The Covid Fraud Bureau of Investigations

The Covid Fraud Bureau of Investigations, come about after many police officers, members of the intelligence community, ex FBI agents and libertarians, concerned citizens and advocates for human rights. decided to create an independent, dedicated organisation with the ability to investigate all levels of Government , media corruption.

The Global Economic Forum Launches To Take On The Corrupted World Economic Forum To Oppose The Totalitarian Great Reset

Global Economic Forum was founded by the people for the people. A not for profit foundation to compete against the corrupted World Economic Forum that’s pushing the deadly and dangerous totalitarian “Great Reset“ by pushing the Covid fraud and its deadly agendas. The Global Economic Forum supports the “Great Awakening“ not the “Great Reset“ and aims to empower a whole new world initiative of businesses and ecosystems for those entrepreneurs and global citizens that refuse to accept or participate in the Covid fraud. It will support new institutions and new opportunities and new systems to support a new world initiative for the people by the people.

Legal and Health Resources to fight against no jab no job

Legal and Health Resources to fight against no jab no job

The Australian Federal and State Governments response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus is now doing more harm than good. It may cause more deaths, and result in far more negative health effects, than the virus itself. It risks creating Australia’s worst ever public health crisis. Many Australian doctors and other health professionals consider the lockdown measures to be disproportionate, not scientifically based, and the cause of widespread suffering for many Australians.

21st Century Political System

The Australian National Review has partnered with Quantum Management Systems to help make possible a new 21st Century Political system that the Founder of ANR and 21st Century Australia movement has advocated for since 2013.

QMS are building a new political system to serve the people, and to help manage the country without the need for a government, political leaders, politics or politicians. The QMS is a true direct democracy system, that allows for all aspects of government and management of a country, it does not take anything away from the people, it actually gives everyone in the country a voice.

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