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This is a callout for Australians who have experienced adverse reactions to the COVID vaccines.

We want to hear your story and give you a voice. People in your situation are being silenced and pushed to the side. Doctors are calling you crazy for thinking your symptoms might be linked. There’s no support from the Government or the media for your stories…you’re being ignored!

We need to share your story in order to help prevent what happened to you from happening to others. Please consider that your experience could save a life!

Anonymous articles aren’t enough anymore. We need people who are willing to go on camera and tell their story uncut and truthfully.

It’s about SAVING LIVES.

If you are willing to go on camera and discuss how the adverse events have affected your life, please email contact@anrnews.org use the subject heading ‘ADVERSE REACTION STORY’

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We will expose the Covid Crimes of our Governments. Will you help us ?

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Episode 161

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