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Putin cites Ukraine-Russia history and repeated US-NATO betrayals in Carlson interview – www.cairnsnews.org


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Part of CNN’s “interview” with Zelensky, which seemed more like a scene from a heavy romance movie.

THE only possible criticism of Tucker Carlson’s momentus interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin is that for many people, it was predictable that Putin would explain in detail how his country was provoked into the war with the NATO proxy Ukraine.

A key point that emerged was the subtle torpedoeing by UK PM Boris Johnson in March 2022 (apparently on behalf of the US-UK-NATO deep state) of an extensively negotiated peace treaty drawn up in Istanbul between Ukraine and Russia.

“We have never refused… and the fact that they obeyed the demand or persuasion of Mr Johnson, the former prime minister of Great Britain, seems ridiculous and very sad to me,” Putin said.

“Because as Mr (David) Arahamiya (head of the Ukrainian delegation) put it, we could have stopped those hostilities with war a year and a half ago already. But the British persuaded us and we refused this. Where is Mr Johnson now? And the war continues.”

Carlson’s interview, while predictably condemned by the London-Washington-Brussels establishment, should help to dissipate that deep state narrative faithfully bleated out by an infantile mainstream media is that Vladimir is bad. Yes, “Vlad is bad but we’re the good guys!”. So goes the narrative designed for a dumbed down populace for whom “news” is more likely Taylor Swift’s latest concert outfit.

This is the populace that has been repeatedly fed footage of the little green-shirted man named Zelensky prancing around the the world stage looking for billion-dollar hand-outs. But the odd million here and there also helps, especially with his overseas real estate investments. What is avoided is reference to Zelensky’s former antics of playing the piano with his penis.

Zelensky has also been cultivated by the western media, some would say even seduced as one interview with a CNN reporter seemed to reveal in slow motion. There were also reports that Zelensky had put Carlson on his kill list while in the US, desperate Democrat lawfare lunatics were talking about having him charged with espionage or treason.

There is no doubt that Putin is an autocrat who treats enemies harshly or even eliminates them, at least as we have been led to believe. But moral comparisons with the west now fade into insignificance, given the nightmarish nature of the so-called “global liberal order” which not only seeks to herd entire populations into a system of digital slavery but also carried out a program of global mass medication with experimental and lethal gene therapy.

Some mainstream media including NBC, The Guardian and the London Times and Sunday Times, did report reasonably on the interview. CNN’s globalist mouthpiece Christiane Amanpour tried to rubbish it as did our homegrown neoconservative Sky News princess Sharri Markson, even before it aired. We suspect the interview went right over Ms Markson’s pretty little head.

Sadly, much of the targeted populace don’t realise that Ukraine was formerly part of the Soviet Union. Not only that, as explained by Putin, the Ukraine area has historic ties with Tsarist Russia going back centuries before the 1917 revolution, while the word Ukrainian itself actually refers to people who live on the edges of a state territory.

Putin spoke at length on Russian history going back to the 9th Century went on to explain that the Orthodox faith was at the centre of what culturally binds Ukrainians and Russians, and this was why the Zelensky regime was doing its best to dismantle the Orthodox church in Ukraine.

During the 2 hours 15 minutes interview Putin offered Carlson copies of historical Russian documents showing the historic interactions between the Ukrainians and the Russian Tsars. The Ukraine connections go back to at least 1654 when the Tsar and land owners decided to include parts of old Russians lands with the Moscow territory.

An 11-year war with Poland, which sought to claim some Ukrainian land, followed this until the Andrusovo Treaty, also called the Eternal Peace Treaty, was signed between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Imperial Russia. Under Catherine the Great, Russia subsequently regained all the territory it had lost.

Putin said the said the “Ukrainianisation” process started just before WW1, with the idea that there was a special ethnic group of Ukrainians. After the 1917 Revolution the Bolsheviks tried to restore statehood, but war ensued, and a large area of Ukraine was given back to Poland.

He went on to explain the deals Hitler did with Poland and how Poland participated with Germany to divide Czechoslovakia, but turned out to be “uncompromising”. They received as compensation lands that were part of Germany but were previously Polish.

