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The Liquidity Crisis & The Planned Bailout & Plandemic – Citizen Watch Report


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by Chris Black

There was a repo desk disaster that occurred in 2019 right before the covid bullsh*t happened.

Covid was actually a 2008 style bailout that was disguised as a fake and gay pandemic. The usual suspects are now openly talking about it in the (((wall street journal))) in response to the ICBC “hack” that rattled the Treasury market a few weeks ago.


>This spike was different. When one firm can’t deliver promised cash or securities, the party on the other side of that transaction then doesn’t have them to pass on to its own trading partners. That can cascade quickly. Some said the impact of the ICBC hack, despite its relatively small footprint, suggests latent fragility in repo markets.

>“What seems to have happened is a daisy-chain fail effect,” said Joseph Wang, chief investment officer at Monetary Macro and a former senior trader at the New York Fed. “If this happened to a larger player, the impact would be much bigger.”

>Repo was at the heart of Lehman Brothers’ collapse. The bank used hazy accounting and low-quality securities to secure loans—meaning its market positioning grew far greater than the value of collateral backing it up. The hedge fund Long-Term Capital Management famously collapsed 25 years ago after using repos to fund Treasury trades. Both episodes required Fed bailouts.

>Even smaller incidents—like a 2019 spike in short-term borrowing costs that required Fed intervention—raise worries.

>ICBC isn’t fully back up-and-running, but its trades have been processed. Their absence is still noticeable, some traders said. Though it can be hard to untangle what exactly is fueling trading troubles, Wendland says the Treasury market doesn’t look the same after the ICBC hack.

>“The volume and liquidity we’re seeing in Treasury market orders, it just isn’t as robust as it was before ICBC,” said Wendland.

This is the elites telling you what they are going to do next year, or maybe even sooner than that.

Further signs of financial decay/chaos

11/03/23 NACHA, ACH “ACH GOES DOWN FOR HOURS” archive.is/qVybU
11/05/23 BoA, Chase, US Bank, PNC, JPM + Others “Thousands of Accounts Suddenly Terminated” archive.is/rreKc
11/06/23 MERIDIAN CAPITAL “RAIDED BY FEDS” archive.is/MdiR2
11/06/23 DTCC “Doubles Margin Requirement for MBS’s” archive.is/x5Hs8
11/07/23 SOUTH KOREAN GOVERNMENT “Bans All Shorting” archive.is/vHEno
11/07/23 MERIDIANLINK “Cyberattack” archive.is/fN9cT
11/09/23 US TREASURY “US30Y Auction Fails” archive.is/pxTIO
11/10/23 ICBC “Cyberattack” archive.is/3BmOw
11/17/23 CHICAGO TRADING CO. “Cyberattack” archive.is/N5ocI
11/17/23 ALPHADYNE ASSET MANAGEMENT “Cyberattack” archive.is/N5ocI
11/18/23 NORDEAN BANK “Thousands of Accounts Lose Their Deposits” archive.is/caPye

All of these happened in the last few weeks. The most notable ones being DTCC doubling margins (sign that the Mortgage Backed Securities are fucked just like in 2008), ACH going down (never explained, memory-holed immediately), Nordean Bank (Possible rehypothecation or a bail in occurred), BoA/Chase/JPM/etc closing tens of thousand of accounts for “risk management”, and finally the US Treasury Auction failing (nobody wants US debt)

There is a big one coming.

UBS bought out Credit Suisse which failed in March of this year. Credit Suisse was large enough cause another global financial meltdown. UBS bought them out. Now UBS faces a liquidity crisis and is demanding a bailout. archive.is/7846i

Right after the repo market imploded in 2019 was when Event 201 happened.

Know what else just recently occurred on the 13th – 15th?

A new Event 201 this time for a “cyber pandemic” and it wasn’t advertised in medical journals and other outlets this time.

Held in total, complete secrecy, in Geneva, Switzerland.

What happened <10 hours after the meeting concluded? Sam Altman was “fired” from OpenAI and then immediately “hired” at Microsoft and then “hired” at OpenAI again after changes to the board, not to mention claims that OpenAI achieved AGI.


Event 201 had people taking pictures of their free covid shaped plushies and sh*t. No cameras, press, or phones allowed at this new event, total secrecy.

