea Coffee Method.

In terms of selecting tea and coffee, the specific brand or type doesn’t matter much. As long as the coffee contains caffeine and chlorogenic acid, it will be effective, even instant coffee. Lightly roasted coffee is preferable as dark roasted coffee may have reduced levels of chlorogenic acid. Tea options can include black, oolong, roasted, or Pu’er. Both fresh and instant tea or coffee, as well as tea bags from the store, can be used.

The positive effects of the Green Tea Coffee Method are not limited to weight loss. A follow-up study conducted by medical researchers at Kyushu University, Japan, on 4,923 patients with Type 2 diabetes showed a significant decrease in mortality rates for those who consumed green tea and coffee daily. Participants who drank two to three cups of green tea and over two cups of coffee daily experienced a 51 percent reduction in mortality rates. The rates dropped even further for those who consumed higher quantities.

Dr. Takafumi’s Green Tea Coffee Weight-Loss Method offers a feasible and effective solution for individuals struggling with weight loss, particularly those with weak willpower. By combining the benefits of green tea and coffee, this method provides a simple, natural, and sustainable approach to shedding excess pounds and promoting overall well-being.

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Original Source: Japanese Doctor Sheds 55 Pounds by Consuming ‘Green Tea Coffee’

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