October 4, 2023 1:22 pm

Col. Macgregor: Ukraine is being ANNIHILATED


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Col. Macgregor: Ukraine is being ANNIHILATED

By Stephen Gardner

Colonel Douglas Macgregor shares intel on the Russia Ukraine war with Stephen Gardner. Ukraine is losing and NATO knows it. Yet NATO won’t let Ukraine into NATO or it will trigger article 5 and start world war 3. We are the closest we’ve ever been to world war 3 at this moment with the UK and NATO offering long rang missiles to Ukraine. An attack on Moscow would be met with an immediate and strong show of force.

Timestamps: 0:40 We are heading towards world war 3
3:00 Poland desperately wants to take over Western Ukraine
7:00 We can’t control NATO but things are getting out of control
7:50 Who really runs the United States? It’s not Joe Biden
8:50 Long distance missile could be used on Moscow. This will result in an immediate aggressive reaction
11:45 Germany and Ukraine are under the control of the US
12:30 Why was Progohzin made the center of this war?
13:50 Russian military chomping at the bit to end this war
15:00 Russian military going to 1.2 million men and women. Factories running 24/7 a day to keep ammunition and weapons
16:30 Putin is now trapped between needing to win but still wanting to trade with Europe
18:00 Poland has a military with 300,000 soldiers but not enough weapons to fight Putin
20:00 Ukraine is running out of ammunition
20:30 What happens if a long-range missile is shot into Moscow?
23:00 What happens with US enemies show up on the Mexico border?
25:20 You cannot hide from this war. It will end horribly for Ukraine and NATO

Here’s what others had to say:

Macgregor is right about Putin. Putin wants to avoid a nuclear war. He isnt stupid.

It would seem that people are elected into positions beyond their level of incompetence and then advanced into positions which increase their incompetence exponentially.

Col. Macgregor is invited to American Legion Post 91 with all due respect.
Fair and balanced from an educated man of military experience is refreshing.

I’m not sure people fully realise how easily this could all go terribly wrong. They are too absorbed by their Twitter feed to understand that bad times can arrive at any time, as they have always done throughout history.

The absolute dissreguard for the lives of the people of Ukraine showen by NATO is truly sickening. Send white flags not cluster bombs and end this.

Thank you Mr Gardner for another fabulous interview with Colonel Macgregor. I love his knowledge and analysis.

Excellent analysis from both of you. Thanks, for the time/energy in making this vids available to us.

I’m a Cold War vet and when the wall fell America went into this funk that they never got their war with mother Russia . As a lower enlisted grunt I was happy as we all knew that was one we weren’t coming back from. I remember our brigade commander standing up in front of us when the wall fell saying how he was disappointed he never got “ his war” . I just looked over at my friends and shook my head . This sentiment has literally never died. We messed up not bringing Russia not the fold when they wanted in nato . War is good money and that’s all you need to know . We are led by idiots both in the military and the beltway.

It’s very refreshing hearing an American tell the truth about the realities the US is facing, all the wokeness over there and the corruption and the crazies, the world is watching you and face slapping themselves over what was once a great nation, it’s a crying shame.

He is on top of what is really happening. Our country is not telling us to be prepared. I pray that someone can stop all the war in Ukraine. It’s time for peace, too many lives have been lost.

Article 5 does not mandate world wars. It simply states that in case of a member country being attacked, the rest of the members have to meet and discuss how they would like to help. That’s all.

I absolutely think your shows are the best..out of all of the many videos that speak truth, your videos are informing, well thought out, straight to the point and give me what I usually am seeking all in one place daily and for that for that, since the woo foo flu, I have been a watching and I have to say thank you..and please keep them coming, something happened the other day though and click as I might, your video wasnt playing..and i couldnt get my fix😮..😂..I hope they dont do that to you again..anyways fond regards to you and yours..as I remain a part of your community..and “you’re amazing”..

Excellent information, Thank You so much for helping us all understand what we could be facing, God Bless Everyone.

In my opinion Colonel Douglas McGreggor is and will always be the most finely tune up military brain in the USA !! He could certainly be the President of the USA anytime!! I have and will always have the utmost respect for this incredible person !! Scott Richter is another in credibly very well informed person. I could listen to these incredible person as long as possible !! Judge A Napolitano is the third person all my respect goes to !! Professor Sachs is the next person that I respect tremendously !!!! Not forgetting other great personalities in the USA professor Meishemmer is the next person that I have utmost respect !! Thank you gentlemen for your incredible vision and May The Lord bless you forever !!

Back in the middle of plandemic, Polish government had plans for severe lockdown. After storm on social media (nobody even have hit the streets) government backed off. Few days later, a radio host have asked health minister why they backed off, here I quote:
‘you know, we Poles have this gene of rebellion, we don’t want to tempt it’
Same was back in 2015, when football Hooligans said no to immigration, whole country have stood behind. We are slow to act, but when we do, not even Iron Wall can withstand.

McGregors speculation as to the recruitment of Mexican cartels to do Russian bidding in the U.S. is very worrisome. We have an administration unconcerned with security and a FBI that is focused on undermining political enemies, to the neglect of the security needs of the country.Things could change for the worse very quickly.

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