Australian Police Target Innocent Protesters Family

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Australian Police Target Innocent Protesters Family

By David Cole

Targeted attack on my family to get at me.


Here’s what others had to say:

Lyn Carter
Sad, but all this rottenness has been going on for years. It had to come this far so people would actually wake up and do something. It is happening, people are starting to wake up, but don’t just sit back and do nothing. Everyone has to play their part. FB has warned me a few times to stop putting things up, but if everyone put the ugly truth up, FB wouldn’t take them all down because there would be no more FB

Helen Foster Mc Allen
Well done standing up for your human rights and your family

Annelies Douglas
So much heartfelt love to you and your family.
So hard to fight this but please stay strong. You are not alone!!!

Jacqueline Mattiuzzi
Absolute Disgrace what is going on. Keep Fighting for your Freedom as Many are on the same track as Aussies are starting to WAKE UP it’s not about Health But Global Control ..

John Nelson
Its always about money and power.

Fiona Bright
Much love David this is shocking really is.

Tina Picot
Mongrels, sue their arse off mate.

Scott Gaby
Fight the fight brother we are with you

Helen Voak
David sorry hope we can all come together to stop this genocide. Australia wide

Teresa Robinson
Me and many people are behind you David we MUST stand up to tyranny.

Michelle Mcallen Hayes
Well done you stand up for the your freedom your children and the truth Numberbrg Code 2 they will be held accountable God is on our side we have our faith we know their is no Virus Media being paid to roll out the Agenda as well trying to put Fear into people the police took an oath to do no harm the people are waking up Shame on that Police Officer

Carol Arena
This is what we went through here in Melbourne until 20,000 stood up and protested, the police couldn’t do anything. When the military gets involved well that will be another matter. We’ll deal with that as well. Stand strong in your truth. They can take everything but they can’t take your soul, that has to be given freely. NO CONSENT! NO COMPLIANCE!

 648 total views

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