The pre-Bailout already approved for the insurance industry in the case of “mass cyberattack” that is the average estimated damages caused by such an event. From Lloyds: archive.is/J5Til

Barack and Michael Obama are producing new goyslop that releases in December.

What is it about? A “Cyberattack pandemic” that shuts down the internet and most services:

Part of the reason they needed to do 2020 the way they did was because the blow-back from the 2008 sh*tfest created the first organic populist movement (archive.is/Xsc9N) this cunt had seen in over a century.
It took them nearly two years to dismantle it from the ground up.

And even that has eventually created blow-back; by enforcing the oppressor/oppressed mindset so hard in the last decade they have ironically created three generations that consider the global financial elites to be oppressors due to their elevated social status.

A century of effort to create their very own “oppressed image” post holohoax through the separation of Racism/Antisemitism has gone down the drain.

Listen to the Greenblatt from the ADL talk about it in a leaked call from last weak.

They are terrified because they can no longer manipulate the systems they had created to control the goyim. They can’t voluntarily step down from their place of privilege either; that would be intolerable for the elites, who considers themselves the “chosen” and all goyim “lesser than”.

Quite a pickle.

Here is an example of what I mean about the infiltration in OWS in the very beginning. The movement terrified the elites which is why it was quickly subverted and destroyed. If a proper leader had risen organically like the movement had spawned it would have resulted in a civil war.

But even these stop-gap measures the elites took have come back to haunt them. This seems to be the pattern with the current and former generation of, let’s call them bankster class.

They seem unable to effectively manage the system(s) their ancestors had passed onto them. The cracks are showing at faster and faster rates.

What used to take an entire generation (about 25 years) to form now forms in less than10 years. After this next rebuild and reorganization of the goyim I predict it will be less than 5 years until the next great catastrophe at least from the perspective of the financial elites.

UK Pension Funds already collapsed 1 year ago due to bond markets failing, required an immediate emergency bailout. The UK is now in the same situation except this time they have already bought all the bad debt.


>The Bank said a dramatic rise in interest rates on long-dated UK government bonds in the days immediately after the chancellor’s mini-budget had triggered a “self-reinforcing” spiral in debt markets, putting the stability of Britain’s financial system at risk.

>Had the Bank not intervened with a promise to buy up to £65bn of government debt, funds managing money on behalf of pensioners across the country “would have been left with negative net asset value” and cash demands they could not have met.

>“As a result, it was likely that these funds would have to begin the process of winding up the following morning,” the Bank said.

>The central bank said the meltdown was at risk of rippling through the UK financial system, which could have then caused “excessive and sudden tightening of financing conditions for the real economy”.


>Thousands of home moves have been thrown into limbo following a cyber attack on a IT company used by property conveyancers.
>An outage at CTS has hit around 80 law firms, halting a series of property exchanges and completions across the country since Wednesday.
>CTS provides cloud space and IT systems such as emails. Around 40pc of its 200 or so clients are understood to have been affected by the outage.
>On Friday CTS said: “The outage was caused by a cyber incident. We are working closely with a leading global cyber forensics firm to help us with an urgent investigation into the incident and to assist us in service restoration.”
>Industry sources said the attack was widely believed to be the result of a flaw in Citrix, a software program that is used by CTS which has been exploited in attacks on companies including Boeing in recent weeks.
>The so-called CitrixBleed bug has been widely exploited by LockBit, a Russian-speaking hacking gang, according to CISA, the US cyber security agency.

CitrixBleed has been patched since May and yet this shit these attacks all using the same avenue (CitrixBleed or vulnerabilities in Fortinet systems).

It is deliberate at this point.

All Covid did was buy them some time.

The truth is we are entering uncharted territory here, it is unprecedented.

2008 was a depression, and the reality is we’ve already entered stagflation, but the numbers and language are dictated like the money is, by fiat, so people can try and pretend things are fine.

But everyone knows things are not fine.

Even the yuppiest, richest coastal elite are beginning to feel the heat.

Heads are going to roll.
I thik this sh*t will kick off bad in 2025, probably spring of that year.

Look for bitcoin to go over 100k at that time.

That precise figure isn’t important, it will likely be one of the signs. There are going to be some big hail marys.

The truth, the only thing preventing total economic collapse is the US military, the Navy and the Marines.

The western empire is collapsing in real time.

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Original Source: The Liquidity Crisis & The Planned Bailout & Plandemic – Citizen Watch Report

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