Putin said the Bolsheviks started building the Ukraine Soviet republic in 1922. Stalin insisted the republics be autonomous entities and “for some unexplicable reason Lenin said they should be able to withdraw from the Republic”, so Ukraine became an entity. Carlson however, did not raise the disastrous Ukraine famine induced by Stalin’s land confiscation.

Putin went on to explain the 1991 USSR collapse, a time when “Ukraine dragged back all that it was generously given”. He said every 3rd person there had family-friendship ties, common history, common faith, coexistence.

He said post 1991 “the US tricked us” after promising that NATO would not expand. In fact over the years it happened five times. “We said we are bourgeois now like you now with a free market economy,” he recounted. “Yeltsin came to US and said God bless America.”

Putin, interestingly, defended Boris Yeltsin who he said had been deliberately smeared as basically a bufoon and alcoholic who knew nothing. “He knew everything, I assure you,” said Putin.

He also covered Russia’s Orthodox links with Serbia. He said Yeltsin expressed his support for rapproachment with the US, but then the US started bombing Belgrade. When Russia protested that various international conventions were being breached, the US said “everything is outdated”. It was then that Yeltsin was “dragged through the mud”.

Putin went on the recount his cordial meetings with the Bush Senior, Clinton, and Bush Jnr administrations. “At a meeting right here with Clinton I asked him, Bill do you think Russia could join NATO and he said ‘it’s interesting I think so’.” Later over dinner Clinton said he asked his team and the answer was no.”

Putin’s continuing theme was betrayal by the US and the West. He said Russia was building relationships softly and cautiously with the US and the Middle East. But at the same time he had to object to US agencies “building relationships with terrorist groups in Caucuses”. The CIA even admitted it later.

Russia even proposed developing a joint missile system with the US and Europe. Bush junior showed some interest, but again the idea was undermined, despite then Defense Secretary Gates and Secretary of State Rice coming to Moscow to talk.

“Gates and Rice came here to this table … I was foreign minister… and they agreed but with some exceptions. And then they just told us to get lost. Our proposal was declined. Right then I said we will be forced to take counter-measures. We created hypersonic systems and now we’re ahead of everyone and improving them every day.”

Then came the breaking of the promise not to expand NATO towards Russian borders. “They said well its not enshrined on paper so we’ll expand. They did it in five waves.”

Putin also referred to a series of coups run in Ukraine by the US, the first being the so-called Orange Revolution in Kiev in 2004. The US pressured Ukraine to rerun its elections three times (against their own constitution) until the banker and pro-Western candidate Viktor Yushchenko was eventually elected over the sitting, pro-Moscow Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych who had won the legal second runoff, but then faced hyped up accusations of election rigging.

“They ran a coup – three rounds of elections,” said Putin. “This was not even provided for in their constitution.” Putin, however, said Russia accepted the result and Yushchenko visited Moscow and he visited Kiev. “He’s pro-western, so be it. Then Yanokovich came to power again anyway” (in 2010) defeating the then PM Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, a darling of the Western media.

And in 2014 near the end of his term came another coup run by the CIA and US State Department. Yanokovich jailed Tymoshenko, leading to further widespread unrest including an armed uprising in Kiev cheered on and funded by the US.

“This happened with CIA backing,” said Putin. “They changed the government but it was a colossal political mistake. So in 2008 doors of NATO were opened to Ukraine then 2014 there was a coup.” The new Ukrainian administation also launched a war against Donbass and Donesk, whose separatist forces fought back with Russian help.

“How could we not express concern over what was happening. We would be culpable if we were not helping,” he said, again referring to the historic cultural ties between eastern Ukraine and Russia. This was eight years before current conflict.

Putin insisted that initially it was the coup in Ukraine that provoked the conflict. Germany, Poland and France had been guarantors of the Yanokovich peace deal with opposition, the Minsk Agreements, but then abandoned them.

“I was absolutely confident that if we convinced Donbass to return to Ukrainian statehood it would heal. But everyone wanted to resolve it militarily. It was they (the Ukraine administration) who started the war in 2014,” said Putin.

Carlson asked if Russia provoked into Ukraine war. “No-one listened to us,” said Putin. “Ukraine leaders suddenly decided to abandon the Minsk agreement. And in parallel Ukraine was exploited by NATO … and bases set up. Then Ukraine suddenly decided Russians were a non-titular nationality in that area.”
To be continued

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